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Saturday, 20 October 2012

Brits March Against Austerity

Have you ever noticed that “austerity” only affects ordinary people? It NEVER seems to affect the Affluent Effluent in their McMansions, does it? It doesn’t affect the lickspittles of the One Percent, either, does it?


Tens of thousands of people marched in protest against the British government‘s austerity measures. Labour leader Ed Miliband was amongst dozens of speakers addressing crowds at the biggest march in London. Other rallies took place in Glasgow and Belfast. The demonstrators want the coalition to end public service cuts and, instead, create policies they said could create growth. The government said that austerity measures are vital to cutting the deficit. Recently, union leaders criticised Labour for supporting a public sector pay freeze. Brendan Barber, General Secretary of the Trades Union Congress, told a rally at the end of the march in Hyde Park, “Austerity isn’t working. It’s hitting our jobs, our services, our living standards. The ministers told us that if we only accept the pain, recovery would come. Instead, we’ve been mired in a double dip recession”. Britain climbed out of a deep economic downturn in late 2009 but fell back into recession at the end of 2011.

20 October 2012

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Editor’s Note:

Orthodox Christians should note who the cheerleaders for the Affluent Effluent are… Potapov… Fathausen… Freddie M-G… Rod Dreher… Terrence Mattingly… Lyonyo… Jillions… to name just a few. These people have sold out for “30 pieces of silver”… do bear that in mind as you hear their apologia for the One Percent.

After all, “they have their reward”… and don’t forget who first said that…



Tuesday, 28 August 2012

28 August 2012. RIA-Novosti Infographics. Moscow’s Analogues to London’s Hyde Park “Speaker’s Corner”


The Moscow municipal government chose Sokolniki Park and Gorky Park to be Moscow’s analogue to Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park. However, the designated meeting zone doesn’t cover the whole park, only parts of them. Four areas were under discussion for this role:

Mayor Sergei Sobyanin actively encouraged the idea of ​​creating an analogue of Hyde Park as a platform for political expression. The Moscow authorities designated these “free meeting zones” due to the numerous opposition demonstrations, beginning in late 2011 with those related to the election. However, these legal demonstrations caused dissatisfaction amongst many Muscovites, for their breaches of public order, and for the inconvenience caused the public by the blockage of streets to ordinary traffic.

28 August 2012



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