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Sunday, 22 May 2016

22 May 2016. Russia SKUNKED the USA in World Cup Championship Hockey

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Of course, all the Beltway Commandos, HillyBillys, and Trump Chumps will all caterwaul and say that I just made it all up…


Update 1220 EDT:

My informant didn’t tell me that they sent me an interim score! 😦 However, the final score was 7:2, which means that Russia STOMPED the USA in the end. “All those who march on Russia will be put to death!” That was true in 1242; it’s true now. The Anglos had best watch their arrogant step…




Monday, 12 October 2015

New DNR Hockey Federation Head Former KhK Donbass Goalkeeper and Member of “Stars of the NHL” Team

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Today, the founding conference of the DNR all-Republic Federation of Hockey and Figure Skating occurred in Donetsk at the Olympic Arena. Chairman of the DNR People’s Soviet D V Pushilin and DNR Minister of Youth, Sport, and Tourism Mikhail Mishin attended the event. The conference approved the regulations, structure, and a list of the main activities of the new sports association. Twelve voting delegates appointed by a joint decision of the Board of Coaches and managers of physical culture and sport institutions unanimously elected Vladimir Nabokov President of the Federation. He was a former goalkeeper for KhK Donbass and Vice-President of the Regional Hockey Federation, now Deputy Director of Youth Sports School 7. Nabokov said:

Thank you for your trust and for your support of my candidacy for the Presidency of the Federation of Hockey and Figure Skating. It’s a great honour, but at the same time, it’s a huge responsibility. I’ll use all my knowledge to guide development of these sports.

Mishin noted:

Our new sports association has a solid foundation and has a great future. We have a large number signed up at the Ice Palace, and we have good coaching capabilities. Our athletes have already travelled to Russia, and Russian teams have come here. In future, I hope that we’d be able to exchange our experiences.

Nabokov has been directly involved in developing sporting relations between the DNR and the Russian Federation. In May 2015, Nabokov has played in the final match of the Night Amateur Hockey League in Sochi. The former Donbass goalkeeper defended the net for the “Stars of the NHL” team, which included President V V Putin, who triumphed over the rival “NHL Team” with a score of 18:6. Another member of the Stars of the NHL was prominent Soviet hockey player, multiple world champion, and champion of the 1984 Winter Olympics, Vladimir Myshkin. He sent video greetings to participants of today’s conference, wishing the new association a long and fruitful activity.

Nabokov went on to say:

We’ve developed relations with Russia in hockey, but I’m responsible for not one, but two sports. We’ll seek to establish the same relationship with our colleagues in figure skating.

Pushilin addressed the assembly:

There are many challenges facing the federation, but I believe that this is important, even though there’s still a lot of work to do. We’re only doing hockey now in Donetsk, but it’d be better if we could have it throughout the Republic, so that our children could choose to take it up. There are many who’d love to take up hockey and figure skating.

The process of creating sports federations in the DNR started in November 2014; now, there are more than twenty in the Republic. Associations exist for a variety of sports… football, boxing, competitive dancing, canoeing, and climbing. The DNR Ministry of Sport plans to establish new federations of for taekwondo, athletics and gymnastics, functional multiathlon, and Sambo.

11 October 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency


Monday, 28 September 2015

DNR-Russia Hockey Match Kicked Off Reopening of Lider Ice Arena in Donetsk After Repair of War Damage

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The Lider Ice Palace, rebuilt after junta attacks damaged it, resumed operation with a hockey match between a DNR side and a team of RF MVD veterans. The opening ceremony featured both local luminaries and guests from the Russian Federation. Besides local sports fans, D V Pushilin, the Chairman of the DNR Peoples Soviet, Dmitri Trapeznikov, Deputy Head of Administration for the Chairman of the DNR Government, Donetsk Mayor Igor Martynov, Minister of Youth, Sports, and Tourism, Mikhail Mishin, DNR Peoples Soviet deputies, along with other distinguished guests attended the affair. In total, there were more than 500 spectators. Pushilin noted in his address:

I want to congratulate all of you on this momentous occasion; it once again proves that the DNR is on the upswing. I’m sure that this arena will highlight more than more than one star. For us, it’s important not to stop here… we should show the stars of figure skating and hockey.

After the opening, the players hit the ice. The match ended with the DNR side winning, 8 to 6. A young aspiring hockey player, 10-year-old Danil Moskalenko told us:

I’m a fan of our DNR team, although the players from Russia are our friends. Still, I’m pleased that we have another ice arena in Donetsk… we’ll have more chances to practise and play.

After the match, both sides received awards… the winners received a cup for first place, whilst the guests from Russia got a trophy for second place. Trapeznikov told the crowd:

I want to assure our future champions and record holders that we’d do our best to build up sports in the Republic. I wish our athletes and coaches brilliant victories and great achievements.

The event lasted about 2.5 hours. The guests who came to the opening had a buffet with tea, coffee, and sweets.

The DNR Ministry of Youth, Sports, and Tourism, along with the city administration and local sports groups supported the repairs to the arena. Builders replaced glazing in the building during the reconstruction of the sports complex, and the car park received new asphalt surfacing. In addition, the arena received a new compressor unit. The Lider Ice Arena is in the Kirovsky Raion of Donetsk; a junta terror bombardment on 4 February 2015 damaged the building.

27 September 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency


Thursday, 5 September 2013

Pavel Datsyuk, Asked about Russia’s Anti-Gay Law: ”I’m Orthodox, and That Says It All”

00 Pavel Datsyuk. Detroit Red Wings. 05.09.13


The Eurotwins often seem like they’re thinking the same thing on the ice. However, when it comes to hot-button political issues, maybe not so much. Last week, Henrik Zetterberg ripped Russia’s law banning “homosexual propaganda”, saying, “It’s unbelievable that it can be this way in this time, especially in a big country like Russia”. Today, his Detroit Red Wings teammate Pavel Datsyuk seemed to take a different stance on the issue, without coming right out and saying it. Asked about the swirling controversy in his homeland, Datsyuk said, “I’m Orthodox, and that says it all”, according to sports.ru hockey reporter Igor Eronko. Now, we simple sport folk aren’t terribly well-versed in Orthodox ideology, but simple Google searches seemed to confirm our suspicion that Pav doesn’t agree with Z.

22 August 2013

James Jahnke

Detroit Free Press


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