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Thursday, 16 July 2015

OFFICIAL Pushilin Refutes Dezinformatsiya about the DNR Peddled by Outside Sources

00 Like I Wuz Tellin' Ya. 19.10.12



Over the past few days, there’s been a sharp increase in the amount of rumours, gossip, and provocation on the part of different figures regarding the DNR’s political life. For example, Sergei Petrovsky, the so-called ex-chief of DNR Intelligence, who fled the DNR as we caught him stealing, alleged that we’re planning to disband the DNR Minoborony in the near future. This fantasy could only come from someone without understanding of the military situation in the region, or it came from one to whom such a statement might prove advantageous. I’d say that it’s an allegation of someone allied with the Ukrainian side, who helps the SBU, who stands with those who are hostile to our side. Recently, I I Strelkov celebrated the anniversary of the treacherous abandonment of Slavyansk, but it still bothers him that A V Zakharchenko won’t follow his direction. [Zakharchenko] is doing whatever it takes, regardless of the cost to his life and health, to correct this appalling mistake. [According to Strelkov,] everything’s on hold until Aleksandr Vladimirovich sends in his resignation. In all due respect, I want to say to all these “heroes” of Donbass who flew the coop… unlike them, Aleksandr Vladimirovich stays at his post in Donetsk at all times; he shares all the adversity of the DNR’s people.

00 denis pushilin. donetsk peoples reprublic. russia. 20.05.14D V Pushilin

Vice-Chairman of the DNR Peoples Soviet

16 July 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency


Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Graham Philips of RT Talked to A V Zakharchenko

00 Novorossiya OPPOSES the Junta! 22.08.14


Graham Phillips

I have questions about it… We read a lot of news, media reports about Novorossiya. Well now, for those of you in Moscow… for instance, about Tsaryov, Borodai… Strelkov…who were here… that pretty much sums it up for them, what they know about Novorossiya. I was wondering how you feel personally about Novorossiya…about the concept, the land…about the relationship between the DNR and Novorossiya. In general, I want to know about the question of Novorossiya. It’d be interesting to know.

A V Zakharchenko

I think that it’s interesting, not only for you, for many others living in the Republic. My opinion? You can see what my opinion is… my personal opinion. What about Novorossiya? Novorossiya is a Union of Peoples Republics… the DNR, the LNR, and maybe some other republics. Get the picture? It’s my opinion. You could create Novorossiya with these two republics, if need be, it’s all that you need. However, the word “Novorossiya”, it comes from “Novaya Rossiya”, for the whole region, this large area. Now, unfortunately, Novorossiya isn’t yet in existence. There’s the DNR and the LNR. However, that’s my opinion… they’re two cornerstones of the foundation of Novorossiya, which is sure to arise. We’ll be trailblazers, the first to live in Greater Novorossiya, in which we all, of course, believe. This is my personal belief. All our friends who’re now in Moscow… Borodai, Strelkov… this is their personal opinion. All right… we discussed with Borodai the establishment of Novorossiya when he was here. I know his vision, and I even share some of his views. The views of others… well, that’s something else… that’s my personal opinion. I believe in Novorossiya. I believe that it will be. I even know that it’ll most likely be created very soon. Our opponents and enemies don’t expect how soon it’ll happen. However, it’ll happen anyway. It’ll be very soon, as we all will see.

No date (late June 2015)

No URL available (sent to me via e-mail as a transcript)

Thursday, 23 October 2014

An Urgent Appeal of I I Strelkov to All Russians

00 Strelkov. Novorossiya. icon. 11.07.14


I I Strelkov’s appeal in Russian


At present, I’m receiving much intel about preparations for an offensive by the junta armed forces and gangs of the so-called “National Guard” against Donetsk. Recently, the enemy sharply intensified activities of their recon groups, as well as increasing shellfire against our troops, civilian neighbourhoods, and industrial enterprises. They’ve used MRLs, heavy artillery, and Tochka-U tactical missiles. Civilian casualties during the truce are higher than they were in the period of active hostilities earlier this year. Two enemy strike forces are clearly readying for an offensive aimed at capturing the DNR capital from the northwest and southwest. A third force concentrated around Debaltsevo could strike at Shakhtyorsk or at Krasny Luch and Antratsit, in an attempt to cut off the DNR and LNR forces from the Russian border, to cut our forces off from all supplies. If all the forces concentrated by the enemy enter battle simultaneously and aggressively, they’d quickly defeat our numerically-small, poorly-armed, and poorly-led forces if we didn’t receive direct Russian assistance; not only would Novorossiya cease to exist, so would our people.

Based on the data available to me, as well as competent analysis of the intel by professional specialists, the enemy offensive will have the primary aim of capturing the Donetsk/Makeyevka conurbation, which is the largest and most important in the region. The Kiev junta will arrange a provocation before the attack… they’re very good at that. However, the attack must be swift and decisive, it must meet its goals quickly; otherwise, it won’t succeed. The Ukrainian side is well aware that if the operation bogs down, there’s a high likelihood of Russian intervention. The goal of the enemy is to grab Donetsk, or at least parts of it, before the Russian government can intervene. Then, they’d declare a unilateral ceasefire and appeal to the USA and EU with a statement of commitment to resolve the conflict by peaceful means.

The main thing is not to give the Russian government time to make adequate decisions. That is the only thing that’d deter a military response to the Ukrainian aggression, and it’d halt any action on the Ukrainian forces left in Mariupol. Simply put, Kiev decided to take a gamble… make a quick strike, then, “make peace”, but on their terms (because without Donetsk, or with it in contention, a sovereign Novorossiya is out of the question in principle). If they can carry out this plan, it’d be the largest military-political defeat of the Russian Federation since 1991. It’d cause serious internal political turmoil. Therefore, I appeal to the Russian government agencies regulating the oversight of the Minsk Agreement… attend to the plans of the Ukrainian bandits and inform the President about the likely consequences of their implementation for the Russian people of both the Donbass and Russia proper.

22 October 2014




Firstly, no operations can begin until the ground hardens. The muddy season in the spring and autumn has always brought major military operations to a halt. Even if the junta wanted to move, it couldn’t… the ground simply won’t support it. It halted the Wehrmacht in 1941… it halts the Galician Uniate hillbillies today. Besides this, friendly forces already know the axis of any offensive, just as the Red Army knew the thrust of the fascist attack in 1941. It smells as if a repeat of the Battle of Moscow is in the offing.

Here’s what compounds the situation for the junta Uniate terrorists… they’ve had FIVE Ministers of Defence since February… FIVE. The present Minister of Defence isn’t a soldier… he’s from the VV MVDU… a militarised cop with no training in large-scale operations. The only two figures who had any chance of pulling off this gamble were M V Koval and I I Tenyukh, but the babyish Anglo Americans didn’t like them, as they wouldn’t kiss the Anglo American toddlers’ asses. The Americans are backing Yatsenyuk, Turdchinov, and Avakov, as they’re the only figures under the Americans’ thumb… but they’re incompetent! A major military move is afoot… and the Americans left it in the hands of Galician hillbillies, oligarch greedsters, and diaspora carpetbaggers.

The time isn’t ripe for a junta counterpoise… if one were to follow the example left by the Civil War, the operation would wait for summer (as it did in 1919). However, the junta must move for two reasons. Firstly, living standards in Kiev are plummeting… that means that standards in the provinces are even lower. Secondly, the Americans want a quick result for their own domestic political purposes. The Triumvirate won’t resist American calls for an untimely offensive. Nevertheless, Poroshenko MUST win or face political oblivion. He does have a Swiss passport, y’ know…

The word is out. Surprise is out of the question. Now, everyone is waiting for the shoe to drop. I’d bet that the Anglo American smarkaczy will goad their puppets into a premature movement. If so… well, they can just kiss their ass goodbye. Mind you, it’d be bloody, all-too-bloody, before it all ended… but a December offensive would be a failure, and one in November would be a fiasco.

Pass the jug… it’s going to get FAR worse before it all comes to a result…


Monday, 11 August 2014

Will the Miners Turn Donetsk into a New Stalingrad?

00 Nikolai Boot. In the Name of Life! 1963. Disreali quote


How do you take a city with a million inhabitants and 2,200 streets using “pole-by-pole” tactics?

With wolfish glints in their eyes, Kiev junta politicians enigmatically say, “The separatists (sic) are in for an unpleasant surprise”. They follow this with another inexplicable statement, “We’ll take the city ‘pole-by-pole’”. Such tactics dictate that the attackers probe for a weak point, subdue it, then, move down the street to launch an offensive on the next street {Baranets implies that the attackers will leapfrog strongpoints… much as in the American island-hopping tactics of WW II: editor}. In such circumstances, to advance tanks, APCs, and self-propelled artillery down the streets is suicidal folly. The opolchenietsy will use their RPGs to send ‘em to hell. Inevitably, the Ukrainian commanders would have to throw in their infantry to clear each street. However, to clear positions in houses in built-up areas you need to use heavy weapons and flamethrowers to clear the way. This means that any artillery fire would turn concrete buildings into rubble, but the opolchenie could turn such rubble into strongpoints.

If we consider that there are 2,200 streets in Donetsk, such tactics would take a very long time. However, Poroshenko is acting hastily… he’s ordered the taking of Donetsk by 24 August… Ukrainian Independence Day. There’s only 12 days left before that… is it a realistic goal? The present perimeter around Donetsk is about 200 kilometres (@120 miles) in length. To besiege the city, the 40,000 troops of the junta force deployed isn’t sufficient… it leaves gaps in their lines. That’s a given, as Poroshenko’s generals will form two or three strike forces to get through to Donetsk using different avenues of advance. They have an almost threefold advantage over the defenders of the city in manpower, and absolute superiority in armour, artillery, and aviation. Yet, in such a situation, the defenders have an advantage over the attackers.

What Can You Expect?

Clearly, American advisers have told the junta commanders presently deployed in Slavyansk how to minimise casualties… use massive artillery and rocket fire, along with intensive airstrikes, and use banned weapons such as Willie Pete ordnance. Thus, the American advice isn’t to take Donetsk, but to destroy it. This is nothing new. As for the “surprise” promised by Andrei Lysenko, the press secretary of the SNBOU… according to opolchenie intelligence reports, the junta forces attempted to infiltrate hundreds of diversionary troops in the Donetsk area in the last week. That is, the intent was that when the junta main-force attack took place, the diversionists would attack from the rear, clearing the streets for the advancing troops. However, if the defenders are on to it, where’s the “surprise” in it? Donetsk is ready to defend itself. The opolchenietsy say, “They can destroy us… but to beg on our knees… NEVER!” The miners are hardworking and gutsy guys… they stand behind their words.

11 August 2014

V N Baranets

Komsomolskaya Pravda



This is the meatiest article that I’ve read so far. V N Baranets was an officer in the Soviet Army from 1965 to 1990 (he’s an Afganets… a vet of the Soviet Afghan War). That is, he’s NOT an empty-headed and ignorant Bill O’Reilly, Willy Romney, Sean Hannity, Ted Cruz, Rush Limbaugh, Marco Rubio, Glenn Beck, or Rod Dreher (all of whom were cowardly gutless punks who REFUSED to serve in the forces). He’s been shot at… he’s not a loudmouthed yellow cretin like the people that I named (after all, they did REFUSE to serve, even in a reserve formation… Pat Buchanan, Antonin Scalia, and Wayne LaPierre were part of the Chicken Hawk Brigade, as well).

Firstly, general military rule of thumb dictates that the attacker have a three-to-one effectual superiority over the defence for the attack to succeed. The junta forces do NOT have this. You see, fighting in a built-up area gives a force multiplier to the defence… usually gauged as a three-fold advantage. This means that the opolchenie and the junta forces are even in effectual strength. You see, the junta forces can’t follow the American advice… they simply lack the heavy weapons and aircraft to do so (due to “free market” oligarch theft over the years, there’s a lack of ordnance and spares, too). They have to dig out the opolchenie… for that, they need well-trained and motivated infantry, and they don’t have that. Reflect on the fact that draft-dodging is endemic and morale amongst the deployed forces is in the shitter. The junta needs to send its forces provisions and munitions… it’s sending “commissars” instead. This means that the morale of the junta footslogger is near nil… it means that the junta is desperate.

If this weren’t bad enough, the junta doesn’t have enough forces deployed. 40,000 troops translate to three full-strength or four understrength division-equivalents. This means that the junta has 27 to 36 infantry manoeuvre battalions to cover 200 kilometres of frontage… and that doesn’t even begin to cover minimal defensive requirements, let alone an offensive. L D Trotsky said, “It’s impossible for a little army of 15,000 ex-officers to master a working-class capital of 700,000 inhabitants”. We see the same situation here. Don’t forget… the junta didn’t TAKE Slavyansk and Kramatorsk by assault… I I Strelkov withdrew (in good order with all equipment). The junta hasn’t had a victory in a built-up area. All previous battles were open terrain affairs, OUTSIDE given urban areas.

To use diversionary units was standard Sov doctrine, so, the opolchenie was “aware” of it even before their intel detected the junta infiltrators (who’d mostly be left alone to observe junta movements and intentions… they’d only attack them if they were threatening strategic assets). Strategic withdrawal was also standard Sov doctrine… the Sov/Russian forces trained for it, unlike the American forces, who don’t (they always “win”, dontcha know). I should also mention the Order of Kutuzov, awarded for successful withdrawal operations. Ergo, Strelkov’s brilliant strategic withdrawal buffaloed the junta’s asinine Anglo American advisors, who attributed it to their “superior” abilities and “exceptional” status as Anglo Americans. Of course, that led to their crank advice on Donetsk. The only way to take Donetsk with a minimum of casualties is to besiege the city… but the junta lacks the time, the motivated manpower, and the matériel to do so. Don’t forget… the junta shitcanned its only competent military man, Admiral I I Tenyukh. He told the junta point-blank what the problems were… profanely, without regard for which pol he offended, and with no gloss. Note well that the kleptocratic junta shits got rid of him. Hacks and criminals lead the junta forces.

Lastly, the Anglo Americans don’t know their history. In both the Battles of Moscow and Stalingrad, G K Zhukov waited to counterattack until his forces were built-up, supplied, and ready. He allowed the fascists to move forward… he didn’t let their advance force his hand. Georgi Konstantinovich said, “The Russian army has two great generals, General January and General February”… I I Strelkov is ordering winter uniforms for his army now… are you seeing what I’m seeing (don’t forget to add in that there won’t be enough gas for proper heating in junta rear areas)? The junta is in the deep shit… one last thing… Russian reportage on sites frequented by English-speakers tends to repeat some Western patterns (not completely, but they don’t give the whole truth). On sites frequented by Russians, the story’s different. I’d remind everyone of dezinformatsiya… Russians are past masters of it. Reflect on the fact that Russia is calling land forces reservists to the colours (starting with company and platoon commanders)… something that’s never done… Russia has a “mobilisation army”… connect the dots, kids.


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