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Sunday, 20 October 2013

Hellenic Parliament Lifts Immunity of Six Golden Dawn MPs

00 Carlos Latuff. Nazis in Greece. 2012

Nazis in Greece

Carlos Latuff



On Wednesday, the Hellenic Parliament voted to lift the immunity of six ultranationalist Golden Dawn deputies:

Taking part in the vote on Wednesday were 247 MPs, whilst the Golden Dawn deputies abstained from the procedure. Those voting in favour of the motions ranged from 246 to 247. Germenis, Iliopoulos, and Boukouras face charges for participating and managing a criminal organisation, whilst Panayiotaros faces charges of disrupting the peace. Kasidiaris is accused of rioting and Alexopoulos for establishing an illegal radio station. Meanwhile, three Golden Dawn MPs, party chief Nikos Michaloliakos, second-in-command Christos Pappas, and Yiannis Lagos are in pre-trial custody in Korydallos Prison. All three are accused of participating in a criminal organisation, amongst other charges.

16 October 2013




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