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Sunday, 18 November 2012

18 November 2012. One of the Goombahs Speaks on the Midwest Diocesan Assembly and Moriak


One of the goombahs told me this about the Midwest Diocesan Assembly:

A great deal of time was spent on delegates being allowed to speak about the Moriak situation. Apparently, it was very candid and very blunt. A good number of people don’t feel they can accept him as their ruling bishop any longer. What happens after his “rehabilitation” is unknown. Anyone want to bet Moriak ends up assigned in another diocese? Moriak’s son even spoke. The written version of his comments are posted on a a blog called The Fourth Rome. It’s interesting to read that along with Ted Bobosh’s comments on his blog.

That’s like bein’ a fly on the wall, ain’t it? In short, Moriak’s got NO cred, no cred at all. He’s gotta go, or else the Diocese will start unravelling one parish at a time. Remember, kids, Syosset doesn’t have money to fight you… it’s got TWENTY useless-eater bishops and lawsuits up the yin-yang soaking up all of YOUR money. Moriak’s son still has the appointment that daddy got for him… what’s wrong with that picture? That’s why no one of serious import trusts Moriak… he’s an open practitioner of nepotism and he was a fawning lickspittle to JP and the konvertsy set.

Moriak deserves demotion to the priesthood for his morals charge and for his persecution of Mark Stokoe (messing with the previous bishop’s oikonomia… that’s not done… Mark’s a zipperhead, but he got treated badly, and I’ll speak for ALL those fucked by the apparat). JP deserves demotion to the priesthood for his protection of Ray Velencia and tolerance of RV’s lawsuit against Mike Regan (Ray didn’t go through Church channels first with his complaint against Mike Regan… the canons require that) and for his promotion of the Imiaslavie heresy at Manton (then, again, he became an “abbot” one year after his tonsure… the citation in Orthowiki that he was a novice at Valaam is an outright lie and should be removed immediately). Vinnie Peterson has to be demoted to the priesthood for his DUI arrest (the late Polish metropolitan slept it off at the station house more than once, but Polish sources assure me that he was NEVER arrested… “Lay off the vodka, next time, willya, Vladyki”… that was the worst of that situation).

There’s a serious credibility crisis in the OCATikhon Mollard can demote the above three individuals or he has no cred. Is that “fair?” NO… but I’ve noticed that life’s rarely “fair”. That’s what’s on his plate, and he has to deal with it, one way or another. By the way, “doing nothing” is the worst option of all. Pass the jug, we all need it.

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Sunday 18 November 2012

Albany NY

Monday, 17 September 2012

17 September 2012. Monomuckos Nutters Keep Issuing Lies About Fathausen


It’s interesting what the syphilitic children over at Monomuckos are posting:

“Prior to his elevation as Metropolitan of the OCA, Metropolitan Jonah received two Master’s degrees (Master’s of Divinity, 1985; Master’s of Theology, 1988), joined Valaam Monastery in Russia, and was tonsured a Hieromonk in 1994. He served as Abbot of St. John’s Monastery for 12 years. He went from Abbot to Auxilary Bishop to Bishop to Metropolitan in just one month.”

Firstly, Fathausen was NEVER a member of the brotherhood of Valaam Monastery in Russia. He was allowed to live there as a guest. I’ve often posted this fact, and I’ve NEVER been brought to task by it by any responsible Russian source. Secondly, he did NOT earn a Master of Theology in 1988… he dropped out of GTU in Berkeley, as did his pal Gerasim Eliel (the latest “degree” “earned” by Eliel given by SVS was a fraud… given in sycophantic obeisance to the then-Metropolitan… the smart word has it that it was all “ghost-written”). To speak of going from Abbot to Metropolitan Archbishop in a month is not praise… it’s highly irregular. Hilarion Kapral became a vicar bishop in 1984, a ruling bishop in 1996, and First Hierarch in 2008… a much more common career path. Furthermore, he didn’t live in a real monastery in California, he lived in a newly-minted monastery full of neophytes like himself, one that he filled with the Imiaslavie heresy.

These nasty-minded lying toddlers need to be reined in… but who shall bell the cat? As one can see, the truth (either the plain truth or the Truth of the Church) means nothing to them. What should we do of it? Frankly, all former-Anglican konvertsy priests should be defrocked tout suite… they’re sullying Christ’s Church. The rest should be culled… for the good of the Church. Their minuscule missions can be served by a circuit-riding priest every four to six weeks. It’s better to have a few good priests than a great many zipperheads. We have too many priests… the talent pool of qualified men is only so deep, ergo, we’re ordaining people who shouldn’t have any access to power or influence. We’re ordaining people who shouldn’t be priests in the first place to “fill the ranks”… as I said, its better for a small mission to be served by a circuit-rider than it is to have an unfit man at the helm… which is all too common, I fear. For instance, converts don’t need convert leadership; they need someone who’s solid in the Faith.

God do help us. The coming period will be one of the worst in our Church’s history, but if we don’t face down this problem, we won’t have a Church. That’s all that there’s to say…


Tuesday, 10 July 2012

10 July 2012. Is There Trouble in “Paradise?”

Some of the usual suspects on the Internet forums are spouting their usual stuff. It’s almost as bad as the interminable Toll House argument… oh, yes, I do think that such sorts belong in the playpen whilst we adults have a pleasant drink and chat.


There’s much Sturm und Drang over supposed events at Manton and over Meletios Webber. Let’s keep this simple. If Meletios Webber is, indeed, going against Church order in the case of this or that private individual, then, the proper way to handle it is to make a formal complaint against him to the bishop. If there are irregularities at Manton, that’s the logical first step. No… it isn’t the only step… but it’s the first logical one. Yes, Benjamin Peterson could decide to stonewall it or sweep it under the rug, but that would put him in the spotlight, so to speak. All those having problems with Webber should make a formal complaint, the sooner the better. Then, if Peterson defends him… go to the Holy Synod. If they fail in their duty, then, make an appeal to the Centre… to ask them to pull the Tomos from the OCA. It CAN be done… but only in the proper order, and one thing at a time.

At present, there’s confusion over what actually happened. Well, I’d say that since JP was a follower of the Imyaslavie heresy, by all accounts that I heard, the fact that there’s screwy things afoot shouldn’t surprise anyone. However… if you think so strongly about Webber and personal pastoral matters, do make a formal complaint. I wonder if they’d do such a thing… I think not. In fact, the “news” that’s coming out made me think of an old saying of Fr Alexander Lebedeff’s, “They don’t know an ecclesiastical court from a tennis court”. Lebedeff may be a First Family apparatchik, but he’s also a competent historian and canonist… which none of the loudmouths on the internet forums are. It’s one thing to talk of public figures… when one starts flinging about private pastoral matters… you really should take such things up with the bishop (I always PhotoShop out non-public figures if I can… there’s something known as privacy). I’m going to hold all priests and hierarchs up to scrutiny… they’re public figures. However, if you have something against a private individual or the pastoral consideration shown them, not a public figure (priest, bishop, elected lay official), don’t drag it into the internet fora… do something of it in such a way that the person involved has some privacy. If I can observe limits… so can these people (you don’t know the stuff that I reject because it either involves private people or its the private doings of public people (an image of Jillions at a private party isn’t mine to publish)).

Put up or shut up.


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