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Sunday, 29 May 2016

29 May 2016. The “Attack of the Dead” at Osovets Fortress… The Anglos Had Best Mind What It Means

00 Attack of the Dead at Osovets Fortress 140516


Русские не сдаются (Russkie nye sdayutsya: Russians Don’t Give Up) by Varya Strizhak… 


In August 1915, the Germans used poison gas against the defenders of the Russian fortress at Osovets in Northern Poland. To their surprise, the Russians, although injured by the gas and spitting up blood, counterattacked, and threw back the Germans. This allowed the Russian forces to evacuate the area in good order some weeks later. Russians haven’t changed… the Anglos had best mind that… or they’re in for a rather nasty and upsetting surprise… the Yanks wouldn’t know what hit them if the famed Russian artillery and MRLs opened up on them. They’ve not faced such since Korea… they’d realise what “shock and awe” truly means.



Saturday, 11 October 2014

11 October 2014. The Mother-Motherland Calls! Four Generations of Courage…

00 Four Generations of Courage. 11.10.14


This requires no commentary. Another invader has tried to put their hands around Holy Rus’ neck. It shall fail… as all invaders failed in the end. In this case, the Americans won’t back their neo-Nazi protegés in the Ukraine… there’s nothing left in the larder… they spent it all on bootless land wars in South Asia and in insane tax giveaways to the Affluent Effluent. It’s as it always has been… all those who march on Russia will be put to death. The Banderovtsy Uniate filth will not prevail…



Wednesday, 20 November 2013

20 November 2013. Looking Back…Looking Forward…

00 Moscow. Crowd at Manezh. 19.11.13

Looking back… line at the Manezh for an exhibition on the Romanov Dynasty


Vals Yunkerov… a song of the White Armymen of character and honour


Irakli Toidze. The Mother-Motherland Calls! 1941

The Mother-Motherland Calls!

Irakli Toidze



My Army… “Our Great October is with us, the song of Red fighters as well, the first day of war and the victory salute, and the fate of our fallen fathers, you, my army, you are always on guard, you are my love and my destiny”(the song proper doesn’t begin until 0:20 of the vid). There was character amongst Reds, as well…


00 Stalingrad. Mother Motherland Calls. 07.02.13

The spirit of the Great Victory lives! The Mother-Motherland Calls statue on Mamayev Kurgan on the Stalingrad battlefield


Looking forward… a new commie pop song… Communists, Forward! (with English subtitles)… “The people are ready for the final fight!”


These things AREN’T unrelated. As Comrade Zyuganov said on Red Square and President Putin said at Valdai, Russian History is an indivisible and unified whole… we can’t remove parts of it to suit our childish and self-centred fancies. Kievan Rus is ours… Medieval Muscovy is ours… the Tsardom of Russia is ours… Imperial Russia is ours… the USSR is ours… it’s ALL ours. That’s why Comrade Zyuganov went to the exhibition at the Manezh on the Romanovs and went away moved. Remember, those who attack the Soviet legacy have agendas… most of them sold out to the West years ago (especially, one who lives in the District‘s chi-chi suburb of Takoma Park, I’d say).

It’s ALL ours… or, NONE of it is ours. I say, “I’ll take it all, the bitter with the sweet”… it’s all MY RUSSIA… and the wind is blowing “leftwards” (don’t forget, HH is friends with the Castro brothers (and here), NOT with the Bush clan)… fancy that…



Monday, 21 January 2013

21 January 2013. Sergei Yolkin’s World. The Old is the New… Or, Is the New the Old?

00 Sergei Yolkin. The Old is the New... Or, Is the New the Old. 2013

The Old is the New… Or, Is the New the Old?

Sergei Yolkin



Shoigu is in uniform, indicating that political dalliance with “civilian” control of Minoborony is over, there’s a pair of old-style boots with footcloths in the corner, and there’s a Soviet banner behind the map. All of this points up that Yolkin doesn’t believe that the Serdyukov “reforms” have any oomph or staying power. It was much the same after 1918… the Red Army became an organic continuation of the old tsarist forces in the end, just as the current forces are, essentially, an organic continuation of the Red Army. The generals LIKE the “old army”… it DID win the Great Victory, didn’t it?


The Russian armed forces may see some of the major reforms launched by former Defence Minister Anatoly Serdyukov scrapped, as his recently appointed successor, Sergei Shoigu, continues to give in to generals on lesser issues that still have an impact on the big picture. Serdyukov’s reforms came under heavy criticism within the military, resulting as they did in the dismissal of tens of thousands of officers, disbanding hundreds of army units, and the closure of dozens of military training centres. To abolish the mass-mobilisation concept, which was at the base of all these painful decisions, marked a break with 300 years of Russian military culture. The counter-reform now underway is an inevitable result of the decision that President Putin made when he appointed Shoigu… the decision to make the Minister of Defence an Army General once again. When commenting on this decision, analysts close to the Kremlin insisted that the president was trying to help the newly-appointed Shoigu build up his authority… something that the fiercely-denounced civilian Serdyukov lacked. However, Russian generals are skilful manipulators. They can easily make any new commander believe that he’s part of the army machine, and each new head of the Minoborony inevitably feels like part of the military corporation.

17 January 2013

Aleksandr Golts

Russia Beyond the Headlines


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