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Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Does Russia Force Underage Girls to Take Virginity Tests? Western Media Says “Yes”, Reality Says “Nope”



This is much like the story on alleged gay concentration camps run by Kadyrov in Chechnya. It’s 100 percent pure unadulterated unalloyed bullshit. Nothing more need be said on the matter… read it and see how stupid Western liberals are. They really believe this shit.



Did you know that Russian doctors are required by law to check the “integrity” of each and every young Russian hymen, and then report any signs of sexual activity to the police? We didn’t know either! Until of course, we read this brave report published by the Independent:

Doctors in Russia have reportedly been instructed to perform virginity tests on underage girls. […] Health Minister Vladimir Shuldyakov said doctors must follow the order and “inform police about all cases when virginity was lost as well as about cases of pregnancies and abortions involving girls under 16-years-old”. The order instructs doctors to check the “integrity of the hymen” and look for signs of damage.

Where to begin? Well, for starters… Russia’s Health Minister is V I Skvortsova. This Vladimir guy is the health minister of Saratov Oblast, which is sort of like being the head health honcho of Tumbleweed NE. Amazingly, even the garbage Daily Mail article cited by the Independent managed to correctly identify Shuldyakov as the Health Minister of a small region of Russia. However, the Independent simply refers to him as “Health Minister Vladimir Shuldyakov”; Saratov isn’t even mentioned in the Independent’s report. Also, Shuldyakov cancelled his order three days before the Independent published its hymen horror story:

Minister of Health of the Saratov Oblast Vladimir Shuldyakov cancelled his order, according to which doctors were obliged to inform the police about cases of deprivation of virginity and pregnancy of schoolgirls, the head of the press service of the regional Ministry of Health, Aleksandr Kolokolov, told RIA Novosti.

Will the Independent correct its story? Or, at least “update” it? Of course not. Friends… we’re reaching levels of bullshit that’d make William Randolph Hearst blush. He’s the creep who invented the modern “save the young girls from the savages!” tabloid story. So just to recap, the Independent:

  1. Portrayed a provincial official as Russia’s top health official
  2. Reported on an “order” that was cancelled three days prior

What we enjoy most about this hilariously 100 percent false story is that the Independent cited a tabloid… and then somehow managed to make the story even more wrong. Say what you will, but that requires “skill sets”.

18 June 2017

Russian Insider



Saturday, 30 May 2015

Basurin sez Junta Preparing Provocations in Western Media Using Actors Pretending to be Novorossiyan Soldiers

as seen on TV


Today, at a briefing in Donetsk, DNR Deputy Defence Minister E А Basurin stated that the junta, aided by its foreign backers, are preparing media provocations to discredit the Peoples Republics using actors disguised as patriot soldiers. He said, “According to our intel, soon, the Ukrainian side plans to broadcast on state TV a series of purported ‘news stories’ with actors posing as defectors from our forces. They intend to air these on Western TV channels. This action involves the SBU, aided by their foreign backers. The SBU is dressing some people up in DNR and LNR cammies and scripting stories. They’ll have foreigners shoot video that’d ‘just appear’ on Ukrainian media, then, they’d plaster it over Western TV and the internet. The main purpose of this propaganda campaign, which occurs against a backdrop of their actual daily shelling of our towns, is to distract Ukrainian and Western public opinion from Ukrainian internal problems”.

30 May 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency


Monday, 18 May 2015

Washington Pushed Finnish Government to Close DNR Office in Finland

01 Today's Special Lies!


Today, Finnish political scientist, sociologist, and human rights activist Johan Beckman told us that the Finnish government’s closure of an official DNR office in Finland was most likely due to pressure from Washington, saying, “Apparently, the Finnish government just received an urgent message from the US Embassy ​​to close down the DNR office and ban its informational activities. However, people are taking interest [in what the DNR has to say], and American agents can’t stop that. At first, the Finnish government didn’t interfere [with the office]. When the DNR office opened in Helsinki a year ago, the Finnish authorities stated that they didn’t recognise the DNR, but that they didn’t intend to interfere in the office’s activities. When Social Democratic Party activists, to which the Finnish Minister of Foreign Affairs belongs, started to support the DNR and even to do work in the office, the authorities took no action”.

Earlier, on 13 May, the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that having a DNR office in Finland is “unjustifiable” since Helsinki doesn’t recognise the DNR. The announcement came after the International Forum “Donbass: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow” in took place in Donetsk on 11-12 May, where Johan Beckman represented Finland. During the forum, he said that Finnish author Matti Rossi is preparing to publish a book (The Donbass Rises From the Ruins) about the DNR’s struggle for freedom and independence. In particular, Rossi believes that the USA planned the 2014 coup d’état in Kiev, which led to vexed commentary by some Finnish political factions.

18 May 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency



This means only one thing… the American black propaganda informational war is failing… even in Finland! That means that well-paid media whores like Victor Potapov, S A Schmemann, S L Kishkovskaya, and Rod Dreher are failing in their pro-crapitalist pro-USA propaganda. POOR BABIES!


Sunday, 26 April 2015

Zakharchenko Denied “Der Spiegel’s” Spin about the Return of Patriot Equipment to the Front

00 A V Zakharchenko 02. DNR. Donetsk. 24.03.15


Today,Chairman of the DNR Government A V Zakharchenko told the newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda that he refuted the interpretation given to his words by the German magazine Der Spiegel about the return of heavy equipment of our side to the contact line, saying, “I emphasised that our side would return heavy weapons only if Kiev began full-scale military actions and resumed their indiscriminate shelling of civilian neighbourhoods in our cities. In my opinion, it makes sense… if you kill us, if you kill our civilians, we need to oppose that. After all, I told the German journalists that I ordered our forces not to open fire. Frankly, to be honest, I don’t understand how they come to their conclusion from my words that we pulled back heavy weapons. We withdrew the weapons… that’s a fact. The Der Spiegel journalists knew what I said, but they wrote something else… honestly, I don’t understand why the German journalists asked me to give them an interview. I don’t see the point in conversing, if all that they want to do is to write what they want, to turn my statements inside out”.

25 April 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency


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