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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Schismatical “Kiev Patriarchate” Hotheads Threatened to Throw Molotov Cocktails at Diocese of Sumy Admin Building… Cossacks Kick Their Gnarly Butts Out

00 Cossacks protesting Pussy Riot exhibition. 20.10.13

The modern Cossacks are just like their forebears in the Repin painting… “The Don Cossack Host Writes a Mocking Letter to the Pro-American Bumkissers”… now, THAT warms your heart, doesn’t it? Oh, yes… they still stand tall for the REAL Church over Uniate and schismatical Orthodox slimers


On Tuesday afternoon, a group of ten belligerent men led by a deacon and a priest of the so-called ”Kiev Patriarchate” arrived in the administration building of the Diocese of Sumy and Akhtyrka. A source at the diocese told us, “They told us that the Diocese of Sumy prayed for the Maidan victims outraged them. On top of that, they demanded a meeting with Archbishop Evlogy”. Archbishop Evlogy Gutchenko of Sumy met with one of the interlopers, who tried to convince Vladyki Evlogy of the need of joining “Kiev Patriarchate” ”Archbishop” Mefody Sribnyak for a joint service at Holy Transfiguration Cathedral. Our source noted, “After the bishop explained that the canons forbid such, they threatened to throw Molotov cocktails at the admin building and cathedral”. In an interview with Православие в Украине (Pravoslavie v Ukraine: Orthodoxy in the Ukraine), Archbishop Evlogy said that the Cossacks, who just happened to be holding a meeting at the diocesan admin building, kicked the schismatics out of the building. He observed, “I’m asking for prayers and help from our Sumy Orthodox believers. Right now, after hearing about this situation, believers are passing on the news; they’re gathering near the cathedral and admin building to protect our holy places”.

25 February 2014



Editor’s Note:

Ura for the Cossacks! Trust me, the Denisenko slimers won’t try that shit again. This means that the Cossacks have risen against the illegitimate Timoshenko putschists. This is good news for the good guys. Whenever the shit hits the fan in the Ukraine, the Cossacks stand tall… well, today’s no exception. Hmm…. Crimea’s against the Timoshenko usurpers… as is Sevastopol… as is the ethnic Russian East… and Viktor Fyodorovich et al are still merrily on the loose (do you still think that he’s stupid?). Don’t attend to the junta… they only have a presence on the internet, not in the real world. Don’t they remind you of the invariable ending of Nu, Pogodi? Yes… there WAS a difference… the wolf was more believable.



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Thursday, 31 October 2013

31 October 2013. A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words… “Zombie Walk” in Novosibirsk

00 Zombie Walk in Novosibirsk. 31.10.13


The above image is from the “Zombie Walk” in Novosibirsk. Some are trying to shut down the holiday, but they’re not getting mass support, even from the Church. The most that Vsevolod Chaplin would say was that kids shouldn’t be dabbling in the occult, which is correct and that he thinks that it could lead to sickness (also correct… there’s been no statement from HH). There’s Halloween and there’s “Black Masses“… they’re not the same thing. One is harmless, the other is harmful in the extreme. Show some perspective, people…

Click here… it sounds ominous, but the only citation in the Russian press I could find was a short item on Interfax, and there was no material posted on patriarchia.ru from or about Fr Vsevolod at all. The Washington Times is a crank source… they’ve made up things before and are wont to print the most vile lies against Russia (they print all kinds of Langley provocations). I’d only put credence in this if I could find an original Russian source… and I couldn’t find one. As a counterpoise, click here for VOR‘s piece on Halloween… and VOR is a legit source (it’s a Russian government-run operation… and a good one at that).

Keep it focused… your soul does depend on it. Zealotry dims your vision… never forget that. Also, don’t forget that Orthodoxy is the freest of the Christian confessions… the only things that the Church absolutely insists upon are in the Creed. There’s a great deal of leeway… on Halloween, I disagree with Fr Vsevolod, but I agree with him usually, after all, he’s one of the “white hats“.


Thursday, 5 September 2013

Most Russians Trust the Academy of Sciences, the Orthodox Church, and the President… the Cops Led the Untrustworthy

00 Priest and Soldier a. Epiphany. 2012


The Romir Research Group told Interfax that most-trusted public institutions by Russians are the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAN), the Orthodox Church, and the RF President. In first place, 67 percent trusted the RAN. In second place, two-thirds (66 percent) supported the Orthodox Church. Topping off the troika of the leaders was the RF President… 63 percent were inclined to believe him. After that, 61 percent found the Russian forces worthy of trust, every second respondent spoke well of the Ministry of Education and Science  (Minobrnauki) (53 percent), the RF Federal Government (52 percent), and the mass media (50 percent). Little less than half relied on local governments (48 percent) and the RF Federation Council (47 percent). The RF Gosduma gained the confidence of 44 percent. On the other hand, the police lead the “No Confidence” brigade, with 62 percent disbelieving them.

Last year, Romir conducted a similar survey, using a somewhat-abbreviated list of institutions. At that time, 68 percent expressed full or partial confidence in the RF President, the RF Federal Government received 59 percent, and the RF Gosduma won 51 percent, whilst local government convinced only 49 percent. Over the last year, institutions such as the media and the Orthodox Church strengthened their position (in 2012, their level of trust was 49 percent and 62 percent respectively). Andrei Milekhin, the President of the Romir Group, suggested, “Maybe, due to the emergence of strong and charismatic leaders in the Army and the Orthodox Church, these institutions are now on an equal footing with the RF President. It seems as though the old slogan, “For Faith, Tsar, and Fatherland” is returning from the past, finding a new meaning today”.

Romir conducted the current survey in July 2013 in conjunction with the Institute for Social and Political Studies (ISPI RAN) amongst 1,000 Russians in seven Federal Districts, in cities of over 100,000 people.

4 September 2013



Editor’s Note:

I think that some ROCOR elements live in the past, supporting the nutter pretender Maria Vladimirovna Romanova. To speak bluntly, the chances of a Soviet revival are far better than those of her (or her blockheaded son) ever gaining the throne (even as a symbolic paper monarch). The ROCOR had best wake up… the monarchy fell in 1917, and it won’t ever rise again in the same fashion. Autocracy is dead. It’s time to live in the present, not in dreams of a long-gone imperial era that never really existed in the form that certain ROCOR factions believe that it did. The Revolution happened for many reasons… one being the greed and nastiness of many of the aristos and bourgeois who founded the ROCOR in the 20s (not to mention the fact that many are sprung from the ranks of World War II Nazi collaborators). Think on it…



Wednesday, 19 June 2013

19 June 2013. Beliefnet Fucks Up Royally… See Who They Named as the Head of “Today’s Russian Orthodox Church”

00 same ol' shit. 29.05.12


A Cabinet member sent me this link to Beliefnet. I noted that the piece seemed lifted in places, word-for-word, from a translation I posted on WordPress in November 2007. However, this howler was part of the post:

“Gagarin also became well-known for the phrase he is said to have stated, a phrase that was used extensively by the atheist propaganda of the time,” writes Nafpaktos Hierotheos Vlachos, the head of today’s Russian Orthodox Church.

That’s chowderheaded ignorance, kids. I posted this on Beliefnet:

Nafpaktos Hierotheos Vlachos is the head of today’s Russian Orthodox Church? I think not… that honour has gone to His Holiness Patriarch Kirill Gundyaev of Moscow and all the Russias since 2009. Who proofread this? That’s one of the worst howlers I’ve seen in a while. What do you expect from right-wing “culture warriors”, though… by the way, I translated an Interfax interview with Col Petrov on Yuri Gagarin back in Nov ’07. It’s available at:


Nevertheless, to think that no one proof-read this before posting stuns me…

Let’s see… who posts on Beliefnet? Hmm… Freddie M-G, Rod Dreher, Terrence Mattingly… my, my, my… and none of these “Orthodox” so-called-experts caught this. Speaks volumes about them, doesn’t it? As I posted in Beliefnet, the “culture warriors” seem to be lacking a certain something… knowledge… expertise… competence… simple diligence. What a buncha maroons…



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