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Friday, 26 June 2015

26 June 2015. A Greek View of the IMF/EU Bankster Racketeering Against Greece

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo. Greece's Golgotha. 2012


Non-acceptance of equal measures by the IMF offered by the Greek government, can only mean one of two things… either the IMF isn’t sincerely interested in a solution to the Greek “problem” or they’re catering to specific interests. If a deal isn’t reached, Greece won’t proceed with the payment to the IMF at the end of the month.

Hellenic Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras

This follows Laggard’s comments that the Greek proposals are “not acceptable” as they don’t cut jobs and reduce salaries, but are aimed at the more wealthy in Greek society. Is there a clearer sign as to the motives of the élite?

Emilios Georgiades

Sunday, 31 May 2015

UN sez More than 80 percent of Ukrainians Under the Poverty Line

00 Bread or the Lack of It. 07.05.14


UN standards state that people are below the poverty line if they have less than 5 USD (262 Roubles. 31 Renminbi. 320 INR. 6.25 CAD. 6.50 AUD. 4.60 Euros. 3.25 UK Pounds) per day for food and lodging. Therefore, People’s Deputy Andrei Shipko stated, “The minimum wage should be about 3,750 Grivnya (9,330 Roubles. 1,100 Renminbi. 11,360 INR. 178 USD. 222 CAD. 233 AUD. 164 Euros. 117 UK Pounds) in the Ukraine, using the official forex rate at the National Bank. In Africa, the poverty threshold is 1.25 USD (66 Roubles. 8 Renminbi. 80 INR. 1.50 CAD. 1.65 AUD. 1.15 Euros. 0.80 UK Pounds) per day; in the Ukraine, the cost of living is 1.50 USD (79 Roubles. 9.30 Renminbi. 96 INR. 1.90 CAD. 2 AUD. 1.40 Euros. 1 UK Pounds) per day. Today, the minimum wage in the Ukraine is 1,176 Grivnya (2,930 Roubles. 347 Renminbi. 3,560 INR. 56 USD. 70 CAD. 73 AUD. 52 Euros. 37 UK Pounds)… about 50 USD (2,620 Roubles. 310 Renminbi. 3,190 INR. 62 CAD. 65 AUD. 46 Euros. 33 UK Pounds) a month, which is about 1.50 USD a day. What is the subsistence level? It’s not just food, its public transportation, personal services, utilities, and clothing. However, this subsistence minimum doesn’t take into account health services and education. If we analyse these factors, it is possible to recognise that the majority of Ukrainians are below the threshold of absolute poverty”.

Noted nutritionist Galina Anokhina said, “Poverty doesn’t allow Ukrainians a healthy diet. It means that the people have an unbalanced diet. Mostly, its fats and carbohydrates… Ukrainians eat a lot of bread and potatoes, but don’t eat much animal products. For a long time, the hunger in the population remained hidden… this can harm our adolescents and children. Such a meagre diet will lead to serious irremediable problems. We can’t correct such deficiencies in children up to 14-16 years merely with a change in diet”. Experts concluded that if the government wants to surmount this problem, it should set the “poverty threshold” at 5 USD per day for each family member. In addition, it should reduce the tax on the importation and sale of products from 20 percent to 7 percent, as well as implement a programme to subsidise medical costs.

30 May 2015




Here’s the problem… the IMF pigs are demanding “austerity”… therefore, the government will do nothing to correct the situation, as the banksters won’t let them. The people in Kiev are looking at the people in Donetsk and Lugansk and they’re concluding, “They don’t have a lot, but they have more than we do. Their government ain’t perfect, but it does more for them and they don’t pay out-of-pocket for everything. The Peoples Republics want the USSR back… hey, so do I! We lived better than we do now, and we didn’t have any of those oligarch shits thieving from us”. In short, the people in junta-controlled Banderstan have already broken from the junta in their hearts. It’s only a matter of time…


Thursday, 12 March 2015

Sharp Price Rises for Bread in Kiev

01 cat you ate my cookie


As of today, sale prices for some baked goods rose in Kiev by 25 to 30 percent. Kievkhleb stated that bread prices went up “due to the rapid depreciation of the grivnya and exchange rate fluctuations, which caused a significant rise in price of flour, sugar, oil, electricity, and gas, which led to an increase in the cost of production”. This is the third price increase for baked goods this year. The last price increases were on 18 February, when they went up 10-12 percent. Now, better-quality bread that sold for 5.95 grivnya (17 Roubles. 1.75 Renminbi. 18 INR. 0.28 USD. 0.35 CAD. 0.36 AUD. 0.26 Euros. 0.19 UK Pounds) six weeks ago now sells for 8.58 grivnya (25 Roubles. 2.50 Renminbi. 25 INR. 0.40 USD. 0.51 CAD. 0.52 AUD. 0.38 Euros. 0.27 UK Pounds). Average-quality breads rose 2.34 grivnya (7 Roubles. 0.70 Renminbi. 7 INR. 0.11 USD. 0.13 CAD. 0.14 AUD. 0.10 Euros. 0.07 UK Pounds) to 7.20 grivnya (20 Roubles. 2 Renminbi. 21 INR. 0.34 USD. 0.42 CAD. 0.44 AUD. 0.32 Euros. 0.23 UK Pounds). The new price increase doesn’t apply to bread sold at discount for social welfare, which one can purchase online in specialty stores. Increases in bread prices affect all segments of the population, especially pensioners, as the Ukrainian government slashed benefits, pensions, and public salaries per IMF diktat. The average monthly pension now stands at 1,000 grivnya (2,830 Roubles. 290 Renminbi. 2,900 INR. 47 USD. 59 CAD. 61 AUD. 44 Euros. 32 UK Pounds) per month, but the cost of bread rose by 30 to 40 percent so far.

12 March 2015




Prices are going up… wages/pensions stagnate or fall. Note well that the Rabbit, Choco, Turdchinov, Klichko, Avakov, Denisenko, and Shevchuk all refuse to cut their profligate lifestyles. Actual exchange rates are about double the above rates, that is, if you want 1 USD, you have to pay 50 grivnya to get it. That means that the average pension is really worth 20 USD (1,220 Roubles. 125 Renminbi. 1,250 INR. 26 CAD. 26 AUD. 19 Euros. 13.50 UK Pounds) a month… that’s not even Third World wages! This is the end result of 24 years of Galician Uniate Consciousness… the richest portion of the USSR is now lower than Somalia is… and the USA LAUGHS. I call that EVIL… I’m NOT alone…


Monday, 2 March 2015

Junta Defrauds Seniors… Takes Bread Out of the Mouths of Pensioners to Line the Banksters’ Pockets

00 ukraine. pensioners. 02.03.15


On Monday, a media release on the Verkhovnaya Rada website said that it passed a law restricting payment of pensions to working pensioners until 2016. It also cancelled payment of special pensions for working members of parliament, judges, and state employees. The law stipulates that working pensioners would receive 85 percent of their current pensions, but not less than the minimum wage for those who lost ability to work. To date, the minimum wage in the Ukraine is about 949 grivnya per month (2,240 Roubles. 225 Renminbi. 2,220 INR. 36 USD. 45 CAD. 46 AUD. 32 Euros. 23.50 UK Pounds). According to Ukrainian “Prime Minister” A P Yatsenyuk, reducing pensions wouldn’t affect working pensioners whose pension is less than 1,500 grivnya (3,540 Roubles. 356 Renminbi. 3,500 INR. 57 USD. 71 CAD. 73 AUD. 51 Euros. 37 UK Pounds). The IMF demanded this “reform” before it’d grant a new loan to the Ukraine.

2 March 2015

Sputnik International



All hail the banksters! All hail the oligarchs! All hail to the Almighty Dollar, the Ruler of All! This is what the Anglo Americans support. This is what John McCain slobbers over. This is what Shevchuk and Denisenko bless. Potapov and Paffhausen give a hearty amen to this. Any questions?


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