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Saturday, 10 February 2018

10 February 2018. You Can’t Please All of the People All of the Time

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I got an amusing thing in my commboxes recently. I disabled “comments” long ago, so this person had to go back and find an old post that still had comments enabled. That wasn’t easy, kids! Why they did so is puzzling to me… I’m not important at all and they went to a great deal of trouble to diss me (so they thought). This Einstein wrote:

You are serving Satan.

They signed themselves:

Screaming Orgasm


What a maroon! If you take a stand on anything at all, you’ll attract opposition (note well that the above opponent lacked the guts to sign their real name and gave a bogus email address, too). If you look at the commboxes of most material posted on the web you’d find that most comments are meretricious tendentious rubbish posted by ignorant shit-fer-brains yahoos. Rightwingers are the most scurrilous… especially, the anti-Semitic lot. However, I find that “liberals” with their condescension and the “religious” with their self-righteousness are even worse (armchair theory-spouting “leftists” are in the same bag). The worst are Orthodox konvertsy, who throw hissy fits if you don’t agree with their mooning about Serafim Rose or their obsession with guns, gays, and abortion.

If you take a stand, someone is going to throw stones at you. Full stop. Pour yourself a measure of something good and smile. You can’t control anyone else or how they think of you. Full stop. Don’t be a childish moron like they are. You took a stand… someone attacked you. Grow up. As I like to say:

If you hate me and want to tear me down in public, you’re not the first. Join that long line on the right. However, before you do, notice that the line of those who support me, over there on the left, is equally long.

Keep your wits, keep focused, and SMILE. It riles ’em when they realise that they haven’t “made your day”. However, do take my hand… the times aren’t good and the road ahead is dark… only a joint effort will win the day. Reflect on that…



Friday, 26 January 2018

26 January 2018. Brother Ajamu on FB and Censorship


If FaceBook’s move to kick TeleSUR English offline doesn’t outrage you, then, you deserve the fascist state that some wish to impose on the people of this country. While Trump’s theatrics diverted you, liberals collaborated with the state and corporate sector in an ideological war to make sure people believe that there’s NO Alternative to the capitalist order. All the powerful states are now engaged in censorship because of their fear of democracy and the people. Moreover, they should be because we’re coming for them.

24 January 2018

Ajamu Baraka



Has it ever occurred to you that Trump’s antics are DELIBERATE? Did you ever think that they’re a smokescreen behind which neoliberals can rob this country of its remaining freedom? The Clintons made a good start of dismantling democracy in the 90s… Hillary wanted to complete the job. Now, it’s clear that Trump has the exact same agenda… all power and money to the already-rich… no power to the people… the Establishment speaks and all others must listen. Note well that the “liberal” proponents of Hillary were all “peace n’ love” sorts back in the day. It tells you much about their character, doesn’t it? “Conservatives” such as Rod Dreher are merely crude and grasping… one can see their evil. The “liberal” cover their greed and grasping with a smarmy and “nice” exterior… that makes them twice as evil. As Ted Rall put it so well, Trump gives us clarity. His crudity and open mendacity make his agenda obvious. Note well that Hillary is a more-polished item… her evil wouldn’t be as glaring… but it’d be twice as rancid and dangerous. Keep focused… the times aren’t good.


Saturday, 13 January 2018

13 January 2018. Two Things Upped My Productivity Recently


Two things upped my productivity recently. Let’s start with the simpler item… I bought an ordinary ten-buck keyboard and plugged it into the laptop (actually, into a splitter box, but let’s not get too technical). Laptop keyboards are SHITTY. On top of that, some of the keys weren’t functioning at par. They weren’t dead, but it was difficult to get them to work correctly. That slowed down my speed considerably and made it harder to do any creative writing whatsoever. With an ordinary desktop-style keyboard, my speed quickly went back up to where it should be, and if there’s trouble with it, I need only shitcan it and replace it with another ten-buck wonder.

Secondly, we were hacked seriously. In correspondence with friends, this has happened recently to all sorts of anti-Hillary people. For instance, the Hillarybots hacked the email of Ajamu Baraka and the Green Party. They scream about “Russian hackers”… what lying sacks o’ shit! They’re the ones who resort to hacking and computer manipulation as a first resort, not the Russians (who do a good job of deterring and countering American cyberattacks, thank you very much). It cost us a bit of money, but we put up cyberdefences against any further such shenanigans. Remember… Hillary wanted Eddie Snowdon’s head… but he was able to foil her and her sock-puppet Obama. Sadly, we weren’t the only people it happened to… coincidentally, all of them were anti-Hillary to one extent or another. Fancy that…

Therefore, I’m getting back up to snuff… actually, the biggest improvement is having a real keyboard to punch. It’s FUN tickling the keys… that is, if you’re a ten-finger typist like me. Have a good one, all…


Tuesday, 9 January 2018

9 January 2018. “Ask a Genuine Orthodox Priest”… What an Imposture!


I saw a rancid little page on FB today… “Ask a Genuine Orthodox Priest”.

I shit you not!


Of course, it’s a “closed” group, so none but the cognoscenti and approved pure ones can see the posts. We of the great unwashed don’t count, I guess. Need I say that the page is run by a bunch of schismo GOCs? GOCs are “Greek Old Calendarists”… they’re outside the Church and have no intention of reconciling with her. That’s to say, no decent Orthodox Christian, either Eastern or Oriental, should read or interact with these posturing scumbags.

I think it’s time to reiterate my standard warnings. Much of what’s posted on the internet as “Orthodox” isn’t official, it doesn’t reflect the teaching of the Church, nor does it have any oversight by our bishops or those delegated by them. Let me give you some examples… Fr Vazken is kosher… he appears on his diocese’s official website. Patriarchia.ru is kosher to the max… it’s the official MP website. Shevkunov’s website is dodgy… it isn’t official, and it mostly reflects the opinions of the Vorobyov Mafia (an archpriestly clique in Moscow). Russian Faith is rotten to the core, Hard Right bloviating in religious drag, and full of lies and distortions. It claims that the communists killed 300,000 priests. There were never more than 30,000 priests in Russia… so one can see that their lies aren’t only egregious, they’re sloppy in the extreme. Stay away from people like Freeman, Damick, Trenham, and Dreher… none of them have any higher studies in theology in an Orthodox institution (most only have an MDiv… some have worthless heretical formation).


Go to a real-life Orthodox parish… go to the liturgy… be amongst your fellow Christians. THAT’S where “genuine Orthodoxy” exists and nowhere else. If you think that you’re going to find it on the internet… you silly wabbit, you! Most of what floats around in cyberspace isn’t truly Orthodox at all, it doesn’t have any higher validation… it’s just the opinion of this or that self-appointed guru. Go to your local parish and put a fin in the techka… it won’t be perfect, but it’ll be the Church and Christ IS in our midst there AND NOWHERE ELSE.

See ya in church on Sunday…


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