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Monday, 28 December 2015

Plotnitsky Honoured I D Kobzon for His Contributions to the Development of the Republic

00 lnr plotnitsky and Kobzon. 281215



Head of the LNR Government I V Plotnitsky honoured People’s Artist of the USSR I D Kobzon “for his invaluable contribution to the development of our young Republic”. The ceremony was at the Lenin Palace of Culture in Lugansk, where Iosif Davydovich gave a New Year’s concert. Plotnitsky said at the award ceremony:

Today, we have another convoy… but not a humanitarian aid convoy… it’s a cultural convoy. Once again, the Luganshchina* greets a beloved friend, one who first broke through the cultural blockade. He came when shells exploded all around us, when we had virtually nothing. He’s a mensch; he put his heart, soul, and everything that he’s got into the task of building our Republic. Therefore, now, let me hand over to Iosif Davydovich this honour from the LNR’s grateful people.

Iosif Davydovich replied:

I thank you for this honour; I’m ready to continue to serve the people of the Luganshchina. My task, as long as I’m able, is to serve you. With great joy I come to see you, my compatriots of my homeland. For me, the Luganshchina and Donetchina* are one homeland, a holy land. I wish peace upon it, and happy holidays to you!

28 December 2015

LITs Lugansk Information Centre


  • Luganshchina: “Area ruled by or influenced by Lugansk”. In Russian, the suffix “shchina” indicates “ruled by” or “rule of”, therefore, “Lvovshchina” is the “area ruled (or “influenced”) by Lvov” and “Yezhovshchina” means “era ruled (or “influenced”) by Yezhov”.
  • Donetchina: “Area ruled (or influenced) by Donetsk”

Monday, 10 August 2015

The Jabberwocky Lives Next to Porky… Nuttiness po-Ukrainsky: German Media sez Kiev Junta Bans Depardieu Movies

00 ukrainian media. where will we pour out our shit now. 240615


On Saturday, according to German tabloid Bild, the Ukrainian Ministry of Cultural Affairs introduced a blacklist of pro-Kremlin actors and singers, and legendary French-born movie star Gérard Depardieu happens to be one of the unfortunate 13 celebrities banned by the junta. “The Ukrainian 13” does sound a bit like a blockbuster title, but the junta wasn’t joking when it released a list of celebrities banned from Ukrainian television, radio broadcasts, and movie theatres. The new list only adds to more than 100 Russian films and television shows prohibited in the Ukraine since 2014, as the junta is gradually trying to stamp out Russian pop culture. Depardieu wasn’t on the list by mistake. It’s no secret that the junta banned the 66-year-old star from entering the Ukraine for five years in July. However, Ukrainian Culture Minister I G Kirilenko said that the sanctions wouldn’t affect Depardieu’s films. It seems that the time has come, and from now on, they won’t even allow Depardieu on the screens.

Gérard Depardieu became a huge international star at young age, featured in such films as The Man in the Iron Mask, Les Misérables, and Green Card. In 2013, the actor left France in protest against a proposed new top tax rate of 75 percent. President V V Putin granted him Russian citizenship, and Depardieu adopted Russia as his new homeland. His Russian citizenship didn’t outrage the junta; they stamped him as a “threat to national security” due to his frank comments on Ukraine’s integrity and his close relations with the Kremlin, with President Putin, in particular. At a film festival in Latvia in 2014, Depardieu said, “I love Russia and the Ukraine, which is part of Russia”… this could be the main reason Kiev is so displeased with him. Since the pro-western junta came to power in Kiev, such comment is enough to turn someone into persona non grata.

Amongst other banned celebrities is 77-year-old Russian singer and legislator I D Kobzon, known as the “Soviet Frank Sinatra”. Previously, he had his European assets frozen and the EU banned him from travel to Europe for his alleged role in the Ukrainian crisis {Iosif Davydovich is a Donetsk homie and he’s given much humanitarian aid to his hometown: editor}. Besides this, Ukrainian intelligence agencies submitted another list of 500 more international celebrities that they think that the junta should ban from the Ukraine.

10 August 2015

Sputnik International


Tuesday, 23 June 2015

23 June 2014. A Lie and the Truth… Jerusalem Post Issues Egregious Story on Novorossiya… Doesn’t Tell You that the DNR Foreign Minister is A I Kofman, A PRACTISING JEW

00 zakharchenko and kobzon. 21.04.15

Here’s the truth… the Jerusalem Post LIED… at Langley’s behest, no doubt


A song from Donetsk’s favourite son… and he’s ALWAYS welcome… you can believe the images or you can believe Anglo lies. It’s up to you.


Read this. I’d classify this as a lie any which way you can cut it. The DNR Minister of Foreign Affairs is A I Kofman, a practising Jew (Aleksandr Igorovich is also First Deputy Chairman of the Peoples Soviet of the Union of Peoples Republics of Novorossiya). I need say no more. Shame on you, Vladimir Golstein… you showed your ignorance to the whole world. I D Kobzon, another prominent Jew, is always welcome in Donetsk (and in Lugansk too). Hell, if anyone is a down n’ dirty Donetsk homie, its Iosif Davydovich! Mr Golstein conveniently forgets that too. Golstein is a so-called “liberal” (I’d say the American, not the European sort)… it shows in his postings. The Jerusalem Post article only proves that the Israeli English-language media is nothing but an extension of the Langley dezinformatsiya machine. I believe that Vladimir Golstein is lying, too… the question is “WHY”.

The truth WILL set you free. The American media is doing its best to see you in chains. Do think on that…

Orthodox people… Potapov, Paffhausen, Dreher, Whiteford, Serge Schmemann, Sofia Kishkovskaya, Lyonyo Kishkovsky, and Freddie M-G all enthusiastically take part in the Anglo campaign of lies against the Rodina (mostly for filthy lucre or a seat at the high table). It tells you much about their character.


Monday, 16 February 2015

EU Puts I D Kobzon on Sanctions List… He’s Just a SINGER from Donetsk!



The theme from the famous series Seventeen Moments of Spring… perhaps, his most famous song


The EU has kasha in the head! They put I D Kobzon on the sanctions list! First, they put D K Kiselyov on the list because he pissed off the toddler Anglo American juveniles… now, they put Iosif Davydovich on the list. He’s a singer… he’s a philanthropist… he’s an all-round good guy… he’s not a government official nor is he a military figure… he’s a SINGER. It shows you the vacuous amoral nihilism that lives at the centre of American Exceptionalism… including “liberal interventionists”, “neocons”, “paleocons”, and “Evangelicals”. It strikes down all who won’t bow down to them… have a care, the times are evil, but especially beware all those who call themselves “conservatives”… they’re low rapscallions of the lowest sort, out to rip out your heart for filthy lucre… and “liberals”… they’re only hurting you for your own good, you pitiful thing you. Pogo rules… “We have met the enemy and he is us”… “liberal”… “conservative”… what’s the diff? The one pours hot lead down your throat… the other pours hot lead up your ass. Some choice…


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