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Sunday, 13 December 2015

13 December 2015. Orthodox Christians! Vote Against the Republican Persecutors of Our Church and Peoples!

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Metropolitan Joseph has to smack down the loudmouthed konvertsy. They’re supporting political factions fanatically opposed to our peoples… who incarnate Christ’s Holy Church. The Republicans (via Ted Cruz) spat on Middle Eastern religious leaders when they were in Washington. The Republicans support the Uniate grab for power in the Ukraine… they support the terrorist actions of the Uniate nationalists in Novorossiya. The Republicans support the Kosovo rebels against Serbia. What more do you need to know? The Republicans are the sworn enemies of the Orthosphere and of Holy Rus. These demented toddlers hate us and want to kill us if we don’t kiss their ass in public for all to see.

NO ORTHODOX CHRISTIAN CAN SUPPORT THE REPUBLICAN PARTY. The defence of Christ’s Incarnate Body on Earth trumps “Pro-Life”… the People of God are the Church… the USA attacks our peoples… ergo, it attacks the Holy Church. Do choose wisely… your eternal destiny is at stake. I’d say this… Our Lord Christ already gave the word about those who’d support the greedster Repugs… “They have their reward”… do think upon that…



Friday, 11 December 2015

11 December 2015. Remember Who SUPPORTS the Christians of Syria and Who KILLS Them!

00 syria assad with Holy Synod of the Syriac Orthodox Church 111215


Keep it focused! The most-evil actors in this drama are Anglo American “conservatives” (actually, the most Liberal of Classical Liberals, interestingly enough). Most of the upset in the postwar Middle East came from American and/or Saudi meddling in matters not of their interest. The most egregious characters are American “conservative” greedsters… who bear no resemblance whatsoever to historical Conservatives such as Bismarck, Stolypin, or Diefenbaker, nor to modern Conservatives such as Marine le Pen or Viktor Orbán. They’re mostly crass opportunists and Neoliberal poseurs (such as Rod Dreher… who preaches “paleoconservatism”, yet, lived in four different cities in four different regions within a five-year-period… a peripatetic Liberal Bedouin, no conservative, he!)… none of them respect Rootedness or Tradition or Locality… all are Classical Anglo American Opportunists… “go where the jobs are”. No one who preaches meritocracy is a Conservative… and all American “conservatives” do preach such.

The greatest enemies of the Ancient Christian Communities of the Middle East are in the US Republican Party and call themselves “conservatives”… no decent person can have anything to do with such amoral depraved greedsters… let alone Christ’s Church. Support the Middle Eastern Christians… fight “conservatism” wherever it surfaces, and you’ll fight the main foes of our Middle Eastern coreligionists. After all, who’ve been the main enablers of the Saudi extremists all these years? Do reflect on that…


Thursday, 10 December 2015

10 December 2015. Bashar al-Assad on ISIS’s Supporters…

00 assad on terrorism 101215


To put it bluntly, President Assad is saying, “If the USA were to stop aiding terrorists, we’d defeat them in short order”. The US political faction most in favour of aiding terrorism is the Republican Party. Ergo, all Republicans and all “conservatives” are the enemies of common decency and humanity. What does that tell you of the drooling idiots in Orthodoxy trying to ally us with such evil? It does tell you much about Paffhausen, Potapov, Dreher, et al… none of it good. After all, their support for the Republican Party translates into hostility towards our Arab Christian co-religionists… do we really want that? Pro-Life is a piffle in comparison to the existential danger facing the Body of Christ in the Middle East (and elsewhere). If you support Republicans and “conservatism”, you trample on Christ’s Icon, the Church… do ponder that…


Saturday, 5 December 2015

5 December 2015. I Stand FOR ASSAD! He PROTECTS the Christians of Syria

00 syria assad defends Christians 041215


Don’t follow Pied Pipers who bid you to hate “Radical Muslims”… these same jabronies deny that there are Christian terrorists in the face of massive evidence to the contrary. If Christian terrorists don’t make Christianity a religion of violence, then, Muslim terrorists don’t make Islam a religion of violence. That’s fair…

Assad protects the rights of all Syrians to worship as they will… this, apparently, upsets the USA, the KSA, and the UK… do ponder that one.


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