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Monday, 24 October 2011

Sergei Yolkin’s World: New Ranks… New Gobbledegook

New Ranks… New Gobbledegook

Sergei Yolkin



To make sense of this, let Tyotya Vara explain it all for you. On the left, you’ll see three officers, starting with “Nachshtab”… “Chief of Staff”. In the centre, is “Kombat”… “Battalion Commander”. On the right, is “Starlei”… “Senior Lieutenant”. The poor sod on the extreme right is saying, “I guess that makes me a ‘Glavser’ (Chief Sergeant)”.


Here’s a song by Lyube… KomBat (Battalion Commander)… they dedicated it to the VOV vets


Nikolai Pankov, the State Secretary and Deputy Defence Minister, told reporters that the rank of Chief Sergeant will be instituted in the Russian forces. A similar position exists in the US forces, where senior NCOs coordinate and monitor junior NCOs, as well as advising senior officers, all the way up to the Secretary of Defence and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Pankov pointed up, “This isn’t going to be put in place today or tomorrow. We know that we have to introduce such a position, but we have to thoroughly check out all our options first”.

7 October 2011

Sergei Yolkin



Editor’s Note:

Just shows to go ya that Kilroy lives… in the Russian forces as much as in ours. Lighten up… they’re not supermen; they’re not bunglers. They’re ordinary sorts doing a job… just like our boys. I’d think that “Joe Bloggs” and “Ivan Ivanovich” would get on just fine with a pivo or two…



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