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Saturday, 15 June 2013

15 June 2013. Midwest Calming Down After Booting Out Moriak

00 Lil Bub the Internet Cat. God Bless Us. 15.06


Got this from one of the Cabinet:

It’s sure been quiet in the OCA Midwest. I can’t tell you how welcome that is. I don’t know what’s going on, but the diocesan website hasn’t had an update since the end of Lent. From all accounts, Golitzin’s taking care of some things neglected during the Moriak mess. The OCA parishes I know are in the midst of the usual summer rounds of weddings, outdoor work days, and parish picnic planning. No drama, unless it’s from a bride when something goes wrong. Some things don’t change and I’m very grateful for that.

That’s GOOD NEWS, kids… it means that Golitzin is doing things the Old School Metropolia way, the way they’ve always done things in those parts. He’s not ordering people about or issuing bombastic ukases… no! He’s takin’ care of business the old-fashioned way… something that’s good to see. The OCA took a wrong turn under Schmemann and Meyendorff… now, it’s time to go back to the old true path and go home. This could be an earnest of that. Good on Alexander Golitzin.

If there’s good news, I’ll report it, and gladly. I’ll NOT cheerlead, but I’ll report the good as well as the bad. In short, I’ll never kiss ass, but I’ll be there to give out an attaboy, if it’s deserved. It’s deserved in this case. As I said, good on Bishop Alexander. May all the others get the hint…



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