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Friday, 4 January 2013

Georgian Orthodox Church Leader to Visit Moscow



Ilia Ghudushauri-Shiolashvili, Catholicos-Patriarch of all Georgia, the First Hierarch of the Church of Georgia, will visit Moscow later this month to receive an award from the MP’s International Foundation for the Unity of Orthodox Christian Nations (IFUOCN). Patriarch Ilia, who turns 80 on 4 January, said on Wednesday that he’d receive an award at a ceremony in Moscow on 21 January. IFUOCN grants awards annually to political and religious leaders, as well as public figures for contribution to “strengthening unity of the Orthodox Christian nations”. Award ceremonies are in Moscow’s Cathedral of Christ the Saviour.

3 January 2013

Civil Georgia


Editor’s Note:

This so-called IFUOCN is a sham organisation that only exists to give out this award. It has no independent existence… and the awards ceremony has become a “Lenin’s Tomb” venue… one can tell who’s up and who’s down by the seating arrangement. Last year, Balashov, Mark Golovkov, and Vsevolod Chaplin were far closer to HH than the Blunder was… the last named was seated out with the hoi polloi in “Siberia”, across the aisle and far from HH.

The interesting question here is, “What’s the real reason for Ilia’s visit?” It’s clear that it’s cover for something. The IFUOCN award is a meaningless piffle, an empty prize from a nonentity, a nonstarter on all counts. It means nothing in and of itself. Is Ilia going to talk with VVP? He’s certainly going to confab with HH. Is Ilia going to chew the fat with Nino Burdzhanadze (who’s on the outs with Saakashvili and Ivanishvili‘s Georgian government)? It’s certainly going to be used as a neutral venue to get Russians and Georgians together. Is a deal on South Ossetia and Abkhazia in the works (either in the political or religious sense)? Now, of course, if the “award” gets pulled at the last minute… that would be a rather different kettle of fish, no?



Monday, 8 October 2012

8 October 2012. Oddbod Nuns in Maryland Supposedly Under Georgia… NOT a Good Sign


Got this from one of the Cabinet:

The story now is that the DC Nuns and their “Monastery” were accepted into the Georgian Orthodox Church, thus fully restoring them canonically.

Interesting, if true. However, don’t forget, the late Georgian election didn’t make for a turnaround in Georgian policy towards Russia. Saakashvili had become an embarrassment to Langley, so, they put up an oligarch stooge to oppose him. I looked at the Russian news, and, sure enough, there was an important name missing from Ivanishvili‘s cabinet. Nino Burdzhanadze isn’t in the cabinet… that means that Ivanishvili is nothing but an American lickspittle, worse than Saakashvili was (no lie… the prick has French citizenship, dontcha know).

This means that the Georgian Church is becoming like the Phanar, an obsequious and obedient Stepin Fetchit for Langley. It’d explain how Fathausen got his hands on the money that he spent like a horny sailor in a jeepney on liberty in Po City. It’s a replay of the Cold War years, when Langley backed both Jordanville and SVS at the same bloody time (with Rodzianko and Potapov sticking in their thumbs and pulling out more than one plum, “Oh, what good boys are we!”).

It’s farcical, isn’t it? Yet, look at the GOOD side… it won’t endear Fathausen (who’s called “Johnnie” by a certain well-known son of a certain well-known priest) to Hilarion Kapral, that’s for certain… it’ll also piss off a bishop or two on the OCA Holy Synod. This wasn’t the brightest move in creation, but since when has JP been either prudent or insightful? He’s playing entirely according to character…

Give me the jug… it’s getting loonier by the day…


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