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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

American Craptialist Filth to Rape the Western Ukraine for Shale Gas… The REAL Reason for the Coup and the Civil War

ukrainian gas pipeline



The TRUTH is out… the American oligarchs wanted to topple V F Yanukovich and instigated the Ukrainian Civil War so that they could come in and destroy the Ukrainian countryside in their perpetual search for energy sources (domestic and Canadian sources have peaked out and they want MORE). Note well that Chevron is only going to operate in the Western Ukraine… I believe that the oligarchs have written off the rest of the “Ukraine”… however, the Lvovshchina appears headed for Polish occupation, so, it’s safe for American Corporate rape. Note well that the Americans don’t care if they turn the Western Ukraine into another moonscaped Nikel… and note well that the Uniates, schismatics, and “Evangelicals” just slobber their approval of it all. One wonders how much Langley is paying them…

If you wish to see the Western Ukraine before American crapitalists rip it apart… go now. Otherwise, you’ll see a devastated shell.



Rossiya Segodnya, citing Ukrainian media sources, reported that the American oil company Chevron would open a subsidiary in the Ukraine to exploit shale gas, and that the National Bank of Ukraine gave the green light to the deal. To exploit hydrocarbons in the Western Ukraine, Chevron plans to invest about 10 billion USD (400 billion Roubles. 62 billion Renminbi. 614 billion INR. 11.2 billion CAD. 11.4 billion AUD. 7.9 billion Euros. 6.2 billion UK Pounds), with production centred in Lvov and Ivano-Frankovsk Oblasts. According to the NBU, Chevron opened a domestic bank account for its operations. In November 2013, Chevron signed an agreement with “Nadra Olessky”, 90 percent owned by the state enterprise “Nadra Ukraina” (composed of 13 exploration and specialised enterprises). On 3 October, Yaroslav Klimovich, the head of “Nadra Ukraina” board, said that next week the Ukraine intends to approve the final version of an operating agreement with Chevron to produce shale gas.

8 October 2014



Thursday, 31 July 2014

Anti-War Activism in Bukovina and Podkarpatskaya Rus Shows Widespread Hatred of and Opposition to Bloodthirsty Uniate Junta in Kiev

00 antiwar protest. Galicia. Ukraine. 30.07.14



Peasants in Chernovtsy Oblast in the Western Ukraine protested against a new wave of army mobilisation. They said, “We don’t want war… we want peace. We don’t need that war. We didn’t raise our kids to go to war… we won’t give them our children. Yatsenyuk, you shouted, ‘Better a bullet in the forehead’… so, go to the front yourself! Let those who shouted on the Maidan go to war, but we didn’t seek war. We are one village… one big community. We won’t let anybody go to war… neither my husband nor anyone else’s. We won’t send our sons, nor their parents. They started it… it’s their business. We’ll lie down in the road… we won’t let them take our sons”.


According to Zik.ua, on 22 July, in Bogorodchany in Ivano-Frankovsk Oblast, residents from surrounding villages held a rally in front of the raion RGA* building and Raion Soviet building denouncing the mobilisation. A separate report in Vesti quoted the soldiers’ relatives as saying that the junta used their sons “cannon fodder”, they also said, “Let the children of officials, judges, and procurators go to the front, only then will we allow ours to go”. Then, locals broke in the local military registration building and burned all the official documents on the mobilisation. The newspaper also reported other protests in Yaremche in Ivano-Frankovsk Oblast and Sambor in Lvov Oblast. A video published by 112.ua showed soldiers’ relatives in Obukhov Raion of Kiev Oblast {that doesn’t include the Special City of Kiev: editor} blocking a road on 25 July, demanding that the junta send all soldiers back home and denouncing the junta’s military leadership.

*RGA: Raion State Administration… building for district administrative offices under a particular oblast

25 July 2014


Since the Rada ordered partial mobilisation for the so-called “Anti-Terrorist Operation”, protests broke out all over the country. On 28 July, Zik.ua reported that there were road blockades in seven villages in Bukovina. On the same day, mukachevo.net said that a group of about 50 women blocked the Chop-Kiev highway in Podkarpatskaya in protest against the mobilisation for the junta’s aggression in the East.

29 July 2014

Solidarity with the Antifascist Resistance in the Ukraine





This resistance is from the Lvovshchina and Podkarpatskaya… the junta IS in the deep doo-doo, for sure. The UGKTs does NOT have the support of the majority of the people… it merely has the best-organised body of thugs in the region (they’re even more vicious than Clan Balogh is… as the brutalisation of Fr Mikhail Shuvar showed to all comers). They seized the churches, not thorough democracy, but through violence and nastiness. In the 90s, the communists stood tall for the canonical Church, it’s why the UGKTs hates them so.

If you hear ANYTHING from “Ukrainian Catholic” sources, it’s lies… they’re nothing but the American/Canadian outlet of the UGKTs; they’re apologists for neofascist bullies and Euromaidan terrorists. The “Ukrainian Orthodox” are just as bad… they’re the diaspora affiliates of schismatical apostates (F A Denisenko IS under a personal anathema, after all). The so-called “Byzantine Catholics” are gutless craven cowards… they refuse to condemn the UGKTs and the junta, even though their people “on the other side” are fighting the junta! That’s spinelessness of the worst possible sort. In their silence, they spit on their own people! They enable repression in Podkarpatskaya and cheer on the oppressors through their mute refusal to stand up for their own blood kin. I never thought that I’d see that… I knew that the Unia was evil… but this is a new depth of depravity. They refuse to speak up… their silence betokens assent.

Speak up for the truth and for your own or be marked as evil. That’s the choice on offer. As always, choose well…


Saturday, 21 December 2013

Rada Deputy Kolesnichenko Sez “Let Galicia Bathe in the Shit, They Did It to Themselves” (“Пусть Галичина купается в том дерьме, которое они себе организовали”)

00 Svoboda anti-Russian poster. 21.12.13

The fascist loudmouths are GOOD at providing this sort of thing… too bad, it doesn’t put bread on the table or heat in the house. However, don’t worry… you’re being pure and you’re not being fucked by Moskali… your own flesh n’ blood are doing it all to you (without the benefit of vaseline, no less)! Isn’t that special!


Regions Verkhovnaya Rada Deputy Vadim Kolesnichenko told our IA Regnum correspondent, “If the Lvov Oblsoviet was ready to serve the people, well, why don’t they have money for pensions and salaries, and why is business at a standstill in the region? It’s their personal problem. The central government won’t get involved in this violation of the law, for the people will punish themselves”. This was in response to the Lvov Oblsoviet’s decision to abrogate the powers of the Lvov Oblast State Administration (LOGA), the central government organ in the region. As Kolesnichenko sees it, it’s a flagrant violation of the law; it confirms, yet again, Svoboda‘s managerial incompetence. As they’re unable to set up good governance in the oblast, they’re trying to run out the state administration, to use this situation to rally voters rally against a supposed threat from the Centre.

Kolesnichenko went on to say, “This is a direct flagrant violation of the law. They repeat their antics of 2004, proving, once again, Svoboda’s incompetence. It’s clear that these pro-fascist demagogues can’t manage Housing and Community Services, turning this western oblast into a ‘byre’. They’re responsible for local administration… but they’re unable to do that. Their solution is to provoke a situation against them from the duly-legal authorities. Then, they’ll demand that the people rise up to defend Lvov and Ivano-Frankovsk Oblasts from the alleged scoundrels who purportedly infringe on their sovereignty. We didn’t give them the power to break up the Ukraine; we won’t allow the sort of shit that they continue to swim in. If they try to impede the work of the state administration, we won’t give them any funds for local social programmes. This is a treasury responsibility, which cooperates with oblast state administrations. This is a legal requirement”. Earlier, at its 17 December session, the Lvov Oblsoviet abrogated the powers delegated to the Lvov Oblast State Administration, and didn’t allow LOGA officials to carry out their official duties. At present, the Ukrainian Prokuratura considers this decision of the Lvov Oblsoviet against the LOGA illegal.

19 December 2013

IA Regnum


Editor’s Note:

The Ukie nationalists are long on wind and bombast… short on competence and resources. This time, there’s no American sugar daddy to put things right for them. As Kolesnichenko said, “Let Galicia bathe in the shit, they did it to themselves”. Everybody’s sick n’ tired of the antics of the grimacing Galician phonies… let them support themselves, if they can… and they can’t. They can’t survive without handouts from the West and from the rest of the Ukraine. Perhaps, they could ask Catholic loudmouths like Dolan for the money… and watch the excuses flow like Niagara! Oh, dear… Svoboda will have to adopt a new motto…  Ego stultus sum*… appropriate, no?


* Ego stultus sum: Latin for “I’m an idiot” 

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Uniate Priests Campaigning for the Overthrow of the Ukrainian Government

00 MP Priest on the Maidan. Kiev THE UKRAINE. 15.12.13

The demonstrators are a minority… even of Galicians. They’re pro-American dupes… they know not what they do, in many cases. After all, their clergy and hierarchy lie to them. Be forgiving of individual Uniates… show no mercy to their propaganda, though. The priests of the legit canonical UOC/MP are on the Maidan spreading Christ‘s message of peace and reconciliation. The Uniates and schismatics are there advocating the violent overthrow of the government. I know which one I favour… do you?


According to Interfax-Religion, priests of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church (UGKTs) condemn believers who disagree with the European integration of the Ukraine. In particular, an online video showed Uniate priests, backed by shouts of “ганьба” (ganba: shame) from the crowd, trying to overpower their Eurosceptic opponents on the Maidan, but the police protected the Eurosceptics from the Uniate mob. A source close to the UGKTs told Interfax-Religion on Tuesday that on 20 November, when the idea of pro-EU demonstrations on the Maidan arose, UGKTs priests in all parishes and seminaries sprang into action, urging their faithful to go to Kiev. The source stated, “They formulated a clear action plan on what to do on the Maidan… what to say and how to say it, and how to oppose other factions to block alternative viewpoints from reaching the government. They had a goal… they wanted to take part in régime change. Priests are still stirring up their flocks to go to Kiev, even though there’s no longer any genuine solution possible through the Maidan demonstrations“. The other day, much controversy erupted over a YouTube video showing Uniate priest Mikhail Arsenych in Ivano-Frankovsk Oblast calling in a sermon to have a “discussion with bullets” with opponents of European integration.

10 December 2013



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