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Sunday, 25 January 2015

Are Patriot Partisans Active in Kharkov? Effectual Martial Law Declared in Dnepropetrovsk Oblast… Earthquake in Odessa Oblast

00 euromaidan terrorists. 02.04.14


Overnight to Sunday, citing eyewitnesses, Ukrainian media reported that an explosion occurred in Kharkov. The newspaper Vgorode stated that an explosion caused a fire near Balashovka Raion. There were no immediate reports about casualties, but other sources haven’t confirmed the report to TASS. On 19 January, there was an explosion in Kharkov near the Moskovsky court building, injuring 13 people. The authorities alleged that terrorists caused the explosion. In November 2014, an explosion in a Kharkov café injured more than 10 people; the Genprokuratura Ukrainy opened a criminal case under the UKU Article “Terrorist Attack”. In late December 2014, there was an explosion at a furniture store in Rymarskaya Street in Kharkov.


Svyatoslav Oleynik deputy head of the Dnepropetrovsk Oblast OGA*, posted on his Facebook page that Dnepropetrovsk Oblast introduced a “special security and defence régime”, saying, “We took a number of quite radical decisions to ensure security in the oblast. We’re going to a special régime; our key priority is the region’s security and defence capacity”. On Friday, all security agencies in Kharkov went on alert, introducing intensified monitoring of the situation. Previously, Ukrainian Prime Minister A P Yatsenyuk instructed A V Krivenko, the head of the so-called “National Guard” {a ragtag bunch of untrained and undisciplined Uniate terrorists: editor} “to alert his men to patrol the streets to protect citizens”.

*OGA: Oblast State Administration, the administrative organs of an oblast


On Saturday, 24 January, a powerful earthquake affected Izmail in Odessa Oblast. On Sunday, Ukrainian media reported that the quake magnitude reached 4.7 points, reporting, “The quake epicentre was in the seismically-active zone Vrancha at a depth of 100 kilometres”. City residents also said furniture jiggled in apartments on the upper storeys of apartment buildings. Over the past week, the region recorded fourteen earth tremors of varying force.

25 January 2015






The junta is in the deep kimchi… Poroshenko appears to be not long for this world politically. Langley doesn’t abide failure. He smells like an Eastern European Diệm… Langley would install one of the triumvirate to replace him, no one knows whether it’d be Turdchinov, Avakov, or the Rabbit. All of them are running dog perverts… all would do the Americans’ bidding. However, who’d come out on top? There’s no doubt that Poroshenko’s still politically alive because Langley can’t decide who to back… when they do, Poroshenko may end up toes up. He knows too much… unless he takes a powder, that is.

Dnepropetrovsk Oblast is Kolomoisky’s fief… that means that things are going south in a major way. Does this mean that all of tsarist-era Novorossiya is leaving the Ukraine? Stay tuned…

By the way, Krivenko isn’t a soldier… he’s a cop! That is, the junta’s analogue to the SS has an untrained non-military “unsoldier” at its head. It explains why it’s militarily useless. Supposedly, the USA is going to train the so-called “National Guard”… it’ll all be for nought. All of its higher ranks are cops, not soldiers. It’s a bootless task, but it’s probably not going to happen… the junta will collapse, and soon.

As for the earthquake, it’s a bad time for it. Superstitious people will take it as an omen… one that’ll mark the junta as a dead duck and goner. This was the last thing that Poroshenko needed.



Friday, 11 May 2012

The First Hierarch of the UOC/MP Returned to His Duties

Metropolitan Vladimir Sabodan (1935- ) of Kiev and all the Ukraine


The Holy Synod of the UOC/MP reported that Metropolitan Vladimir Sabodan of Kiev and all the Ukraine resumed his duties after a long illness. Metropolitan Vladimir headed the 8 May meeting, so, it decided to suspend the decrees in force during the First Hierarch’s hospitalisation. In particular, it suspended its decision of 23 December 2011 concerning the temporary presiding officer of the Synod, Metropolitan Agafangel Savvin of Odessa and Izmail. In addition, it suspended the decision of 26 January 2012 on the temporary management of the Diocese of Kiev (assigning these functions to the superior of the Kievo-Pecherskaya Lavra, Metropolitan Pavel Lebed of Vishgorod and Chernobyl). The Synod appointed Archbishop Antony Pakanich of Borispol as Chancellor of the UOC/MP, relieving him of his post as head of the Department for External Church Relations. His replacement was Archbishop Mitrofan Yurchuk of Belaya Tserkov and Boguslav, the previous Chancellor. Along with his main responsibilities, he’ll represent the First Hierarch of the UOC/MP in state, public, and church activities, and be responsible for inter-Christian and interreligious relations.

That same day, the official website of the UOC/MP reported that Metropolitan Vladimir and Patriarch Kirill Gundayev of Moscow and all the Russias chatted over the phone. Metropolitan Vladimir gave Easter and Victory Day greetings to Patriarch Kirill, and they discussed Church affairs and the latest Holy Synod meeting. Patriarch Kirill wished Metropolitan Vladimir health and success in all his forthcoming endeavours, saying, “You’re a peacemaker; more than ever, the Church needs you”.


The official website of the UOC/MP reported that Metropolitan Vladimir Sabodan of Kiev and all the Ukraine left Oberig Universal Clinic, where he underwent treatment and rehabilitation. His health is stable, allowing him to return to work, participate in church activities, meetings, and public affairs. An official statement noted, “For some time after discharge, Metropolitan Vladimir will be under a doctor’s care, and he will periodically undergo further stages of physical rehabilitation in a rehabilitation centre”. Metropolitan Vladimir entered hospital on 30 October 2011 in serious condition due to complications arising from Parkinson’s disease. Leading Ukrainian and foreign specialists participated in his care. On 8 May, for the first time since his hospitalisation, a UOC/MP Holy Synod took place under Metropolitan Vladimir’s chairmanship.

10/11 May 2012




Editor’s Note:

It’s clear from the above that Vladyki Vladimir’s still quite frail. The arrangements for a temporary chairman of the Synod are merely “suspended”, not “annulled”, and it’s clear that Archbishop Mitrofan Yurchuk will be taking over most of his public duties. In sort, Vladyki’s still physically-weak, much as Metropolitan Laurus Škurla was in his last years… in this case, the UOC/MP WILL see to it that he rests, so, God willing, Vladyki will be with us for some time yet.


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