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Saturday, 24 September 2016

24 September 2016. A Thought from Bob Marley




Saturday, 4 April 2015

4 April 2015. You Can Learn a Lot from a Singer…

00 Bob Marley. 04.04.15


I think that you can guess that I’m a big-time Bob Marley fan from WAY BACK… however, Don’t Worry, Be Happy wasn’t Bob’s… that was Bobby McFerrin. Most people associate that with Bob, but it isn’t his. Bob was a serious Rastafari, and he accepted baptism in the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church before his death… that makes him part of the Orthosphere. Remember, that’s a sociological, civilisational, and cultural category, not a statement about who’s in communion with whom… so, Orthodoxy (both Eastern and Oriental) is as one from that POV. God willing, we’ll be able to surmount the theological problems someday… we’re already one in a secular sense.


Sunday, 16 February 2014

16 February 2014. All Around the Orthosphere: Bob Marley… Orthodox Christian

00 Bob Marley 02. 16.02.14




00 Bob Marley 03. 16.02.14




00 Bob Marley 01. Mausoleum. 16.02.14


Many of you know my of my neologism, the “Orthosphere“… that is, the lands where Orthodoxy (both Eastern and Oriental) maintains either a majority or strong presence. The Orthosphere is a sociological/philosophical/intellectual/cultural construct… it’s NOT merely religious. Ergo, people not “in communion” in the religious sense ARE “in communion” in a cultural sense. Confused? Let’s make it murkier, kids… Uniates “look” Orthodox, but they’re NOT part of the Orthosphere. That’s because they’ve sold out completely to the papist mindset. Ergo, even though we’re not “in communion” with Copts, Armenians, and Ethiops, we ARE part of a unified Christian worldview with them, neither Papist nor Protestant. Even though the Uniates “look like us”, they’re NOT of us… they’ve sold out to the West and to its blandishments. Remember our history… how Russia aided the Assyrian Christians in World War I and how Russian officers served alongside Ras Makonnen in whipping the Italians (especially, Nikolai Leontiev of the Kuban Cossack Host).

Bob Marley joined the Ethiopian Tewahedo Orthodox Church before his death… that makes him “one of us”. Here are some images from his museum in Nine Mile (Saint Ann Parish), Jamaica, his hometown. The Orthosphere is our true “home”… and it’s all ours… or none of it’s ours. Keep it focused…


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Friday, 10 August 2012

10 August 2012. Sergei Yolkin’s World. Mini-Me Bob Marley


Mini-Me Bob Marley

Sergei Yolkin



The Associated Press reported that American scientist Paul Sikkel named a new kind of tiny crustacean in honour of the legendary reggae artist Bob Marley. Sikkel discovered the new species, with the official name of Gnathia marleyi, about ten years ago on a Caribbean coral reef near the Virgin Islands. So, the biologist decided to pay respects in a distinctive way to the famous Jamaican singer.

12 July 2012

Sergei Yolkin




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