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Sunday, 9 October 2016

9 October 2016. The One Thing Needful in This Election

00 stop the wars! 011115


Don’t be “positive” or “negative”… be true to the truth. Sometimes, it’s unpleasant, but reality is what it is, not what we wish it to be. Simply bear in mind that Dr Jill is the only peace candidate… all the others are warmongers and oppressors. Yes… we can beat the Machine, but only if we lose our fear of it. Remember what’s at stake… only YOU can stop the wars. GET OFF YOUR DUPA AND VOTE!



Tuesday, 4 October 2016

4 October 2016. Remember Chilly Hilly and What Her Ethos Is

00 ADNAKA Save Dobass Children 2014

If you vote for Chilly Hilly or Trump the Chump or Scary Gary, you vote for the deliberate targeting and murder of our coreligionists in Novorossiya… that is all…


Look, the “movement” to “write-in Bernie” is a Chilly Hilly stunt. It’s what she does. Remember, one of her main aides is James Carville, who said, “Elections are about fucking your enemies. Winning is about fucking your friends”. That’s the ethos of the Hilly Set. This contretemps proves that Hilly’s scared… that’s a good thing. It tells us that Dr Jill’s standing is stronger than what the MSM is saying. Recall… Corbyn got all sorts of bad MSM copy… well, he won in a crushing landslide. He got 62 percent of the vote, even after his enemies monkeyed with membership lists to weaken him. Don’t fall for oligarch bullshit and don’t step in their cowpies. We should stop the talk about winning only 5 percent of the vote. If that was all that Dr Jill was going to get, the MSM would ignore her… Hilly wouldn’t bother trying to sabotage Dr Jill’s base. What we’re seeing is clear evidence that Dr Jill is doing better than what we think she’s doing. She CAN be an American Corbyn… but only if we “can” the defeatist talk. Are those saying such necessarily Hilly Trolls? Perhaps, not… but do have a care, such trolls are about and active.


Thursday, 10 October 2013

10 October 2013. You Can’t Make Up Shit Like This… Ex-Teacher Sent for Psychiatric Treatment for Treaty With Satan

01 madman


On Wednesday, a Russian court sentenced a former teacher to compulsory psychiatric treatment, as she drafted a contract with the devil in her own blood, asking him to destroy a beloved pupil’s relationship. Earlier, experts concluded that the ex-teacher, Lyudmila Osipova, was unaware of what she was doing and required psychiatric treatment. The court ruled that she should “undergo forceful medical treatment in a specialised psychiatric ward”. Osipova, a 41-year-old from Volgograd, developed an infatuation with a man in his 20s while working at a computer literacy class several years ago. On Thursday, Komsomolskaya Pravda reported that she tried to reconnect with the judo enthusiast after quitting her job in 2009 by joining a social networking website and posing as a model half her real age. When the man met Osipova in person, immediately, he turned down her overtures, saying that he already had a girlfriend that he intended to marry. The woman tried to break up the relationship by signing a contract with the devil that stipulated exchanging Osipova’s soul for a younger body, 100 million roubles (3.1 million USD. 3.22 million CAD. 3.3 million AUD. 2.3 million Euros. 1.95 million UK Pounds), a Jaguar and a Volkswagen, a helicopter, and some bodyguards. After that scheme failed, Osipova turned to the underworld for help and hired a contractor to help end her prey’s relationship. In a recorded conversation with a police officer posing as a contractor, she told him, “Put her on drugs for a couple of weeks in order to develop an addiction, gang-rape her too, and film it for him to see”. Osipova’s plan was for her target to be beaten so severely as to induce amnesia and then for her to nurse him back to health.

10 October 2013



Editor’s Note:

It takes all kinds to make a world, schemers like Lyonyo and Gan, soulless guns-for-hire like John Boehner and James Carville, single-issue monomaniacs like Ted Cruz and Al Gore, and barmy nutters like this one. Such sorts make us forget that the majority of people are rather decent and sane… but we don’t “get into the paper”, do we? Sigh…

By the way, KP is the equivalent of the New York Post or The Sun. It’s “all the shit that’s fit to print”. It’s a rollicking read, and most of it’s true… there are all kinds of red-top tabs, and KP is one of the better of the lot. Besides, don’t you want to know who’s doing what to whom, you dirty-minded sinner, you?


Saturday, 31 August 2013

Rogozin: The West Appears to the Islamic World as a Monkey with a Grenade

00 monkey with hand grenade. 31.08.13


On Twitter, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitri Rogozin used a metaphor to criticise the actions of the West against the Islamic world. He said that it acted like an animal playing with explosives. Rogozin wrote on his page, “The West appears to the Islamic world as a monkey with a grenade“. Earlier, on Tuesday, he posted, “Seeing the Anglo-Saxon sabre-rattling on the Syrian borders, one can understand the natural desire of sovereign countries to strengthen their defence capabilities.”

27 August 2013



Editor’s Note:

The war-weariness of the American people (and of the American forces, too) is leading to interesting bedfellows. Both the Left and the Right are opposing the neocons and the humanitarian interventionists. Indeed, it’s becoming more apparent that the differences between the two sorts of warmonger are merely cosmetic; truly, one can’t slip a piece of paper between them (the marriage of Mary Matlin and James Carville, in personal terms, mirrors the political “marriage” of these factions).

Look at this. Interesting, eh? A District-based source told me that General Martin Dempsey is dead-set against a strike on Syria and is leaking intel to both sides of the aisle in order to bollix it. Most of all, Americans are appalled at what their nation has become. It’s time to run out the neocons and the interventionists… but shall we? That’s the question.

A Note to Orthodox people:

The konvertsy are all kneejerk neocons (one sees this in Alexander Webster, Fatso, Reardon, and Mattingly, amongst others). Are they going to “get with the programme” and wise up, or, are they going to “go down with the ship?” That bids fair to be interesting. Stay tuned…


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