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Monday, 24 October 2011

24 October 2011. “Monk James” Pops Up Again… Defends the Indefensible… First, Madison; Then, Bobby; Now, Bobby’s Kid… It’s a Pattern, Ain’t It?

The Desecration of the Church at Easter

Ilya Glazunov



Here’s a proper image of what Silver and those like him are doing to the Church. If you believe them, you spit on the Lord Christ and His Truth. Bobby’s wrongdoings are not conjecture. Read about them here. Madison, Bobby, and Bobby Jr… Silver seems to like the company of no-good-niks. What does that tell us about him? “Believers” like Silver, Bobby, Love BT, Lyonyo, Stokoe, and Jillions are one of the major causes of atheism and Sectarianism… ponder THAT.


Look at the latest howler from James Silver:


Just to take one example (Exodus 34.6-7), there are others), when the Lord condescended to give Moses the Law a second time, He proclaimed:

And the LORD passed by before him, and proclaimed, The LORD, The LORD God, merciful and gracious, long-suffering, and abundant in goodness and truth, keeping mercy for thousands, forgiving iniquity and transgression and sin, and that will by no means clear the guilty; visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children, and upon the children’s children, unto the third and to the fourth generation.

Here, the only problem is that Fr Robert Kondratick wasn’t/isn’t guilty of the allegations falsely brought against him by his own fellow Christians, laity and clergy, Judases all. May the Lord forgive them. So, if Fr RK is innocent, then maybe his son is innocent as well. Maybe Bobby was caught up in a web spun by others and couldn’t escape before the law came down on them all. I don’t know. This will all come out in the legal wash eventually, so let’s reserve judgement until the court can make its rulings.


This is blasphemy of the most noxious and irreverent sort. Comparing Bobby and Bobby Jr to Christ Himself! No doubt, Mr Silver feels the same way towards his mentor Hilary Madison. The SIC DID find evidence of crime on the part of the Kondratick family. No prosecution ensued because the Holy Synod punked out and didn’t press charges, as they ought to have done. Silver, Rock, and Bobby all laughed at the OCA faithful… and still do. Note well that the so-called Metropolitan Council did little better… it hides behind secrecy and it defended every payout and legal settlement “for the good of the Church”. That’s why I have scant (if any) respect for such as Faith Skordinski and Gregory Nescott. They said nothing when Bobby extorted 250 Gs from the OCA. They (and the rest of the MC) were Pilates who washed their hands and let the evil simmer away.

Yet… Silver compares the Kondratick family to Our Lord Christ… that’s breathtaking in its vacuity and fatuousness, let alone its formal blasphemy, sacrilege, and impiety. That’s like saying that Don Vito Corleone was an undiscovered Thirteenth Apostle. None of the crimes uncovered by the SIC were airy accusations… they were corroborated by solid evidence. Remember… Bobby K’s free today because of the gutless and pusillanimous cravenness of the Holy Synod and the MC in refusing to press charges. There was enough evidence to send him “upstate”… maybe not to the Supermax, but certainly to the Fed slam in Canaan PA (where Bobby would have access to spiritual care from St Tikhon’s… it’s just down the road a piece). Let’s see… each air-conditioned cell accommodates two prisoners each… Bobby and Bobby Jr could share a “house”… the family that steals together stays together. In Silver’s eyes, all the OCA members who asked questions about the missing money are like unto Judas Iscariot and, by implication, Bobby’s an innocent victim like unto Christ! Hmm… what’s next? Is Silver going to liken Bette, the “long-suffering wife and mother” of the two “falsely accused”, to the Mother of God at the foot of the Cross on Golgotha?

I’m not averse to a dust-up. Sometimes, a real cosh-wielding and baton-swinging Donnybrook’s what’s necessary to clear the air. Hell, the old Metropolia was like that… they’d fight like hell, then, after they’d hammered out a decision (literally), they’d pull out the jug, and they’d all get sloshed together. This isn’t THAT. This smarmy hypocrite compares his pal Bobby to Our Lord Christ… and that’s NOT Kosher… no way, no how. I’m no Judas, Silver… give solid proof that what the SIC uncovered was false, and bring it to a court of law… but you won’t, you snaky SOB. SHUT UP. Bobby’s in Florida because of its lax extradition laws (the same reason that Brum’s in Arizona). This is too much of a muchness. If this isn’t proof that the OCA’s a sick dog in painful death throes in need of the humane killer, nothing is.

You can have James Silver or you can have Truth… it’s up to you… as always.

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Monday 17 October 2011

Albany NY


Sunday, 6 March 2011

James Silver Had NO Right to Pry into Mark Stokoe’s Private Life… I’m MS’ Opponent… So You KNOW That I’m on the Up and Square

Editor’s Foreword:

This was sent to me by two reliable sources. I’m sorry that I have no URL for verification purposes (it appeared in the Orthodox Forum, for what it’s worth). I’ll say this… I didn’t think much of James Silver before this, but I think even less of him, now. He’s a moral monster, only fit for the gibbet.



Christ is risen! Truly risen!

Dear Friends…

There was nothing in this material suggesting that anyone was “going after Fr Ted Bobosh”. Whoever wrote the letter to Fr TB, which was then published on OCA Truth, merely asked him questions. Why that letter was made public is another story, I suppose. Still, the fact that Fr TB allows Mark Stokoe and Steve Brown to be active communicants in St Paul parish in Dayton OH might cause us to wonder about his orthodoxy. It remains true, though, that neither Faith Skordinski nor Mark Stokoe… and him not only because of his conflict of interest, but because of his personal life… are qualified to serve on the OCA’s Metropolitan Council, and they are two of the noisiest and most active opponents of Metropolitan Jonah. Lord, let there be peace in Your Church!

Peace and blessings to all as we approach this holy fast.

Monk James


Firstly, James Silver is NOT a monk who lives in a recognised religious house. He calls himself an “urban monk”, “blessed” to this vocation by a hierarch (I’ve heard several versions, best to keep it as I stated it). Of course, Orthodox Christians know that’s barmier than a fully-stuffed giggle house. Indeed, if one looks in the canons, they had trouble with that in New Rome, too. The Church decided that such phonies were to be taken by force to a real monastery/convent, where they had to live a monastic life. After all, that’s what they were claiming they were in “The City”… making their livings by gulling the credulous pious.

Mark Stokoe’s private life is none of our business. What he did as an officer of the Church, and what he did as a publicist is our business, but his “private space” is sacrosanct and Mr Silver is a soulless pig for having violated it. Christians don’t do that! What the Church says is that practising homosexuals are barred from the clergy… it doesn’t bar lay homosexuals from communion. Indeed, Fr Vsevolod Chaplin (no Renovationist he) has spoken of the fact that he’s heard the confessions of homosexuals. After saying that, he said nothing further. No doubt, Vsevolod Anatolyevich absolved them normally and gave them communion (he didn’t say that he barred them from communion). The Church is adamant that homosexuals shall NOT serve in the clergy, but it does not throw lay homosexuals to the dogs, as do Mr Silver and the ravening konvertsy.

Mr Silver’s accusation against Fr Ted Bobosh is specious and without foundation (I think that TB is a smarmy autocephalist nutter… I’m not in his camp at all). Priests have been taking care of this pastoral matter since Adam. Of course, Mr Silver is showing himself to be of JP’s camp… a barmy believer in the Brum Doctrine (the Lord High Pooh-Bah Metropolitan decides everything and is the Absolute Unbridled Autocrat of the Church). I’m sorry for what James Silver did to Mark Stokoe. You’re an immoral servant of Satan, sir, and I say so to your face. It’s one thing to oppose Mark Stokoe on the high ground of church politics… one NEVER drags such personal things into the fray. Only the most depraved residents of the gutter do that. I can’t write any more on this… if I were to meet James Silver now, I’d be tempted to do something rash and violent.

One last thing… Silver is one of Bobby’s party. Where did Bobby put the missing financial records, Jimmy? There’s a matter of a missing 125 Gs… look at how he cowers when Bobby and Iggy get fingered! Bobby K floated this as a stab in the back to his long-time rival Stokoe. I’ll say this… Silver, Bobby, and Iggy all deserve to go. Silver may have posted this, but its got the fingerprints of the other two all over it. This has been a turbulent week… but this is disgusting and reprehensible beyond measure. Yes… that English expression “Bollocks on stilts” fits it to a tee. It’s one thing to fight one’s opponent honourably and decently… it’s another to descend to the gutter and stab from behind. I do daresay that most real Christians would agree with me.

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Sunday 6 March 2011

Albany NY

Editor’s Postscript:

I received this from a correspondent:

Silver will do anything and stoop to any level to uphold JP and get Joe Fester in as Chancellor. This is to reach his ultimate goal… to lift Bobby’s deposition. Full stop. It’s the old Jesuitical “the ends justify the means”. Fr Vsevolod’s approach is the REAL practise of the Russian Church; I’ve heard it from at least one Russian bishop and several Russian priests. The converts don’t know how to handle lay homosexuals in an Orthodox pastoral manner.

I agree emphatically. It’s time to canonically depose JP and BP for serving with a suspended clergyman (Brittain), and to degrade Silver officially to the lay status for publicising someone’s private business. Speaking for myself, I bow before Mr Stokoe and Fr Ted, and ask apologies for Mr Silver’s egregious action… not all their opponents are so nasty. Do NOT misunderstand me, I believe that Mr Stokoe and Fr Ted advocate a course that’s dangerous for the Church… but we don’t have the right to reach into the gutter to oppose them.

This isn’t the Church’s teaching, it’s my private opinion… but I’ve no doubt that many agree with me on it, though. Christians don’t do such evil!


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