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Saturday, 6 September 2014

6 September 2014. Some of My Favourite Things… Joan Rivers is Dead… One Gutsy Lady

00 Joan Rivers. 06.09.14


Today, Joan Rivers, a gutsy gal if there ever was such, died. She was strong, outspoken, and assertive… her humour was usually blunt, occasionally, offensively so, but in a good way… people offended by humour are usually taking themselves too seriously. Rivers wasn’t merely a strong person; she was a strong woman. She was brash, in-your-face, female but not ‘feminine’, and aggressively Jewish. She took the outsider position, standing up from that position to critique the strong and the powerful. Sure, she wasn’t always politically correct… Rivers not only used the word “tranny”, which many find offensive, but she used it (in 2014) to describe Michelle Obama, and then doubled down, defending herself with her usual gusto and attacking political correctness itself. For fifty years, she spoke truth to power, and managed to end with a punchline. Thank you, Joan. Rest in Chutzpah.

Adapted from an article in the Forward by Jay Michaelson

Sunday, 10 February 2013

10 February 2013. An Interesting Titbit about John Perich…



According to a reputable source, Solzhentitsyn‘s son said that the OCA H/S should’ve defrocked Perich for what he did on QVC. He was on a show with Joan Rivers selling icons, and she waved an icon in the air and said, “So, Fr John these are like good luck charms!” To say the least, Herman Swaiko was angry, but MONEY talks. Let’s see, Herman wanted Peterson the Drunk out as bishop in the West… he wanted Perich out for profaning church items for filthy lucre… it seems like the problem was Bobby, not Herman (and the Centre knew it). The Centre’s “take” was clear… the Brum Doctrine (in essence, the OCA metropolitan is a tinpot dictator… a natural position for a former papist to take) was heresy and contrary to Orthodox doctrine and practise. They wanted Herman to stay in place, whilst being restrained by the rest of the H/S (which is the Orthodox way, after all).

The Centre’s new attitude to the OCA is interesting… its complete uninterest! It seems to be “let them rot”. The Centre has put its eggs into the ROCOR basket, although it seems to have (understandably) written off the Artiomovs and the Potapovs. They take the long view in Moscow… and the longer it “ferments”, the worse off it’ll be for the Potapovs and Paffhausens (and their claque)…


Editor’s Update:

Another source chimed in… they said that Stepan Solzhenitsyn indeed said the above, but that he was quoting his father. Stepan Aleksandrovich saw Perich at an affair, so he told someone what his father said about him. Perich was oblivious… he was enjoying people recognising him from QVC. In short, he was stuck up. Interesting, no?


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