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Monday, 25 August 2014

Poroshenko Wanted a Parade in Donetsk… He Got It!

00 Junta troops on 'parade' in Donetsk. 25.08.14


it’s no wonder that people say that you should take a care with what you wish for… God hears it! Poroshenko wanted a military parade in Donetsk on “Ukrainian Independence Day”. He got what he wanted. A column of junta prisoners from the repression operation against the civilian population of Novorossiya marched in the centre of Donetsk. They held their heads down, trying not to look people in the eye… who spat at them and threw eggs at them, the failed “champions” walked past destroyed military equipment… tanks, artillery, rocket launchers… which they had used to shoot at the peaceful towns and villages of Novorossiya. Street-cleaning trucks followed the column of prisoners, washing down the street, just as it was after the parade of fascist POWs on Red Square in Moscow in July 1944.

Yesterday, the opolchenie encircled 5,000 junta troops, including the 8 Corps headquarters, two mechanised and one airmobile brigades, as well as the infamous “Aidar”, “Donbass”, and “Shakhtyorsk” terrorist battalions. Over the past two days, they destroyed 16 junta fortified positions, 17 tanks, and about 100 vehicles, and killed 150 junta militants. Russian media reported that the Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR) Minoborony announced that they’re forming three infantry brigades and a volunteer regiment, in a transition to a new strategy of military action by large formed units, not scattered small units. There’s enough captured junta equipment for the DNR to kit out two tank battalions, three MRL battalions, three artillery battalions, and eight mortar batteries, which became part of the newly-formed units. A DNR Minoborony statement said, “On the basis of the existing opolchenie, we formed three infantry brigades. Many Ukrainian servicemen voluntarily sided with the DNR, and Donbass miners additionally embodied a separate Volunteer Regiment”. If Poroshenko doesn’t end his war against the civilian population and sit down at the negotiating table, then, we might see another parade, this one on the Khreshchatik in Kiev.

25 August 2014

Denis Akhalashvili

Russian People’s Line



Radio Liberty blubbered over the “mistreatment” of junta POWs by “separatists”. It’s time to make Victor Potapov put up or shut up. He works (or worked) for an evil organisation whose sole goal was subverting our ancestral Motherland and Faith. He did this for many years; he did it voluntarily (as it made him one of the most-well-off priests in the ROCOR)… he went grey in the service of the haters of the Rodina and Christ’s Church. As head of religious broadcasting at RL, he encouraged Galician Uniate pigs… he wasn’t a mere ranker, he wasn’t a newsreader or janitor… he was a responsible official, he had a decision-making position, that is, he DOES have answerability to the Church and to its believers for his treason and treachery.

Hilarion Kapral should make this bastard issue a public apology on the ROCOR official website. Potapov should issue a real apology on the model of the one given by the late great Joe Adamov of Radio Moscow/VOR. Potapov should say, “I’m sorry for having served evil and lied to you for many years. I did so because it gave me a comfortable life, better than that of many of my fellow priests. I resign from Radio Liberty immediately (or, “I’m sorry for having had any association at all with Radio Liberty”, if he’s retired) and condemn all its doings. I disassociate myself from it and all those who work for it. I ask you to forgive me for my gross sin in pushing Western Materialism instead of Russian Orthodoxy”. Radio Liberty is a well-known CIA front organisation. Therefore, that means that not only Potapov is on the Langley dole, it means that Paffhausen is on the CIA “Sweetheart List” and that the Centre should have nothing to do with him… he’s a dirty quisling, his father was a real estate developer, which means that Paffhausen would drag the Church in the mud with the Republican Party (as Potapov and Webster do, in their dalliance with District neocons and neoliberals), and go tell his rightwing pals everything that he learned in Russia (he’s done that already… didn’t you see how he kissed George Weigel’s ass and how he gave papers at Uniate symposia?). Don’t hold your breath waiting for Potapov to do the right thing. He won’t… if he did, he’d surprise everyone… it’d be a pleasant surprise, to be sure, but no one expects this snake to change his spots. He’s a known quantity… he sold out to the Langley spooks years ago and it’s no secret.

One last thing… as for the “mistreatment” of junta POWs, I’d add that the junta shoots opolchenie prisoners without a trial or they treat them as common criminals. The junta POWs got off easy… also, reflect on this… most of the junta soldiers taken by the opolchenie prefer to join the patriots and turn their weapons against the pro-American bumsuckers… fancy that…



Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Fighting Resumes in Slavyansk… Junta Terrorists want to Block Water Supply to Crimea… Junta Wants to Murder Patriot Leaders in the East

00 slavyansk 05. 06.05.14

Note the sign… “Slavyansk”… to use “Slovyansk” is to spit on the brave People’s Opolchenie. ‘Nuff said…


In the early predawn hours on Wednesday, UNIAN reported that junta forces attacked opolchenie positions In Slavyansk. People heard gunshots on the outskirts of the city, the civil defence alarms went off, notifying civilian residents of an attack.


On Tuesday, presidential candidate Pyotr Poroshenko said at a press-conference, “Today, at a closed session of the Rada, we received evidence that what transpired on 2 May in Odessa in the Dom Profsoyuzov was indeed a terrorist attack. They used poisonous chemicals”. An international team of experts will investigate the tragedy; most expect it to reach the conclusion that the fire didn’t kill the majority of people who died there.


Two takeaways from this… one, Poroshenko is distancing himself from the American “script”. No doubt, he saw what happened in Donetsk to his pal Taruta. He’s trying to avoid the same. Two, methinks that Langley slammed it in the door. It tried to repeat its stunt in Syria with poison gas, only the Galician neo-Nazis are a bunch of backwoods Jethro Bodines who fucked it up royally. They boasted on YouTube of what they did. What a buncha maroons…



Opolchenie sources told Interfax, “Fighting is going on near the TV tower in Andreyevka and at strongpoints in Kombikormochny and around the gas station. We’re recapturing the positions”. For now, there’s no information on casualties. Earlier, the opolchenie reported, “Junta troops captured the TV tower. We had to retreat to the city limits. The enemy entered Slavyansk”.


Sources such as CNN, Fox News, the New York Times, and The Economist refuse to report the truth. Why? If they did, the reporters would lose their jobs, that’s why. It’s quite that simple. If you don’t parrot the neoliberal line, the new Pravda cans you. That means that Western journalists (except for total sellouts like Christiane Amanpour) mostly don’t believe a word that they report… it’s like late Sov times… everyone parrots the “party line”, but no one believes it, and most mock it in private. The post-1991 “rich man’s heaven” is drawing to a close and everyone (especially, the rich) knows it. The sacking of Taruta’s offices was only a Prologue…



In the early predawn hours on Wednesday, Interfax said that Channel five TV claimed that junta irregulars recaptured the Mariupol Gorsoviet building. Fascist “volunteer” irregulars stormed the building. Dozens of tyres burned in the city centre, and sporadic shooting occurred in different neighbourhoods all night. As of Wednesday morning, the central part of the city reopened to traffic.


Friends tell me that the junta irregulars are real filth. Most are Uniates; they’re readily identifiable by their Galician hillbilly accents. They shoot wildly, beat up Orthodox priests, and go on manhunts of communists and others that they consider disloyal. Victoria Nuland and John McCain clap their hands in glee over such lawlessness… I wonder about Victor Potapov. He should resign publicly, put his resignation on the main ROCOR website for all to see, and state exactly what the late great Joe Adamov did, “I lied to you; I’m sorry that I did that”. Potapov should add, “I did it for money and I did it because I wanted to be ‘important’ in rightwing circles in the USA”. Don’t hold your breath…



On Wednesday, LifeNews posted on its website, “A LifeNews crew came under mortar attack [near Slavyansk]. Reporter Aleksei Kazannikov and cameraman Aleksandr Matveyev came under fire during a live broadcast”. Interfax stated that Kazannikov reported several minutes prior to the attack that junta spetsnaz emplaced Grad systems near a strongpoint.


Roman Lyagin, the head of the central elections commission of the Donetsk People’s Republic, told Interfax, “We won’t hold a presidential election here, in Donetsk Oblast. Officially, Viktor Yanukovich remains incumbent president, and there can’t be an election of a new president until the incumbent president steps down. All Raion and local elections commissions are busy preparing for the all-republic referendum on 11 May on the independence of Donetsk Oblast”.


Vyacheslav Ponomaryov, People’s Mayor of Slavyansk, told Interfax by phone, “Pavel [Gubaryov] (People’s Governor of Donetsk Oblast) has indeed been released. We exchanged three SBU members for three of our people, including Pavel. Pavel’s now in an area controlled by the Donbass people’s Opolchenie”.


Was this an exchange sanctioned by the junta or was it a local deal? In view of bellicose statements from junta bosses, it may be the latter, but one can’t be sure.


ITAR-TASS reported that the junta is trying cut off the supply of fresh water to Crimea by erecting a dike made of sandbags across the North Crimean Canal. Eyewitnesses spotted cranes and other construction machinery 40 kilometres (@25 miles) from the Russian border, near the Armyansk-Kherson motorway. Following Crimea’s reunification with Russia, the junta arbitrarily decreased the flow of fresh water to the North Crimean Canal to a third of the regular amount since 14 April, and closed the sluice-gates completely on 24 April.


00 The junta writes a letter to Putin. 29.04.14

“We’re going to capture or liquidate all anti-Maidan elements in Slavyansk and Kramatorsk”… in a pig’s arse, I say…


On Wednesday, Turchinov’s chief flunky boasted that they’d “liquidate or capture” all anti-Maidan patriots in Slavyansk and Kramatorsk. Early on Wednesday, junta fanatics murdered four patriot-federalization activists in the Gorsoviet building in Mariupol, and captured 16 people more.


On Wednesday, Interfax reported that the junta puppet administration in Donetsk Oblast claimed that the situation in Slavyansk and Slavyansk Raion remains tense, “Donetsk People’s Republic members now occupy the first floor of the central division of Ukrtelekom and Ukrpochta. Offices on the second floor are working. The main office sends, receives, or delivers no packages. They also occupy floors with the offices of the Ukrainian Pension Fund, an employment centre, and tax inspection. The gas supply and gasification department is only taking emergency calls. People were hurt in the fighting near Andreyevka last night. Four populated areas were without electricity for a week now”.


A statement on Mariupol’s 0629 website said, “The Ukrainian flag hoisted around 08.30 local time (22.30 6 May. 01.30 EDT. 06.30 BST. 09.30 MSK. 15.30 AEST) on Wednesday near the Gorsoviet building in Mariupol was taken down about three hours later, with several hundred supporters of the Donetsk People’s Republic gathering outside the building. MVDU troops left the building to the applause of those present. Since the morning, they’d controlled the entire area in front of the mayor’s office, and they were removing the barricades. Now, they’re near the administration, and the people surround them”.


On Wednesday, Georgi Fyodorov, deputy head of the Russian Civic Chamber’s Committee for Coordination of Aid to Residents of the Ukraine said, “Very alarming reports are coming in from our friends in Odessa. They suggest that control over the city has practically shifted to (oligarch Igor) Kolomoisky because Igor Palitsya, the new Governor of the Odessa Oblast, is his henchman. Unfortunately, we have reports that they brought armed militants of the Right Sector, fighters of the Dnepr and Kiev-1 spetsnaz battalions, and FK Dnipro football hooligans into the city and the overall number of the pro-junta combatants exceeds 4,000 there now. The most dangerous thing is that local police handed them the lists of pro-federation movement activists. In addition, we have information that checkpoints block the whole city and practically paralysing all traffic. The reports coming from Odessa are a cry for salvation. People ask the Public Chamber and me personally to appeal to international organizations and to Kiev to stop the planned terror actions and to stop the city’s slide into genocide. We’re working on this very scrupulously now and watching the situation inside and outside of the city”.


The junta’s word is worthless… now, the oligarchs saw what happened to Taruta’s office and they’re scared shitless. They will do ANYTHING to protect their money… which is more important than anything else to them. They WILL kill to protect it… so would their American sponsors, if it came to that… Willy Romney, sadly enough, would find enough dupes to fight for his money. The American equivalents of the Uniates are the so-called “Evangelicals” (and all of their scurvy brethren)… ignorant, uneducated, violent, coarse, and backward… motivated by a pseudo-religion spouting Exceptionalism and hatred. Ponder that, if you will…



A participant told RIA-Novosti over the phone that pro-junta “National Guard” irregular toughs suppressed demonstrators who were in support of patriots detained in an earlier junta operation. About 200 people took part in a meeting near the GU MVDU building in Mariupol, where the junta forces brought detained patriots after an action early this morning. The detainees’ families feared that the junta irregulars would sneak their relatives out of the city. The local health centre reported that several people suffered injuries, but there’s no information about arrests. Now, the streets are empty, only a few people are keeping an eye on the situation.

Clashes between patriots and junta irregulars took place in Mariupol over the last 24 hours. Earlier, a opolchenie source told RIA-Novosti that junta elements filled a building under patriot control with gas, so the occupants had to leave. Eyewitnesses said that afterwards about 50 men armed with avtomats started shooting, detaining 20 opolchenie, taking them to the GU MVDU building. At present, 16 people remain in detention {reports say that four of the 20 are dead… murdered by “National Guard” thugs: editor}.

7 May 2014

Voice of Russia World Service













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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

1 January 2014. Some Thoughts from Solzhenitsyn, and How They Apply to Us as Russian Orthodox Christians in the American Diaspora

00 Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. 26.10.13


  • One should never direct people towards happiness, because happiness is an idol of the marketplace. One should direct them towards mutual affection. A beast gnawing at its prey can be happy, too, but only human beings can feel affection for each other, and this is the highest achievement they can aspire to.

This is a comment on the “pursuit of happiness”, wot? Was the USA crank from the start because of an ill notion at its base? Perspirin’ minds wanna know. It does offer commentary on the konvertsy who worship the American Way, NOT the Lord Christ.

  • If only there were evil people insidiously committing evil deeds and that the only thing necessary was to separate them from the rest of us and destroy them. However, the line dividing good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being. Who’s willing to destroy a piece of his own heart?

Recently, Alex Riggle posted snarky comments on his blog about “Old Calendarists”. I found them juvenile, not to the point, polemical, and not germane. If unity is what we need (and we do need it), then, it makes sense that we’re going to be in communion and in community with folks whose concepts may differ radically from ours on this-or-that point (I’m not talking about heterodoxy or heresy; I speak of general agreement, but with difference on some detail). ‘Tis true that most Orthodox Christians throughout the world use the traditional calendar… but it flies in the face of everything that Our Lord Christ taught to make it into an idol. Be kind to those Orthodox who follow the Catholic calendar… they didn’t initiate it, and you don’t know what their real views are (after all, if one is in a Catholic calendar diocese, one has to “toe the line”… and some OCA types are (sadly) rather feral on this detail). “Who’s willing to destroy a piece of his own heart”… ‘nuff said.

  • You can only hide violence with lies, and you can only sustain lies with violence. Inevitably, anyone who proclaims violence as their method must take falsehood as their principle.

“We admit no wrongdoing”… that’s a lie. Unfortunately, the First Families in both the OCA and the ROCOR keep up their grip on power by striking out at all those who dare to question the “party line” (question doctrine… that’s OK… question SVS or Jordanville… anathema!) or at those who discomfit this-or-that First Family member. If we wish to rebuild confidence, we have to, as “Church”, admit, “We lied… we did wrong… we used lawyers to hide our wrongdoing… we hurt many innocent people”. It’s not airy-fairy nor is it undoable; after all, didn’t the late great Joe Adamov of VOR do precisely that on-air? “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life”… we’ve got a whole lot of repentin’ to do for departing from that, don’t we?

  • We’ve turned the primeval refusal to accept compromise into a theoretical principle; we consider it as a virtue, as orthodoxy. It demands millions of sacrifices in ceaseless civil wars, it drums into our souls that there’s no such thing as eternal universal concepts of goodness and justice, that everything’s fluctuating and inconstant. Therefore, the dictum arises… always do what’s most profitable for your faction. 

UNITY is our crying need. Ergo, if one wishes Unity, then, one has to accept that people may be in general agreement, have a general consensus on “the one thing needful”, but lack unanimity on some relatively-unimportant point. In 2007, the reconciliation agreement made provision for Valery Lukianov… unity between the MP and the ROCOR was so important that they made allowances for his notions. Unity between the OCA, ROCOR, and the MP is so important that we shouldn’t let a difference on calendar usage impede it. People better-versed than I am told me, “This isn’t the most important point… unity is”. In any case, you can’t change people’s hearts… God does that, and only if we show unfeigned Christian love and charity to our interlocutors, not wrong-headed polemics in the way of smarmy Evangelical Nosey Parkers.

Thank you to Alex Riggle for bringing these thoughts to mind via his blog post. God willing, his words were the result of passing pique (it happens to all of us, especially me)… all too often, we post things in haste (and everything posted online has a half-life longer than that of U-238, doesn’t it?). DO pass the jug, Alex… it’s a crank world out there, ain’t it?



Tuesday, 3 December 2013

3 December 2013. Why the Vlasovtsy are so Dangerous to the Church

01 Strike Back! 1942

Strike Back!

Unknown Artist

Soviet poster



Christ... Red... White... United. late Soviet

Christ… Red… White… United

Uknown Artist

late Soviet poster


00.02a Unknown Artist. ...Was Dead, but Came Back to Life, Was Lost, but Was Found Again. late 1980s

Was Dead, but Came Back to Life… Was Lost, but was Found Again

Unknown Artist

Soviet poster

late 1980s

This poster meant that the communists had repented… and that there’s no further need of any more repentance… especially, not to those who supported the Nazi persecutors of the motherland



A good definition of “traitor” is “one who aids the enemies of one’s motherland”. That is, all those who aid Russophobic agencies, projects, and groups are traitors, no two ways about it. Quite often, “dishonesty” walks together with “treason“. An important question is, “Are those duped into treason traitors?” Indeed, can one be “duped” into treason? In an earlier post, I used strong language about Basil Rodzianko. I admit that I did so to provoke comment… for he was a traitor against his Russian motherland in objective terms. It did provoke the comment that I wanted… I apologise as my earlier language was overly harsh… but it was the only way to elicit the comment that I wanted from my Cabinet… and more than one responded to it.

Basil Rodzianko aided the CIA by working as a propagandist for Radio Liberty, the lying American distortion machine directed at the USSR. Was he aware what he was doing? After all, more than one of my respondents said that he wasn’t the most good-sense person out there (one told me, “He was so scatterbrained that his Matushka had to keep him out of the rain”)… he wasn’t a good judge of character at all. Yet, he committed treason against the motherland by aiding the CIA. That’s a fact that no one can deny. Besides that, his extended family were all Hard Right fanatics of the worst-possible sort. To top it all, he aided the career of Victor Potapov, one of the most monstrous figures in our contemporary Church in the diaspora (more than one has told me that he gave neoliberal pigs like John Herbst entry into ROCOR circles). His legacy is spotted… but was he aware of what he’d done? If one is honest, he wasn’t innocent, but he wasn’t guilty, if you know what I’m driving at. Who was guilty, if he wasn’t?

The Vlasovtsy bedevilled our Church here since their arrival starting in 1948. Very quickly, they took over the ROCOR, which was smarting from the Metropolia’s defection after the notorious Cleveland Sobor of 1946. They were anti-communists before they were Christians… there were only a few exceptions such as Ioann Maximovich, and he faced continual opposition from Hard Right factions in the Church. They made alliances with the most retrograde of American rightwing fringe elements and they gladly accepted Langley‘s money (Lebedeff admitted as much). Unfortunately, their lies infected the Church, we aren’t free of them, and we won’t be until we bow in repentance before the entire Church and admit our weaselly treachery as a group.

We owe repentance for the wrongheaded “doctrine” of Sergianism… which was evil in the extreme. Sergei Stagorodsky suffered imprisonment TWICE for confessing Christ… TWICE. None of his detractors suffered anything… indeed, they issued their complaints from the safety of exile. Ergo, we owe repentance for slandering good Christian people who saved what they could in the midst of a firestorm. They deserve our praise… and their detractors deserve our condemnation! We need to shut up those like Victor Potapov, and that’s that. We owe repentance for lying about a non-existent “catacomb Church”. Jordanville was particularly vociferous about it. Lies are lies, and when institutions lie on a massive scale, as the ROCOR did to please its Western paymasters, they owe repentance and reparation to their victims. Note well that the MP didn’t demand such, although by simple justice the ROCOR owed it such, and on a massive scale. It owes repentance for sheltering Nazi collaborators… that makes the Church an accomplice in their crimes, no doubt about it.

You see, the MP NEVER owed anyone any “repentance”… and we must disregard ROCOR lies to the contrary. The MP stood for the motherland in the VOV, whilst the ROCOR (all too often) stood for nasty collaborators of the worst sort. Who owes repentance? Yes, WHO owes repentance? Was it the ones who endured persecution and, yet, forgave their persecutors (as good Christians should), or, was it the ones who issued bilious hatred because of their all-consuming opposition to communism? For instance, the ROCOR never issued a public apology for stabbing the motherland in the back by establishing an anti-canonical establishment in the homeland. That, in Christian terms, is far worse than anything the MP is alleged to have done.

Yet, I don’t hate the ROCOR at all. At base, many parts of it are very healthy, indeed. In fact, in future, it’ll be the basis of a united Russian Orthodox presence in the diaspora. However, before this can happen, the ROCOR must cleanse itself by repenting of its actions in the Cold War and in the period before the forcible removal of Vitaly Ustinov. Such lies are a cancer, and we must remove them root-and-branch if we’re to survive, let alone grow. I must give an “advice” to all of you… not all those who repeat the Jordanville “line” are guilty. Many priests aren’t free… they say what they must to serve their congregations. Interestingly, the rightwingers in the ROCOR are acting exactly as the old gaybisty did (truly, they were REAL “Chekists in riassas“)! Victor Potapov acts just the same as Suslov did… they’re just two sides of the same rotten coin. We have to cleanse ourselves of such… then, God will grant us revival as He’s done in the motherland.

We have to do what Joe Adamov did… “I lied to you and I’m sorry”… with no exceptions and no exculpations. That’ll cleanse us. Nothing else will do. Nothing else will remove the cancer from us. Joe Adamov proved himself a chelovek by doing what he did. Shall we do likewise? God willing, we shall… otherwise, we have no future.


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