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Thursday, 2 April 2015

BREAKING NEWS! Tehran and World Powers Reach Solutions on Iranian Nuclear Programme

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On Thursday, according to a joint statement issued by negotiators, Iran and other international powers reached “solutions on key parameters” of Tehran’s nuclear programme following eight-day talks in Switzerland. The agreement envisages converting the Fordow facility into a nuclear physics centre with no fissile material. The parties agreed that the Natantz facility would remain as the only nuclear power plant in the country. Under the deal, Tehran agreed not to create nuclear weapons. Earlier, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Twitter that drafting an agreement should start immediately, with a June 30 deadline to finish the process. In a Tweet, Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif said ahead of the press conference on the results of the talks in Switzerland on Thursday, “Found solutions. Ready to start drafting immediately”. EU Foreign Policy Chief Federica Mogherini tweeted that the final ministerial meeting of the talks was over, adding, that there was “good news”. Iranian media reports suggest that the parties reached a deal on centrifuges; Tehran agreed to slash centrifuges to 6,000 from the current 19,000. Reportedly, the agreement will be in force for ten years. Press-TV reported the joint statement would announce the lifting of multilateral European and unilateral US financial sanctions against Iran.

2 April 2015




Now, it’s obvious why Boehner invited Satanyahu to address the Congress. He wanted to knacker the agreement between Iran and the West. Let’s face it, he has moles and ratfinks in Foggy Bottom; he didn’t like what he heard from them. Therefore, in an attempt to knacker the pact before it even got off the ground, he invited his pal Bibi. Unfortunately for Boehner, Bibi was in the midst of an election (and subsequent coalition building), which meant that Bibi would be out of the loop for at least three weeks whilst he cobbled together a governing coalition. The EU, Russians, and Chinese took their chance… Israel can do nothing, as the Shin Bet, Aman, and Mossad are all against a strike on Iran, and Bibi’s tied up in horse-trading with political rivals. This leaves the US Republican Party holding the bag. Watch Cruz, Rubio, Cotton, et al make jackasses of themselves (just watch them try to take the praise for this and try to placate their Israeli pals at the same time… of course, they can’t do it… their attempt will be pathetic, funny, and fitting).

It’s going to piss off Satanyahu… but as the most junior partner in the concern, well, his voice isn’t much heeded outside of the US Congress (who, like all their predecessors, are bought n’ paid-for whores of the first water). Iran gets sanctions lifted… Russia and China cement their relationship with Iran… France and Germany get exports to Iran… Barack Obama gets another feather in his cap… John Boehner et al get the cardboard box. Payback is a motherfucker, ain’t it?



Saturday, 28 June 2014

28 June 2014. Video. Novorossiya on the Cross… Bow Before Their Podvig

00 they killed me in slavyansk 02. 30.05.14



The title for this was hard to “English”… so, I took “liberties” to convey its meaning. Novorossiya hangs on the cross… John McCain, Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, John Boehner… all of the ‘bagger extremists… cackle in glee. John Kerry, Victoria Nuland, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Madeleine Albright… all of the “humanitarian interventionist” bloodsuckers… cackle along with them. NO… a thousand times NO. Our coreligionists’ blood flows… Washington and the Vatican watch with greedy eyes. Washington wants to rip away our material wealth and history… the Vatican wants to rip away our soul and spiritual inheritance.

Which side are YOU on?


Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Patriotic Resistance Stages Mass Rally on the Maidan in Kiev… Where in the Hell was the Western Media? This Proves Them Nothing but Langley Stooges (That Means YOU, Sophia Kishkovsky and Victor Potapov)

00 Kiev protest. 14.04.14


On Monday, activists of the “For a Decent Life” bloc led by Irina Bogdanets rallied on the Maidan in Kiev. Bogdanets told reporters, “Life in the Ukraine grew unbearably worse over the past week. It’s a 21st century holocaust… food prices doubled, medicine prices rose by 50 percent, housing and communal tariffs, including gas tariffs, jumped 50 percent, minibus fare in Kiev doubled. Every day, they warn us that the authorities will start removing the barricades on the Maidan and ask us to go home. Those initiatives come from the entourage of Maidan’s former commandant, Stepan Kubev, who’s now the National Bank President. Who could’ve imagined that the new government would be tyrannical? Today, Maidan activists rally against the new rulers. We demand measures to stabilise the economic situation, or otherwise massive protests will sweep the Ukraine… budget sector workers, pensioners, students… they’ll all take to the streets”.

On 9 April, Kiev residents protested outside the National Bank building in support of demands for economic stabilisation. The bank’s president, Stepan Kubev, came out to the demonstrators and said that one month was not enough and that he needed more time to get his bearings. Meanwhile, Ukrainians are withdrawing cash from banks. In March, total personal deposits in Ukrainian banks shrunk by around 6 percent or 26 billion gryvnias (73.7 billion Roubles. 2.05 billion USD. 2.25 billion CAD. 2.2 billion AUD. 1.5 billion Euros. 1.25 billion UK Pounds) and total corporate deposits decreased by 3 percent. Banks are trying to reverse the situation by offering higher interest rates on deposits. However, most depositors are fearful.


The real Maidan activists… not the American-paid provocateurs… not the slinking politicos around Timoshenko… found out that the junta and its American puppeteers fucked them royally with no Vaseline. They found out that the junta’s selling the country out to Western corporate interests at fire-sale prices… but the oligarchs and the politicos will benefit… so, the people be damned! Where was Bob Dreyfuss of The Nation? Where was Christiane Amanpour of CNN? They were nowhere to be found. You see, I believe that many in the media are as much running dogs of Langley as the junta is.

We Orthodox should put the question to Victor Potapov, Sophia Kishkovsky, and Rod Dreher… “Do you support the Mother Church and its espousal of a strong state, or, do you stand with the American Establishment and the godless Republicans in their call for no state at all in effectual terms?” Orthodoxy believes in Symphonia… not the crackbrained Neo-Libertarian Free Market LSD hallucinations of John McCain, Sarah Palin, Grover Norquist, and John Boehner.

However, all of us need to reflect on how the oligarchs use the media to shape our lives. They’ve been trying to roll back the truth ever since 1946. Reflect on this… they want a perpetual McCarthy witch hunt… is that what you want? Rush Limbaugh or FDR… that’s the only choice on offer. I’d remind you that the USA won the greatest victory in its history under the socialist New Deal. Under the Limbaughesque Rotten Deal, American cosmonauts have to bum rides on Russian spacecraft and American standards continue to fall. Someone’s gotta pay for endless wars and sweetheart deals for the rich… that someone is YOU. If you vote Republican, you’re a sucker.

Ask yourself… “Where is the Western media in covering the anti-oligarch patriot resistance to the junta?” They weren’t there. You’d best find another source of news…

14 April 2014

Voice of Russia World Service


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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Sevastopol to Keep Berkut Unit Embodied and Part of Police

00 Kiev. riots 01. 24.01.14


Aleksei Chaly, the new Mayor of Sevastopol, promised residents that he wouldn’t disband the Berkut spetsnaz unit. The Sevastopol authorities intend to ignore yesterday’s decree of acting Ukrainian Minister of Internal Affairs Arseny Avakov abolishing the Berkut. Mayor Chaly promised that the Berkut would stay embodied and that its members would continue to receive their official pay.

26 February 2014

Russkaya Narodnaya Liniya



Chaly invited the Berkut troopers to Sevastopol, saying, “They’re decent men”. He pointed up that they could form the nucleus for a self-defence force, and be part of the municipal police in future. Chaly noted, “These men proved themselves patriots; they more than adequately fulfilled their duty to their motherland. Now, their former chiefs want to throw them to rabid Nazis. In future, any envoys from Kiev won’t go to Sevastopol nor to any other place that agrees with the Executive Committee”.

26 February 2014




Editor’s Note:

Where is Chaly getting the money for this? Why, from Russia… but not from the government! In the USA, the government serves at the pleasure of the corporate élite… the government is merely a cat’s paw for corporate interests (as we saw in Chile in 1973). This is the real reason for the American support of the Timoshenko putschists… American corporate leaders smell profit for themselves. In Russia, however, the corporate élite serves at the pleasure of the government (one reason the American corporate élite hates Russia and vilifies it in its media). What’s my reason for such a statement? Let me give you a name… Mikhail Khodorkovsky. Russian oligarchs know that if they cross VVP, they’ll bust rocks under the Arctic sun in an ITK in the Sakha Republic. Ergo, if he makes a “suggestion”… much as John Boehner is the Stepin Fetchit running dog of Big Pharma/Big Insurance… they all say, “Thank you, sir, may I please have another!”

Moscow isn’t going to get involved in the Ukraine. That’s true… but Russian money will flow in from corporate sources and Russian “civilian” volunteers will pass through the porous and mostly unguarded border. VVP has deniability… just as American corporate interests have deniability for their actions when they use the American government. That is, VVP uses the Americans’ own tactic against them! “We didn’t send any money to Mayor Chaly!” That’ll be true… but Roman Abramovich knows what to do… he has Khodorkovsky’s example before him, doesn’t he?

The Japanese have a word, haragei, which means, “belly talk”. “Belly talk” is when you make loud pious noises about something, but do the exact opposite… however, you give subtle hints that your public position is mere formality, and that your actions will be otherwise. Methinks that the world capital of “belly talk” right now is Moscow, especially, with Sergei Lavrov, the “Old Master”, leading the belly talkers (they do have such sincere looks on their faces, don’t they? The Americans hate the fact that Sergei Viktorovich is telling them, “Assume the position!”)… that’s why the USA is so pissed. You see, the Russians are saying all the “correct things”… the USA can’t fault them in public. Russia is going to follow its national interests… and there’s more than one way to do so… all roads DO lead to Rome, but not all roads go through Ostia, if you catch my drift. Keep your eyes open… VVP isn’t the master statesman of our time for nought…


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