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Sunday, 27 March 2016

27 March 2016. The Judases in the OCA Who Want to Sell Out to the Phanar Want to Stab the Rodina in the Back

00 tikhon mollard at phanar 210316


All of those who wish to turn the OCA over to the Phanar have connections to the EP, or to the American Establishment, or to the Uniates. Jillions was a paid minion of the Uniates… of the Galician Uniates, who support the Fascist aggression against Orthodox Socialist Novorossiya. Lyonyo is part of the CFR, a pro-US State Department organisation. Moriak and Dahulich are former ACROD, with deep ties to the Phanar apparat, both here in North America and in the Phanar itself. Dahulich is a quasi-Uniate with a graduate degree obtained under papist auspices. Maymon is a disobedient former AOCANA bishop, shitcanned by Saliba for refusing to go where ordered. Peterson is a HOOMie lover. Chad Hatfield is a former Episkie who accepted an “honorary degree” from his Episkie seminary alma mater AFTER converting to Orthodoxy. Mollard is a dweeb, chosen precisely for his bovine passivity… he’d go wherever he thought the majority was.

They want to turn the OCA into an obedient running dog of the Phanar, which means that the OCA would become the drooling Step n’ Fetchit of the US State Department… that means that it’d become the plaything of the Galician Uniates, who have a veto on much of the American policy towards Russia (as the Croats adversely affect decisions on Serbia, and Armenians and Greeks pressure policy on Turkey). OCA people may have to face a hard choice. They could stay with the OCA and become the enemies of their ancestral homeland, or they’d have to leave it and join the MP. I can’t make this decision. I won’t influence it. However, if you chose the Phanar, you’d choose allying yourselves with those who kill our Orthodox coreligionists in Novorossiya and Syria. Think on that, if you will…

Choose wisely… it’s the most momentous choice facing most of us in our lifetimes…

One last thing… Potapov was the running dog of the Galician Uniates at Radio Liberty. Are he and Fatso conspiring to join parts of the ROCOR to the Phanar, too? It’s a possibility…



Saturday, 17 January 2015

Jillions Dumps on Orthodox Ecclesiology Again… Is He Trying to Curry Favour with His Former Uniate Bosses?

00 Pope Francisco meets the Orthodox Grumpy Cat. 08.11.13


Note the latest from John Jillions, everyone’s favourite lickspittle for the Uniates:

The Orthodox Church as it exists today may not live up to its claims as the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church, but there’s no contesting the fact that historically it goes back to the beginning of Christianity.

Remember when the pseudo-intellectual trash at SVS laughed at the Holy Mountain at the instigation of the Uniate phony Taft? Jillions said nothing. This is more of the same. Jillions kissed the pope’s ass as he worked for a Uniate institute up in Canada. Why must we allow this amongst ourselves? The Uniates are the ravening enemies of the Church… look at how Shevchuk supports the neofascists in the “Ukraine”. We really have to give Jillions the drop… if he wants to echo papist rubbish, let him go back to the papists to earn his bread. We’re stupid to allow such Quislings at such sensitive positions. It sure isn’t boring covering the Russian Orthodox diaspora…

The rest of Jillion’s article is here. It’s typical of his gaseous pseudo-elder style.


Friday, 30 May 2014

30 May 2014. Vatican Crock o’ Shit… But DO Read It… It’s Curial White Propaganda

00 #savedonbasspeople 07. 29.05.14.


I’d like you to read something. It’s “white propaganda”. “Black propaganda” is utter falsehood… it’s usually engaged in by egregious sources such as Radio Liberty and Eurasia.net (both Langley fronts). “White Propaganda” takes bits n’ pieces of the truth, cobbles them together, but doesn’t give you “the rest of the story”… it’s much more subtle and harder to fight than utter hokum, as it does use truthful material (but in such a way as to bring one to a false and crank conclusion). The piece I’m going to link to is from AsiaNews. Firstly, ask, “Who’s paying the bills?” Once you know who sponsors a particular journalistic outlet, you can fairly well figure out its orientation. Everyone knows that the CIA funds Radio Liberty, so, everybody knows that it’s a lying crock o’ shit. AsiaNews is a Vatican-funded propaganda outlet, its purpose is to put out the Vatican’s spin on the news. That is, everything on it has the purpose of spreading the Vatican’s agenda. That’s to say, all of its articles push the Vatican party line of the moment (just as Fox News parrots the Republican party line). Now, read this.

Read it? Good! Firstly, HH has no problems with V V Putin… never has, never will. Ms Achmatova is known as one of the more willing hacks on the AsiaNews staff; she’ll write whatever her Vatican bosses put in front of her (in fact, some of the other writers on this rag have more character than she does, they’re not quite so much a running dog as she is). This is utter flapdoodle from start to finish, but this is the Vatican line of the moment. Read it and heed it. They’re NOT our friends… they don’t wish us well. They don’t wish the people of Novorossiya well. Note this… they won’t condemn the Galician Uniates… not one little bit. That should tell you something. Indeed, it means that SVS inviting the Jesuit Uniate Robert Taft (a phoney “archimandrite”) to speak on 12 June is treasonous. It means that John Jillions is a treasonous and low individual who hobnobs with the Uniate enemies of the Church and expects praise for so doing.

We have an obligation to stand up for the bleeding Orthodox people of Novorossiya… if not me and you, then, who?


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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

27 May 2014. Jillions Did His Usual Slovenly and Incompetent Job in Posting Pastoral Changes.

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo. It came from Syosset. 2012


It took John Jillions TWO MONTHS to post important pastoral changes on oca.org. SINFO gets equivalent official news out on patriarchia.ru THE SAME DAY THAT IT HAPPENS. I seem to notice a difference. Using modern technology, a single person can scan an official signed document and have it posted online in PDF format in MINUTES. Seraphim Storheim’s OFFICIAL retirement announcement (with a PDF facsimile of the official signed document attached) should have been up on the site on 23 March… but Jillions is lazy and incompetent, so, it languished until 21 May (nearly two months)… he has nothing but contempt for the people. He does LOVE the Uniates though… he was their running dog hireling for years. Do we really need such a quisling in such a sensitive position, especially, as his actions prove him bone-idle and clueless (but he does jump swiftly to defend his Uniate pals, though)? This, I fear, must play out to the end… the OCA will sink and no one will miss it. However, more than one Sobor participant told me, “We CHOSE Mollard… he was the only choice… we had to choose SOMEONE”… the real world’s like that, kids. It ain’t perfect. However, the fragile peace will hold until the next major storm hits… shall it be the notional 2016 all-Orthodox Sobor? We can only wait and see.  For the time being, enjoy the peace n’ quiet… ain’t it good to have no news for a change (that means that’s there’s no food-fight or shitstorm going on)?


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