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Saturday, 16 September 2017

16 September 2017. A Thought from John Muir… Needful in This Time of Corporate Buccaneering Rapine


In a day when the Trump slimesters are looking to rape our natural heritage for the sake of the Almighty Dollar, let’s listen to a man who put Almighty God in front of profit and greed…


Friday, 27 May 2016

27 May 2016. A Point to Ponder from John Muir… All Things ARE Interconnected… This is the ONLY Earth That We Have

00 Geoffrey Deacon. Kuai. John Muir. 2016


I prefer the old-fashioned word “conservation” to “environmentalism”. God appointed us conservators of His Creation… the natural environment is only part of that. We’re not only conservators of the natural world and protectors of our “little brothers”, we’re also conservators of human culture and the artefacts that our civilisation created over the millennia. Conservation is a FAR broader word than environmentalism. That’s why I prefer it. However, to be a “conservationist”, one has to reject neoliberal “conservatism” in its entirety… one has to become one with nature, one with humanity, and one with our past and our various legacies and traditions… and live according to their timeless laws, not following our unfettered licence and “freedom”. The “conservative” is a spoilt brat, intent on only serving themselves (I’m thinking of arrogant toddlers such as Sean Hannity and Rod Dreher). The “conservationist” is a decent and mature person, who realises the interconnectedness of all and respects the limits that the Creation places on them. Think on that…


Wednesday, 31 August 2011

31 August 2011. Conservatism, or, the Tea Party… Which Do You Prefer?

TR… a TRUE conservative… and he was friends with John Muir, too (oh, dear… get the smelling salts… Whiteford and JP just fainted)…


The great corporations, which we have grown to speak of rather loosely as trusts, are the creatures of the State, and the State not only has the right to control them, but it is duty bound to control them wherever the need of such control is shown.

Theodore Roosevelt


Recently, a friend sent me this one:

The USGS has determined that the epicentre of the Virginia earthquake was in a graveyard just outside of DC. The cause appears to be our Founding Fathers rolling over in their graves.

That’s not only a “funny”… it’s morbidly true. Eric Cantor claimed that “cutting taxes and easing regulations” would bring in a New Age of Sweetness and Light. (see: http://news.yahoo.com/gop-jobs-plan-104000591.html). Here’s the deal… you can follow TR or you can follow Eric Cantor. The first made it clear that business had to heed government; the latter makes it clear that government should suck up to the corporations and toady to their rapacious bosses. The first was in sync with the Founding Fathers… Eric Cantor isn’t. Why aren’t responsible and sane Republicans speaking up? The Iron Chancellor put it this way:

Courage on the battlefield is common enough, but you’ll often find that quite respectable people lack civil courage.

Otto von B nailed that one to the wall (he was also the Father of Single-Payer Healthcare and Extended UI Benefits, for your info)! If responsible Republicans continue their silence towards the Tea Party, the Rightwing Media Machine, and Talk Radio, one has to assume that they agree with them, deep down. Stand up or shut up, I say. It’s what I do… I practise what I preach…


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