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Sunday, 10 July 2016

10 July 2016. Great Minds DO Think Alike… Over the Ages, Over the Cultures

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Frederick Douglass and John Trudell… two different centuries… two different cultures (American Negro and Indigenous First Nation American)… but one mind, one soul, and one heart. Read n’ heed…



10 July 2016. John Trudell on Revolutionaries

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If you want to end the dysfunction that’s contemporary America, you won’t do it by hating Chilly Hilly or Trump the Chump… oppose them, yes… work against them, yes… rebut their lies, yes… but hate them?


If we do we descend to their level and fall down to the level of their mindless followers. Don’t argue with Trump Chumps or Hilly Billys on their walls. That won’t do any good at all. Oppose them. Work against them. Rebut them with the truth. That’s the ticket. You may be “unfriended” and you may be called names. The Hilly Billys will call you a “Republican Troll”… the Trump Chumps will call you a traitor. Regardless of what they do, speak out and act. That’s how we can overturn the present mess that’s led to death, death, death… not only cop killings, not only cops killing poor folks, but also people dying untimely deaths due to poverty, lack of health insurance, or ignorant Evangelical agitation.

Spread the love… don’t vote for the duopoly. That’s a start…


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