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Thursday, 23 June 2016

23 June 2016. This Is For REAL… I Shit You Not (Pun INTENDED)

00 Glittersnipe.com. Get Your Shit Together. 2013


Read this.

I shit you not… if someone pisses you off, these jabronies will send them a box of fresh malodorous animal turd (at least, one hopes that it’s animal and not human). Doesn’t this just give you the warm n’ fuzzies just thinking about it? Trust me, I’m not the only imperfect being out there who found this a breath of “fresh air” and a right smart way of getting even with the assholes pulling asshattery in your life. Kids… somebody’s making money off this… ONLY IN AMERICA… “Land of Opportunity”. What’ll they do next? I don’t wanna know…



Friday, 19 June 2015

19 June 2015. We’ve Been Dealing With SERIOUS Stuff… Time for a VULGAR Laugh (Youse Been Warned)

00 if you haven't grown up. 23.05.15


Monday, 1 September 2014

1 September 2014. From the Russian Web: Now, Here’s a New Meaning for “B & B”

00 Abu Simbel bayan and balalaika. 01.09.14


It’s time to smile awhile… “B & B”… what’s that you say? Why, it means “bayan (Russian button accordion) and balalaika”… two of the main ingredients for a good old-timey old-school veseliya. Add some blini, kolbasa chock fulla garlic, smoked salmon n’ sour cream, with hot tea and cold vodka… now, that spells P – A – R – T – Y!


Saturday, 3 December 2011

3 December 2011. Have a Smile… LONG LIFE TO THE STALIN CAT!


Take this one as you will… but do have a smile during this hectic holiday season. Remember… your cat owns you… it’s not the other way ’round… and don’t you forget it! Have a cat’s attitude… they always mistrust overly-earnest and much-too-keen enthusiasts… they’re always much more trouble than they’re worth. What the cat wants to know is, “Where’s my Supper Supreme?” That’s called “keeping it focused”. They’re NOT impressed with long lectures on this or on that. Pass the jug and pour some for your “Little Stalin” too… МИЯУ!


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