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Saturday, 27 September 2014

27 September 2014. “Thanks, But No Thanks”… OCA Rains on EP-Sponsored “Canonical Restructuring” Parade

00 Why they They Talk the Talk... and Don't Walk the Walk. 15.09.12______________________________

We’ve all heard the wind from the so-called “Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of the United States of America”. This group is nothing but an EP-sponsored “talk-shop”. A notional “Proposal for Canonical Administrative Restructuring” surfaced from this social networking group (for such is what it is)… the EP groups are for it, everyone else is underwhelmed and less than enthusiastic about it… even the OCA! Read this for the OCA response to it… let’s boil it down to a sentence… “No way, no how, no Bart in our Town”. I think that the real reason the Centre shitcanned Fatso (for he did lose the Mandate of Heaven, no doubt on that score) is that they weren’t sure on how he’d react in re Bart and his pretensions to being the “Orthodox Pope”. Mollard is much more malleable and controllable… as the Centre showed by its showering of awards upon his party when he made his ad limina visit (for that is what it was, kids)… something that it NEVER did for Fatso and his drooling pack of konvertsy admirers. As a Cabineteer wrote me:

Sounds like the OCA is finished…. still insisting that its autocephaly is relevant…

I quite agree, but expect the OCA to linger on life-support for at least two more years, for it suits the Centre’s purposes. I believe that the Centre is using the OCA (and the pliable Mollard) to fuck up Bart’s planned Dixie Fry in 2016. You see, the Centre, Serbia, Poland, Czechia/Slovakia, and Bulgaria will insist that the OCA receive a seat at the “all-Orthodox Sobor” as a full discrete independent voting member. Bart won’t give in on that point… that’s clear. It’s also clear that HH will use this to scupper the assembly… and probably convene a Sobor of his own, maybe, at the newly refurbished Novy Ierusalime Monastery. HH wants to force Bart to come out openly as a Vatican puppet… and the OCA is one of his “cards” to make him do so. That is, the OCA has usefulness for the Centre now, and up until 2016. After the scuttling of the “all-Orthodox Sobor”, all bets are off. None of the OCA sorts have ANY cred at the Centre. By the way, Fatso and Dickie Wood had no real cred or tread at the Centre… if they had, firstly, Fatso would still be in charge and, secondly, Dickie wouldn’t be suspended. Both were pals of Tikhon Shevkunov, quite another thing entirely. For instance, Dickie’s getting no support from any real powers like Varsonofy Sudakov or V A Chaplin. The most that he’s getting is posts on questionable sites such as Portal-Credo and posts on oligarch-friendly venues (as Tikhon Shevkunov is part of M A Gelman‘s circle at the Vanil Restoran). Fatso has no real support at the Centre at all… if he did, his petition to enter the ROCOR would’ve been a done deal, and it wasn’t.

Besides, the status quo suits most normal people in the OCA quite well… as one told me:

Mollard’s our choice… no, he isn’t competent… no, he isn’t a leader… no, he isn’t inspiring. But he’s our choice… we need peace, and that’s that, as you say. Mollard won’t rock the boat and he’ll give us peace. Nothing else matters at this point. In any case, we had to stop Dahulich. As I said, Mollard’s our guy, not because we like him, but because he’s going to leave us alone.

That says it all… however, isn’t the LACK of news refreshing? Remember the old saying, “Happy is the land that has no history”… indeed…

I’m constantly learning… boy, I’ve learned much in the past seven years… what I see doesn’t speak well for the long-term survival of the OCA… however, in the near-term, it’s a done deal, and that’s that.



Friday, 23 March 2012

23 March 2012. My Personal Credo… I May be Only a Sinful-Ginful Slogger, but I’ll Stand for What’s Right… NOT for What’s Expedient…


St Aleksei Toth blessed the Wobblies… not the Rockefellers. His Holiness blesses churches in Cuba and calls for the end of the pointless and punitive American blockade of the island. However, on the other hand, Jonas Paffhausen blesses the likes of greedy godless scummers such as Darrell Issa, Paul Ryan, Rush Limbaugh, and Rick Santorum… not the ordinary sloggers trying to make ends meet in the Neoliberal hell that contemporary America’s become. One of these things is NOT like the other…


Sunday, 18 March 2012

18 March 2012. A Word or Two on Eric Iliff for Someone Identifying Themselves as “Bishop Jerome Shaw”… and a Warning on Talking to Clergy after the Velencia Lawsuit Threats


A friend sent me this:

Take a look at the following post from the Indiana list:

Content-Type: text/html
> Article: Memory Eternal Eric Iliff!

What caused his death? He must have been fairly young.

I had never heard of him before.

In Christ

+Bishop Jerome (ROCOR)


This MAY NOT be Bishop Jerome Shaw. Why? The whole Iliff affair was rather front-and-centre, very messy and public until John Erickson, John Behr, and Chad Hatfield at SVS covered it up (it was as public as the Gleb Podmoshensky and Panteleimon Metropoulos scandals were). IF the writer is, indeed, Bishop Jerome Shaw, he should get in touch with those who know the situation better than I do. Two easily-contacted sources are Cappy Larson and Melanie Sakoda, at melanie@pokrov.org. For now, it’s best to stick to the fact that Timothy Bluemntritt, an Orthodox cleric with connections to SVS, sexually assaulted Eric Iliff, a student at SVS. The OCA apparat and First Families covered it up… nothing came of it. I believe that their ROCOR analogues helped them in this, that’s why I’m mistrustful of the e-mail passed on to me. Supposedly, Eric “committed suicide”… that’s the official story. Oh, yes… he had a lawsuit pending against SVS, and that “disappeared”. How CONVENIENT… this is one of those cases where you ask “Cui bono?” The answer’s not too pretty, is it?

I’d advise everyone to act with the greatest caution and reserve to any e-mail or personal request for information from ANY clergyman. The events surrounding the Iliff case and Ray Velencia’s lawsuits should be a lesson to you all. The higher clergy that we have are, in all too many cases, corrupt and venal men, unworthy of trust or respect, who scruple at nothing to maintain their little personal “empires” (a minority amongst the clergy, to be sure, but a loud and obvious lot). Even if you know a clergyman, you don’t know why he’s “asking you questions”. Remember, weak men, not bad ones, do most of the evil afoot in the world. Be reticent… say nothing… rat no one out (you don’t know what they’re looking for… say NOTHING). There are many ways of pressuring a priest, and most will “sacrifice” an individual if they think that their priesthood’s at stake. You forget that courage is a rare commodity at your own peril.

Reflect on this… the OCA hasn’t publicly repudiated Sir Ray’s lawsuit against Fr Michael Regan. That means that any clergyman is afraid that he’s next… after all, Michael Regan didn’t have much to do with Ray Velencia. I believe that Velencia is working hand-in-glove with Fathausen, and that Fathausen’s using this lawsuit in an attempt to terrorise his opponents. Note well that Fathausen REFUSES to discipline either Sir Ray or Dickie Wood in an open and public way, and that he refused to shitcan Iggy Burdikoff over some… ahem… “mislaid funds”… “The records simply don’t exist”. I told an Episcopalian friend about that, and he merely stared at me for a moment, and said, “Really?” He said nothing else, but the look of contempt and disgust on his face said it all.

By the way… Fathausen and his konvertsy claque are forever dumping on the Episkies… I’d say that if one group covers up financial “glitches” (and sordid escapades of a certain sort) and another group sees to it that sticky-fingered treasurers do hard state time in the slam, that tells you volumes about their character and honesty. You don’t have to agree with someone to observe that they’re honest people of good character. After all, oca.org’s SILENT on real news and prints nothing but the most saccharine rot and treacly fluff. I’ll be blunt… I’d rather see a V Gene Robinson rather than a Dmitri Royster, Feodosy Lazor, Pierre l’Huillier, Herman Swaiko, and Jonas Paffhausen. The former was open and honest about who he was… the latter group was not.

If the person sending the e-mail were Jerome Shaw, the vicar bishop for Hilarion Kapral in Manhattan, I’d advise him to contact John and Monica Iliff. However, I don’t think that they’d talk to him, seeing as how nasty and demonic Orthodox clergy (and their demented hangers-on) treated them. I’ll say this for the record… I bow before John and Monica… they did NOT deserve what they received. If any of you wishes to criticise them for leaving the Church, you’ll have to get through me, first. I’ll not allow it. They were screwed royally, and the First Families and the apparat expected them to SMILE and say, “Thank you, sir, may I please have another”.

At the Battle of Jutland, Admiral Earl Beatty turned to his aide and remarked, “There seems to be something wrong with our bloody ships today”. He seemed sunk in thought, and added, “And something wrong with our system”. If there’s ever a situation where there’s “something wrong with our bloody ships”, you can count on there being “something wrong with our system”. We can’t make a “perfect” system, but we should strive to make it as serviceable as human limitations allow, and we’re not doing that at present. There’s no doubt in my mind what’ll help matters… the OCA and the ROCOR are structures that are long past their usefulness. They’ve become corrupt and irrelevant priest-ridden excuses for Churches. The number of clergy boggles the mind… and many of them are convert Shake n’ Bakes without any real Orthodox formation (many of them only have a heterodox formation, which only compounds their imposture)… I kid you not.

It’s time to rip up the Tomos, defrock most of the convert “clergy”, merge the OCA and the ROCOR in the USA, Canada, and Alaska, and be an autonomous Metropolia of the Mother Church. That’s the ONLY way out. If the konvertsy want to come, fine… if they don’t, don’t waste your God-given time and energy. We have a Church to rebuild… we don’t have time to change the nappies of squalling smarkachi. That’s our God-given task; shall we accept it? That’s up to you…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Sunday 18 March 2012

Albany NY

18 March 2012. A Point to Ponder…


The Dalai Lama’s attitude is antipodes removed from the position of Jonas Paffhausen. Paffhausen expects laity to not only “forgive” the clergy their every transgression, but to suck up to them and act as though the evil didn’t occur. It’s why he allowed a convicted felon to march with him as part of an official OCA delegation at the so-called “March for Life” (which is really a Far Right farago). Furthermore, he allowed that convicted felon to act as clergy, which only compounded matters.

Jonas Paffhausen showed us his attitude to “forgiveness” in the cases of Igor Burdikoff, Raymond Velencia, and Michael Pasonick. I’ll tell you what concerns me… his konvertsy claque shares his views and defends his every evasion and lie. As the Dalai Lama said, if we must take “counter-measures”, that doesn’t nullify forgiveness. Such is also the Christian teaching, of great antiquity. Shall we, though? After all, it’s said that people get the leadership that they deserve…


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