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Tuesday, 10 April 2018

10 April 2018. I D Kobzon With His Granddaughters on His 80th Birthday… The USA has this Grand Old Man on the Sanctions List… EVIL!





The first two vids are from a concert honouring the 80th birthday of the famous singer I D Kobzon. The third one is from some years ago, with one of his granddaughters singing Guardian Angel (My Grandpa). The neoliberal pigs in the USA have Iosif Davydovich on their sanctions list. He’s a Donetsk homie and he stands tall for his hometown’s brave resistance to the American aggressors and their Galician Uniate dog allies. Iosif Davydovich is proud of his Jewish heritage, as well he should be. He’s also proud of his hometown, which shows that he’s a decent human being and a stand-up guy. It does tell you much about the Americans and their “sanctions”, doesn’t it?

This is one of the most life-affirming things that I’ve seen in a long time.



Sunday, 22 December 2013

Patriarch Kirill Awards Flamboyant Crooner Iosif Kobzon Top Award



00 Order of Glory and Honour (MP). 22.12.13

Order of Glory and Honour, the second-highest award of the Patriarchate of Moscow and all the Russias


The theme from the famous series Seventeen Moments of Spring… perhaps, his most famous song


On Wednesday, Patriarch Kirill Gundyaev of Moscow and all the Russias presented crooner Iosif Kobzon, Russia’s answer to Frank Sinatra, with a top award for his public service, adding to the flamboyant now-lawmaker’s already glittering array of decorations. Patriarch Kirill awarded Kobzon, whom the Americans denied a visa in the past for alleged links to organised crime figures, the Order of Glory and Honour (Second Degree) for his work in “developing national culture and the moral and patriotic education of his contemporaries”. Kobzon, who turned 76 in September, was a hit singer in the days of the USSR, but officially ended his touring career in 1997 after being becoming an RF Gosduma deputy. He has dozens of awards and honours, both from Russia and from other former Soviet republics, largely for his contributions to culture and music.

18 December 2013



Editor’s Note:

The REAL reason that the Americans denied Iosif Davydovich a visa was that he pissed off the American Jewish lobby (for what, one doesn’t know… Kobzon’s a Jew himself!) and that he refused to cut off his childhood friends (Frank Sinatra did the same, getting the same nasty treatment from the usual lot of bluenoses). Besides which, he was (and is) an unrepentant Leftist who hates American-style crapitalism. Of course, since everyone knows that the Amerikantsy are childish, self-centred, violent, and vindictive, it doesn’t surprise one to find out that they refused him a visa in 1995 and 2012 for refusing to kiss their ass at high noon. Note well that HH LOVES giving awards to LEFTISTS… he doesn’t give awards to rightwing slimers. It doesn’t matter how many Pro-Life placards you wave, HH knows that the Republicans and their ilk in other countries are evil, and that their policies are anti-Christian and inhuman, so, he refuses to recognise them (we should do likewise, I say). I’d say that we should follow HH… NOT Potapov, Whiteford, Kishkovsky, Paffhausen, and Reardon. After all, one of these things is NOT like the other…

Everybody knows that Iosif Davydovich is a truly decent person and a mensch in the highest sense of the term (he came up in the hardscrabble Donbass and he hasn’t forgotten his roots). Russians give him big-time respect for putting his money where his mouth is… he’s spent tons of his personal money to help the poor and unfortunate, including aiding many orphanages throughout the country. He doesn’t stick his money in the Cayman Islands… hmm… whom do you respect? Do you respect Iosif Davydovich or do you respect Wet Willy Romney (they’re mutually-exclusive)? I say, give me Iosif Davydovich… what about you?


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