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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Memorial in Donetsk to Pervy Kanal Cameraman Anatoly Klyan Killed Last Year in the DNR

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Today colleagues and journalists honoured the memory of Russian Pervy Kanal TV cameraman Anatoly Klyan, one year after his tragic death in the warzone in the DNR. On the first floor of the Government House, there was a poster with Klyan’s portrait. Nearby, a candle burned. Members of the media stood in silence and laid red carnations near the poster. Viktor Petrenko, the head of First Republic Channel (PRK), said, “In time, the DNR Union of Journalists and VGTRK will install a memorial plaque to honour Anatoly. We’ll inscribe the names of all the journalists killed covering the war here on the same plaque”. Pervy Kanal sound tech Timofei Generalov said, “Those of us who were his colleagues could tell you about Anatoly, who spent more than forty years as a cameraman, so we can say that we appreciate the remembrance and consideration that DNR people are showing to a person dear to us. Today, our channel showed a story about Anatoly. In future stories, we’ll supplement it with a presentation on the planned memorial plaque at the Government House”. LifeNews correspondent Semyon Pegov said, “Reporting the death of Anatoly caused a real stir amongst us journalists. To tell the truth, Donetsk wasn’t the hottest spot in the Republic then. However, Anatoly was a victim of in this lawless war, where they shoot at journalists and doctors. We’ll always remember and mourn him, as we remember and mourn all of our colleagues who died doing their professional duty, like Igor Kornelyuk and Artyom Voloshin, and others”. 68-year-old Anatoly Klyan died in the night of 30 June 2014, when junta forces shelled a bus carrying journalists. He worked as a TV cameraman for over 40 years. During this time, he filmed stories in hundreds of places, including in areas of military operations… Yugoslavia, Iraq, and Afghanistan. A decree issued by President of the Russian Federation V V Putin posthumously awarded him the Order of Courage.

30 June 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency


Sunday, 26 April 2015

Zakharchenko Denied “Der Spiegel’s” Spin about the Return of Patriot Equipment to the Front

00 A V Zakharchenko 02. DNR. Donetsk. 24.03.15


Today,Chairman of the DNR Government A V Zakharchenko told the newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda that he refuted the interpretation given to his words by the German magazine Der Spiegel about the return of heavy equipment of our side to the contact line, saying, “I emphasised that our side would return heavy weapons only if Kiev began full-scale military actions and resumed their indiscriminate shelling of civilian neighbourhoods in our cities. In my opinion, it makes sense… if you kill us, if you kill our civilians, we need to oppose that. After all, I told the German journalists that I ordered our forces not to open fire. Frankly, to be honest, I don’t understand how they come to their conclusion from my words that we pulled back heavy weapons. We withdrew the weapons… that’s a fact. The Der Spiegel journalists knew what I said, but they wrote something else… honestly, I don’t understand why the German journalists asked me to give them an interview. I don’t see the point in conversing, if all that they want to do is to write what they want, to turn my statements inside out”.

25 April 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency


Friday, 24 April 2015

Zakharchenko Ordered Establishment of DNR Digital Broadcasting Channels Beaming to the Ukraine

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Today, at the founding congress of the DNR Union of Journalists, Chairman of the DNR Government A V Zakharchenko stated, “I’m ordering you to create digital broadcasting channels beaming to the occupied territory of the Ukraine and beyond. People zombified by Western propaganda have to know the truth about the Donbass. Creating a digital broadcasting apparat should be a priority task of the DNR Union of Journalists”.

23 April 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency


Wednesday, 11 February 2015

USA Today Shows the Crimea as Part of Russia in Map on Its Front-Page

00 Vitaly Podvitsky. A Crimean Salute. 2014


USA Today, one of the greatest-circulating American newspapers (more than 1.6 million copies a day), published a front-page map of the Ukraine without the Crimea. Foreign Policy magazine remarked that this runs counter to the official American position, which doesn’t recognise the Crimea’s reunification with Russia. Foreign Policy noted that whilst the Western world refuses to recognise the Crimea’s reunification with Russia, “one of its largest newspapers just did”. A source at the newspaper didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment, and it’s unclear if the exclusion is the result of a conscious editorial decision or a mistake. Last March, the National Geographic Society stated that it’d show the Crimea as part of Russia on its maps. At that time, Juan José Valdés, the National Geographic’s geographer and director of editorial and research for National Geographic Maps told Bloomberg in an interview, “We map de facto, in other words, we map the world as it is, not as people would like it to be”. The Crimea reunited with Russia after a 16 March 2014 referendum; 96.7 percent of voters supported reunification with Russia. On 21 March 2014, President Putin signed a constitutional act on the Crimea’s readmission to Russia, creating two new federal subjects, the Republic of the Crimea, and the Federal City of Sevastopol.

11 February 2015



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