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Monday, 7 April 2014

7 April 2014. A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words… Abandoned Soviet-Era “Dom Kultury”… The Money HAS to go to Bloodsucking Oligarchs, Dontcha Know!

00 abandoned Dom Kultury. Russia. 07.04.14


This is an abandoned Soviet-era Dom Kultury (House of Culture). Why did this happen? It’s American-style crapitalism in action! You see, the money that supported such “good works” now goes into the pockets of oligarchs. That’s for our own good according to the US Republican Party. You see, the rich only have our betterment at heart… we don’t deserve such things… we’d only ruin them, dontcha know. Remember this picture when you vote in November… remember that the Republican Party BLESSES such ruin so that the rich party hearty. American consumerist godlessness is worse than any formal atheism in the USSR… most of the American “Me First” consumerists are “Born Again” hypocrites who spout smarmy religious rhetoric at every turn… fancy that. Woe to those who call good “evil” and evil “good”. After all, the tree is known by the fruit thereof. THIS is the fruit of crapitalism… any questions?

Oh, yes… such desolation is the REAL meaning of “Pro-Life” as taught by the Republican Party. Anti-abortion agitation, attacking Planned Parenthood, and vandalising clinics doesn’t equal Pro-Life activity (that’s why Republicans such as Bilirakis, Issa, and Amash (an “Unholy Trinity” if there ever was such) are posturing and amoral hypocrites)… compassion, aid, and government social intervention DO (standing against the overuse of the death penalty and aggressive wars also count). To aid one unwed mother without fanfare outweighs all the Marches for Life in God’s eyes, I believe. That’s another thing to bear in mind when you mark your ballot…


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Thursday, 13 March 2014

Junta Slimers want to Shitcan Provisions Mandating Free Medical Care in Ukrainian Constitution

01c Patriarchal Yolka 2011

HH with kids at his New Year’s Yolka at the State Kremlin Palace… he cosponsors it with the Profsoyuz (Trades-Union Federation) NOT with greedster crapitalist oligarch filth. He SUPPORTS a full social safety net. That’s why the Timoshenko junta’s attempt to destroy state-mandated healthcare is evil and why all decent people must oppose them for it.


Irina Spirina, Rada People’s Deputy of the KPU faction, and First Deputy Head of the Rada Health Committee, told GolosUA that the Health Committee of the Rump Rada proposed to destroy free healthcare in the Ukraine by amending the Constitution, saying, “In parallel with their grasp for political ‘reforms’, we see attempts by extremist neoliberal oligarchic factions to change the social foundation of the Ukraine by removing social guarantees from the Constitution”. At the same time, she explained that a bill came to her Rada committee amending Article 49 of the Constitution, which guarantees free medical care in the Ukraine, noting, “Today (12 March), we held a meeting of the Rada Health Committee. At the meeting, we discussed proposed changes to Article 49 of the Constitution. How could the Committee propose that? The law sets the norms for state guarantees of free medical care for citizens and their regulation. Today, the Constitution guarantees free basic medical care. The proposed amendment would allow the government to decide the volume and qualities of healthcare arbitrarily”. She added that each new government “rewrites” laws and regulations. Spirina thinks that we shouldn’t remove provision of free medical care from the Constitution. She told us that almost all the members of the Committee voted for the proposal, except for one abstention. Spirina said, “I voted against it”.

13 March 2014


KPU official website


Editor’s Note:

Can you see why the Weekly Standard and all the neocons are creaming their jeans over the junta, even more so than Democratic “humanitarian interventionists” are? This should prove to all concerned that the Republican Party’s stance on social welfare is evil and that all decent people should oppose it. The GOP and the junta agree… “Money makes the world go around… it’s more important than people are”… if you can’t see that, you’re blind (especially, in light of Paul Ryan’s recent acrid remarks).

Orthodox people… the Church condemns the junta’s stance (and that of the GOP)… if you support Justin Amash, Gus Bilirakis, or Darrell Issa, you set yourself up against the best elements in Christ’s Church. HH is FOR single-payer healthcare and a well-financed FULL social safety net… so, get your minds right and oppose all pseudo-religious poseurs, both in the USA and in the Ukraine.



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Friday, 10 January 2014

10 January 2014. Western Media’s Latest Potyomkin Village… “Russia’s Church Urges Gay Sex Ban Referendum”… Plus, an Excursus into what the Church REALLY is

00 Patr Kirill and Pres Obama 01


Explosive headline, wot? Well, it’s much less than it seems on the surface. The zapadniki fucked up again, kids. Click here to read the article. Supposedly, Vsevolod Anatolyevich said that we need a gay ban. Well, I checked the Russian media. There was NOTHING on RIA-Novosti. There was NOTHING on Voice of Russia. There was this on RT. All three are state outlets… I wanted to see what the “official” take on it was. The reference for what the RF Gosduma actually said in reply is here. To make this a short submission, the UK (Criminal Code) isn’t going to be changed.

Oh, what did the Church say on this? NOTHING. NADA. NICHEVO. I checked patriarchia.ru… click here to see the head story. Guess who co-sponsored the Yolka with HH? The Moscow Profsoyuz (Trade Unions Federation)! They team up every year, in fact. HH doesn’t suck up to the likes of Darrell Issa, Justin Amash, Willy Romney, Rush Limbaugh, and Sarah Palin. He stands tall for the LEFT! You’ve seen the images on this site. I don’t need to post them again. HH CHOOSES to hew left… he disagrees with every political whimsy held by certain well-known people. After all, didn’t he just give a high church decoration to Iosif Davydovich Kobzon? The Church also honoured Dr Leonid Roshal in the past. What this means is that the Church isn’t going to push for any gay ban in any real way (nor is it going to bless Hard Right lunacy, either).

If I have to choose between the Left and the Right, I choose the Left because it hurts the least number of people. After all, it was the Bushies, not the Obama administration, who tortured people at black sites. That’s why I oppose people who like to use ad hominem tactics… cruelty’s not my thing. I don’t pry into certain people’s private affairs… word does get around about certain blogposts (as a Christian, I’m required to show a certain restraint when attacked).

In short, the Church shows oikonomia towards most gays… that’s the way it is. The Church doesn’t “crusade”… the papists and their illegitimate Proddie offspring do that. We don’t do that. What DO we do? St Serafim Sarovsky said it best:

Save your own soul and thousands will be saved about you.

We should emulate St Serafim Vyritsky, who prayed on a rock during the VOV for the victory of the Red Army… not certain priests who urge us to support those whose ravening greed is anti-Christian to the bone.

Be good all… I couldn’t be more specific as to my interlocutor. I don’t fling personal poo. I know that this world can be crank… but sometimes…



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Sunday, 29 December 2013

Bah, Humbug Department… Merry Christmas From the Members of Congress Who Voted to Gut Food Stamps

00 Jesus at the Republican Convention. 22.09.13


00 The Republican said to God


00 Sen Daniel Inouye. 22.12.12


00 Rush Limbaugh and Adolf Hitler. 29.12.13


Editor’s Foreword:

Mark down the names mentioned below. They’re all godless hypocrites who stand in opposition to what all major leaders in Catholicism and Orthodoxy teach on social justice and our responsibility to the poor and needy. Both Orthodoxy and Catholicism BLESS single-payer healthcare. HH thinks that the Cuban healthcare system rocks… it gives Cuba a lower infant mortality rate than the USA has (and a similar life expectancy)… thanks to the greed and selfishness of those named below. Is there something much worse than the open antitheism of Richard Dawkins? Yes! I’d say that the smarmy mawkish religiosity of those who wave “Pro-Life” signs, but who vote against Food Stamps, single-payer healthcare, and social welfare is consummate duplicity and vile deceit. They DO vote for the promiscuous use of the death penalty, wars in foreign parts, force-feeding the Pentagon, and untrammelled trafficking in firearms; besides which, most of them wish to treat unions exactly as the Nazis did. God has a very cold corner of Hell waiting for them if they don’t repent and grasp the onion. There’s much ill in our crank world… but some things are too much of a muchness. This is one such…



In September, 217 members of Congress voted to cut food stamp availability dramatically, on top of a scheduled rollback that kicked in on 1 November. However, they’d like to wish you Merry Christmas, and they ask you to remember the spirit of the season. We looked at every Christmas-related tweet from that group of legislators. The tweets ranged from the ostentatiously religious…

to the goofily personal:

However, most of the members of Congress were a bit more formulaic.

Congress members mentioning Jesus:

Congress members citing The Gospel according to St Luke 2.11 (“Today in the town of David a Saviour has been born to you”) explicitly:

Merry Christmas #NY27. I hope you and your families have a safe and joyful holiday. pic.twitter.com/DOrvxbrveC Rep Chris Collins (@RepChrisCollins) 25 December 2013

Congress members simply wishing you a “Merry Christmas”:

Congress members offering pictures or videos of things:

Congress members recognising service members:

Merry Christmas from my family to yours! May you enjoy a wonderful holiday with your loved ones. pic.twitter.com/YWpjnhVEqg Jeff Denham (@RepJeffDenham) 25 December 2013

Congress members offering greetings “from my family to yours”:

Two particular categories were sparsely populated.

Congress members who own reindeer farms and wrote stories about their reindeer farms for the local paper:

Rep Kerry Bentivolio

Congress members who voted for food stamp cuts who mentioned remembering the needy:

  • None
  • Zero
  • Nichevo
  • that’s all folks!

26 December 2013

Philip Bump

The Wire


Editor’s Afterword:

Orthodox Christians should note the following names:

They’re the Orthodox Christian members of the House (there are no US Senators). I list them in order of political orientation. Issa and Bilirakis are Hard Right, Amash is Right of Centre, Sarbanes is Centre-Left (but leaning to Left to Centre), and Titus is Left of Centre. My Spectrum is Hard Right to Right of Centre to Centre-Left to Left of Centre. There’s only one Leftist in the Congress, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont. The old “Centre-Right” (moderate Republicans and “Dixiecrats”) is gone. No Republicans are to the left of “Right of Centre”. Likewise, no Democrats are to the right of “Centre-Left”. That’s why it’s so difficult to reach a governing compromise. In earlier years, moderate Republicans and Dixiecrats would hammer out a mutually-satisfactory deal… good examples of such would be Gerald Ford, Jacob Javits, Sam Nunn, Harry S Truman, and Estes Kefauver. This class in gone… it died out after Slobberin’ Ronnie (not all at once, but there’s not any left as of 2013).

The konvertsy go gaga over the first three named… they’re “Pro-Life!” In a pig’s arse… Issa and Bilirakis are Hard Right warmongers, whilst Amash is a heartless laissez-faire cheerleader. I looked into things and what I found out is that Sarbanes and Titus want a reduction in abortions, but wish to use a strategy of increasing access to contraception, sex education, and upping aid to pregnant moms. This is in accord with Church teaching… so, all of the konvertsy Sturm und Drang about these two is uninformed and out of line. The Church doesn’t take the Catholic approach… we believe that God reforms sinners… not an Inquisition or a Crusade. The Church tells us to “save your own soul and thousands will be saved about you”.

By the way, President Obama is Centre-Left… he’s not even Left of Centre. The sad thing is that he’s appealing to a Centre-Right that no longer exists. Oh, one last thing before I go… the big champions of government-sponsored healthcare were Otto von Bismarck and Graf Pyotr Stolypin… both of whom were actual Traditional Conservatives, NOT Neoliberal Hard Right Free Market Radicals (mislabelled “conservatives” in the Anglosphere). Interesting, eh? In the end, the Left is more Conservative than the self-labelled “conservatives”. Who woulda thunk it…



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