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Friday, 5 June 2015

DNR Karatekas Told about First-Ever Victory in IJKA World Cup

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President Yuri Martynov of the DNR Federation of Sport and Traditional Karate summed up how DNR karatekas* fared at the IJKA World Championships in Istanbul in late May, “We felt the support that our friends and the friends of our Republic gave us. We did our best to give a good showing, for it was important to prove our competitiveness in the global arena”. DNR Sport Minister Mikhail Mishin told reporters, “For the first time, our athletes took part in a World Cup as a DNR delegation. This was a historical event. We’ve punched our way into the international arena”. Athletes from 28 countries, including world-famous karatekas from Japan and Russia, attended the IJKA World Championships. DNR Deputy Minister of Youth, Sport, and Tourism Aleksandr Gromakov told journalists, “Our guys took first place in one of the most prestigious programmes in karate… kata mixed team. Anna Medvedeva took first place in the individual programme”. Besides gold medals, our karatekas also won silver and bronze. Honoured Master of Sports Anna Medvedeva said, “I got emotional over the fact that I was on the podium with our flag; that was perhaps even more intense than the victory itself”. Medvedeva, who won gold in Istanbul and bronze, said that the victory was possible thanks to support from “many people, including both sports officials and personally our Head of State, A V Zakharchenko“. Besides winning medals, our DNR sportsmen also received a samurai helmet from the chairman of the International Japan Karate Association as a sign of recognition of their sportsmanship and fighting spirit.

  • Karateka: Practitioner of karate

4 June 2015

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