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Friday, 5 August 2016

5 August 2016. “It Doesn’t Matter If You’re Black or White”… It Only Matters That You Shoot Straight

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These gals were contestants in a recent international military contest in Russia. Left to right, they’re from Russia, Zimbabwe, Kazakhstan, and China. Russia doesn’t look too isolated, does it? You see, the USA and its pals consider themselves the only real countries on the face of the planet… that’s emphatically not true. Since the Iraq War of 1991, the USA has always tried to isolate its opponents before striking them. Russia isn’t isolated… not at all. It looks like the Yanks are stymied and checkmated. However, do have a care… the Anglos are never more dangerous than when they feel themselves stymied or “dissed”… they’re self-centred brattish and thuggish bullies at heart, sadly enough. They truly think that their juvenile and callow society has something to offer the world…

The “K” on the Russian girl’s pogoni (shoulder straps) stands for “Kursant” (officer cadet).



Wednesday, 5 August 2015

5 August 2015. Learn from the Animals… He’s My Little Buddy

00 dog and cat kazakhstan 040815


Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Czech President Miloš Zeman: “American Beer is Just Filthy Water”

01 beer and wurst


Czech President Miloš Zeman eulogised his country’s trademark beverage, insulting American beer as “filthy water” during a presidential business summit in Kazakhstan. Asked which beer is the best in the world by long-time Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbaev, Zeman didn’t hesitate. He said, “We’ve built several breweries here already. We might make good planes, cars, or other products, but most importantly, never forget… Czech beer is the best in the world. No American company that offers filthy water instead of beer can compete with us”.

Zeman just concluded 450 million USD (20.28 billion Roubles. 2.76 billion Renminbi. 27.9 billion INR. 508 million CAD. 524 million AUD. 363 million Euros. 287 million UK Pounds) worth of business deals between Kazakhstan and Prague during a two-day business forum that finishes on Tuesday. Zeman’s unsolicited sentiments might offend American brewers, but this is far from the most controversial statement the politician, elected last year, made in the past few weeks. Earlier this month, the Russian-speaking President gave a profane interview on Czech radio, calling the Russian protest group Pussy Riot, “fucked up” and “bitches”, translating their name into Czech as “cunts”. After claiming that police tactics used to put down pro-democracy demonstrations in 1989 weren’t a massacre, a crowd holding red cards in Prague pelted Zeman with eggs during last week’s 25th anniversary of the beginning of the fall of the Communist government in Czechoslovakia. Zeman roared at the crowd, “I’m not afraid of you!” In reply, the crowd shouted that Zeman mustn’t come near a monument commemorating Communist oppression.

All the while, he continued to insist that Russia didn’t initiate the conflict in the eastern Ukraine, insisting that the West must lift sanctions on Moscow, and recognise the Crimea as part of Russia. Prague pollster Median said that Zeman’s inflammatory statements caused his popularity to slump from 58 to 37 percent in the space of a month. In addition, last week’s poll numbers show that 71 percent of Czechs believe that Zeman’s behaviour and public statements harm the image of the country abroad.

24 November 2014




The Czech crowd seems in the style of arranged American provocations (“colour revolutions”)… it’s much too similar to recent “protest” actions in Budapest and Kiev. The Anglo Americans aren’t very bright… they use the same stereotyped script in all instances. This means that the USA is desperate, but lacking in new ideas… their deluded opium dream of being the “sole superpower” is falling apart around their ears… they didn’t attend to the lessons of their defeat in the American-fomented aggression in South Ossetia in 2008. Russia did attend to the shortcomings in their forces that the South Ossetia campaign uncovered. There was much in the Russian media on it… Red Star had a great deal on it. Reflect on this… the Russians captured American computers in Gori full of intel… the Anglos deny it. What does that tell you about Anglo veracity and intelligence (in the sense of “street smarts”, IQ, and worldview)? It doesn’t speak well of it, does it?


Wednesday, 30 April 2014

30 April 2014. The REAL Choice Facing Ukrainians

00 The REAL Choice Facing the Ukraine. 30.04.14.jpg


That’s the REAL choice facing Ukrainians. The open hedonism of the European Union or the healthy moralism of the Eurasian Union. However, never forget what HH said, “We respect all human choices, including those of sexual orientation. We do reserve the right to call sin a ‘sin’, though”. That is, one can oppose public displays whilst protecting private rights. That’s the Church’s position… it’s against gay parades and gay marriage… it won’t oppose toleration of private homosexual practise or condone the beating of gays. It’s a nuanced position that won’t please either extreme party in this argument. Yet, that’s what’s out there. Let those with ears hear…


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