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Sunday, 5 April 2015

5 April 2015. What the KGB Taught V V Putin… Any Questions?

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Now, tell me that being a KGB man was a bad thing! After all, wasn’t George H W Bush the head of the CIA and didn’t G W Bush order torture in secret prisons in foreign parts (something that V V Putin did NOT do in the KGB)? It puts things in a whole new light…



Saturday, 14 June 2014

Uncle Iggy’s Army

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They criticise Donetsk People’s Republic Defence Minister I I Strelkov… and that criticism is quite vehement. Pro-junta Ukrainians curse him, calling him “Putin’s damned KGB-man”, “GRU spook”, “murderer”, and “terrorist”. In Moscow, highbrow critics shake their heads, regretting that a “romantic” and “re-enactor” leads the Donbass opolchenie. Firstly, you should attend to the first and second accusations. They’re outright lies. They lie about Strelkov having been in the KGB or the GRU, not to even mention him being a “murderer” and “terrorist”. Igor never served in the KGB and GRU… he’s a retired counterintelligence officer. Sorry, you cunning and wise Moscow know-alls, Strelkov wasn’t a gaybist*. Apparently, they thought that he was a paunchy cussing red-faced “empty suit” in a general’s uniform with fancy braid. Somehow, they don’t realise that years of stern service and participation in at least four recent armed conflicts are behind the polite “romantic/re-enactor” façade. However, one should really pay attention to that!

*gaybist: KGB man, from “GB” (State Security, in Russian)


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As a result, we see an amazing situation… Colonel Strelkov and several companies of volunteers opposed the whole Ukrainian Army for over a month. Not even the “exploits” of foreign military advisers and foreign mercenaries from private military companies could inspire [the government forces]. This podvig is equal to the defence of the Brest Fortress, but nobody cares! There are hundreds of films about the Brest Fortress, with more to come. Pitiful snotty fools… the audience weeps over those ancient events, about which they plainly know nothing. Today, there are different history books in the schools, and some of them don’t have a single word about the heroic defenders of the fortress. History repeats itself. In the USSR, the curriculum edited out the major victories of the tsarist army, today, they gloss over the podvig of the Soviet people, saying instead that it was due to the Russian soldier.

We haven’t yet started to speak of Slavyansk. We haven’t forgotten how those gents Pozner and Svanidze shed crocodile tears about the Soviet casualties in Afghanistan, not noticing obvious victories, outstanding exemplars of military science and military operations. We haven’t forgotten how, literally, the redhead who read the news on Ekho Moskvy was in almost orgasmic delight reporting the success of the “gallant Mujahedeen” in the North Caucasus. This “Kahal*” claimed that the Russian soldiers were their own worst enemies! “Well, guys, you don’t fight, you only guzzle vodka!” They did it so sincerely and convincingly. So much so that many still believe it, so, they follow rules imposed from abroad. Some journalists did stories about “Russian mercenaries” in Syria; even in far-off Syria, these “mercenaries” managed to “guzzle vodka”. Due to their preconceptions, these journalists didn’t believe that the “mercenaries” waged a successful campaign in Syria; instead, they believed the notorious thugs and bandits that the international community politely refers to somehow as “the opposition”. That is, according to world media… even some Russians… rude drunken mercenaries from Russia fight the freedom-loving democratic opposition.

*Kahal: literally, a Jewish council in 17/18th century Poland and in the Russian Empire until 1893; figuratively, a disorderly meeting, a fractious collection of people… the second meaning is what applies here.


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It turned out that these “drunken mercenaries” protected Slavyansk brilliantly, but the “advanced” part of the world, and even some in the Russian media, are uncomfortable with it and somehow ashamed to talk about it. There’s no shortage of stories about these people! For these folks, Uncle Iggy’s Army embarrasses the global political system. In their view, it’s an awkward and strange armed formation, which lives according to the military ethos of the USSR in the VOV. It severely punishes its own looters, but it provides medical aid to wounded enemies and when it disarms hostile soldiers, it releases them “in peace” and says, “Go, and sin no more!”

Our beautiful redhead at Ekho Moskvy and the “masters of Russian journalism” are stubbornly silent about the failures of the Ukrainian military, about the downed planes and helicopters, about the burnt armoured vehicles, and about those junta soldiers who voluntarily rally to the opolchenie. They suffer physically; they can’t believe that some “Orthodox Chekist*” can “beat up” army units trained by “valiant” instructors from Western PMCs. Oh, the PMC staff, as they say, fussed and fumed. Now, don’t accuse me of “super-patriotism”. I’m hip to things, I know better than most that the Donbass opolchenie doesn’t always do the right thing. They have trouble with their old “Grandmas”, let alone the enemy army. They have losses; they know that all of them could die there. Indeed, there may be traitors amongst them.

*Chekist: Security officer, from “Cheka”, the first Soviet security organ… figuratively, a term of contempt


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The always level-headed Colonel Strelkov and his faithful comrades see light at the end of the tunnel of their “Mission Impossible”. They’re nothing like the stupid “soldiers of fortune” with their tattered Playboy magazines in their backpacks, who greedily flash the icon of the “Almighty Dollar”. They don’t pose with rubber dolls with bottles in hand; they don’t throw dollars at hot hookers in bars. Calmly, without hysterical hatred, they face their enemies, putting their trust in God; therefore, they unblinkingly look into the eyes of death. Uncle Iggy’s Army draws inspiration from such warriors as Generalissimo A V Suvorov and Admiral St Fyodor Ushakov, who weren’t like A E Serdyukov at all. They imitate the legendary defenders of the Osovets Fortress… what you didn’t learn in school nor see in movies like The 9th Company or the TV series Spetsnaz.

Uncle Iggy’s Army steadfastly and efficiently carries out its mission. Even if the world media and history textbooks ignore this “Siege of Azov” of our day, we’re sure that common folk will appreciate and long remember their podvig. The people implicitly recognise the truth; they won’t forget their heroes, they’ll do their best to support them. They’d do this without support from the “leading elements”, contrary to the machinations of those who want a World Government, which plans to destroy all that’s holy and glorious. They want to destroy everything that’s precious to Colonel Strelkov and to everyone fighting in “Uncle Iggy’s Loyal Army”.

13 June 2014

TsIA Novorossiya


Wednesday, 30 April 2014

30 April 2014. Will the REAL Ukrainian Patriots Please Stand Up?

00 Give the boot to fascist eyesores. 30.04.14.


A friend of mine in the KPRF wrote:

Not all Galicians are Nazis. Rostislav {Vasilko, tortured by Svoboda pigs: editor} was from Lvov, and he isn’t alone. More of them are on our side than is obvious.

That’s true. That’s why any coming civil war will be bloody. The UPA showed its true colours during the VOV and in the immediate postwar years. The present-day Svoboda and Right Sector terrorists are their drooling descendents. I fear that the place with the most bloodshed will be the Lvovshchina. The fascists will demand lockstep conformity… and will kill those who won’t give it. Their great-grandpas harassed the Rusin Russophiles in World War I (and packed them off to the death camp at Talerhof). Their grandpas fought for the Nazis, massacred Poles, and helped in the Holocaust. Their fathers had to lie low… not only was the KGB active, most of the people in the Lvovshchina wanted no troubles and liked a peaceful life. The sons believe that they have the right to create a “Ukraine” in their own image… and they WILL kill all those who oppose them. Here’s the scary part… if they thought that they were going down to defeat, they’d think nothing of blowing one of the Dnepr dams or even the containment vessels at Chernobyl. That’s how evil the fascists are.

Evil is afoot in the Ukraine… and the USA abets it. Think on that…


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Friday, 21 March 2014

Shall the Russophobes EVER Learn?

00 THIS is Russia. 21.03.14



The grammar, usage, and concepts in this point it up as a Russian essay. I don’t know who wrote it… my correspondent wished that they knew, too. It does illustrate brilliantly the Russian attitude to the West and its hubristic arrogance. It’s a read n’ heed for that reason alone.



It blows my mind that the typical Russophobe can’t accept the democratic will of the Russian people and respect its leaders, that somehow a former KGB operative when he stands for a strong Russia and for restoration and strengthening of Orthodoxy is somehow worse than former KGB agents in EU/USA/NATO aligned territories STILL REPRESSING RELIGION, STILL REPRESSING THEIR PEOPLES, STILL ENGAGING IN THE TACTICS OF THE KGB, albeit for the EU/USA/NATO. Then it’s OK. That’s the Red Herring.

Indeed, some Serbs did react to Croats, Bosnian Muslims, and Albanians being carried away. After all, if the Serbs were to do in Bosnia what the Kosovars are doing in Kosovo, there’d be all manner of fidgeting, neocon denunciations, and Germany on alert to “right the wrongs in the East” for EU/NATO McCivilisation. Of course, the Bosnian, Albanian, and Croatian ethnic cleansing, gang rapes, and mass graves don’t seem to be at issue at all. THEY DON’T EXIST, AFTER ALL! Nevertheless, Serbian and Balkan history screams otherwise, of course. BURN THE HISTORY BOOK FOR UNCLE SAM AND REPRESS THE ORTHODOX! SHUT THEM OUT! CRUSADE, REEDUCATION, SUBJUGATION! That’s been the message of Western Ostpolitik since Charlemagne. NAKED AGGRESSION AND MASKED ETHNIC CLEANSING WITH HYPOCRISY SHABBILY DRESSED IN “MORAL OUTRAGE!” After all, the West wouldn’t own up to its hypocrisy and live up to its pastiche as a ORTHOphobic oppressor of Orthodox peoples if it didn’t hold to its double standards and literal demonising of Orthodox peoples.

However, dear friends, how far will that get you when you deal with superpowers like Russia and China? What will your children say about you when the day comes and they wonder why they’re at war or are taught to hate the people of Eurasia, whose numbers will grow decade after decade as the double-edged sword of Western decline coupled with gay McCulture and Western economic imperialism sees more and more of New Europe, Latin America, Africa, and Asia leaving your orbit and rejecting your pogroms, your rape gangs, and your theft of their natural resources? These people will say you aren’t only hypocrites; YOU’RE MORE THAN GUILTY OF WHAT YOU ACCUSE OTHERS! They’ll reject your Greek austerity plan templates for their futures! On that day, every charge you’ve levelled against other peoples would be your indictment of your own history and your oppression of peoples you duped into following you.

The West is in decline and in its twilight years. China is in ascendency. Russia is awakening. All some people have to offer is a sick drumbeat of war, an ignorant hate against peoples they refuse to understand, whose civilisations and cultures are authentic and traditional, not some retrograde degeneracy shipped from a McDonald’s drive-through in Hollywood. Indeed, your children will sit in judgement of you for betraying them, for offering them a future where you taught them God was dead, perverse was moral, and infamy, pain, and scandal were right. You didn’t feel anything, you just blinked and laughed when tyrants lied to you and flaunted it, not realising you were laughing at the pathetic jokes these “democratic” dictators had made of you, the subhumanity they debased you into, what they made of your human condition.

I pity those unstable and envious small people of the West who hate all that they can’t understand, control, or exploit. They’re Kafkaesque cartoons of humanity. Anyone who disrespected others because they won’t sing Yankee Doodle and drink the Kool-Aid of Uncle Sam über alles is a sick and intolerant individual. Rumination on perceptions of intolerance and preaching hate so is a clear sign that these people intend coercion and aggression. Moreover, these types of intolerant and bigoted attitudes are precisely why the West is in its cultural Ragnarök. It doesn’t have to be this way. Just because people don’t want to be like you, and they don’t and won’t think like you, doesn’t mean there can’t be a dialogue and an encounter of civilisations, where differences enrich people and what they hold in common draws them closer. However, if you wave your swords of feigned and hypocritical indignation and erect your cloud castles of hate of other civilisations because they aren’t yours using them as a pretext for war, don’t be surprised if that war occurs and your McCulture and declining civilisation loses because of it and is rebuffed by history as a result. Moreover, your children will reject you.

Unknown author

(No URL available… sent to me in an e-mail)


The HATE of the West for Russia is truly amazing. They’re upset that we won’t live according to their lights… as if they’ve the right to dictate to all mankind. I have news for them… Russian civilisation started at the Dnepr baptismal fount in 988… that was FAR earlier than 1776 was. The Anglo-Saxon Amerikantsy are posturing and hubristic cretins with no history, no culture, no real religion, and no compassion… “Winning is the only thing” (the man who said that was a gutless coward who sat out World II hiding behind a teacher’s deferment).

It’s time to decide… shall we stand with Russia and the Orthosphere, for all that’s right and moral… or, shall we stand with Amerika, grasping all that it can in its bloody talons?

Choose well…



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