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Saturday, 30 August 2014

Partizans in Kharkov Oblast Ambushed Column of 92 Mechanised Brigade

01 P P Gorely. Glory to the Hero Partisans, Weakening the Fascist Rear! 1941

Glory to the Hero Partisans, Weakening the Fascist Rear!

P P Gorely



Partizans in Kharkov Oblast ambushed a column of the 92 Mechanised Brigade in Klugino-Bashkirovka near Chugueva. The partizans bushwhacked a supply convoy carrying supplies to the brigade. Three BMPs came to aid the column; however, the partizans attacked them with captured ATGMs. They knocked out two of them; the third took off for safer parts. The junta forces took cover near the knocked-out vehicles; the partizans kept them under fire. Two junta soldiers died in the skirmish. The partizans broke contact when a large group of tanks from the 92 Brigade arrived on the scene.

 29 August 2014




Sunday, 2 February 2014

Party of Regions Forms “Ukrainian Front”

00 Party of Regions. Kiev THE UKRAINE. 02.02.14


Interfax reported that an extraordinary meeting in Kharkov of senior leaders of Party of Regions organisations decided to create a new all-Ukrainian public association, “The Ukrainian Front”. Vladimir Ryzhkov, the head of the Union of Afghan Veterans, tabled the motion, and it passed unanimously. Mikhail Dobkin, the head of the Kharkov Oblast Party of Regions and the head of the Kharkov Oblast Administration, said, “Our Front will clear the Ukrainian land of those who came here with plans of occupation. As it was then, so it is now. Our forefathers faced this task; today, it’s our turn. I think that we’ll be found worthy of those who raised us; they gave us the basics of good character and a proper patriotic upbringing”. Regions sources said that about 6,000 people attended the meeting, with 20 delegations representing the Party of Regions. Besides this, Rada People’s Deputies Oleg Tsaryov, Dmitri Svyatash, Dmitri Dobkin, and Anatoly Denisenko attended, along with delegations from the KPU and more than 50 other public organisations.

1 February 2014

Argumenty i Fakty


Editor’s Note:

Note well that the Western media doesn’t report about the SUPPORT that Yanukovich has… it only lies about pro-zapadnik running dogs such as Klichko (who’s back in Germany… no doubt, he’s listening to “His Master’s Voice”, getting new orders for more mayhem and chaos). There were more people at this meeting than there were at many of the riots… the streets in central Kiev simply can’t handle gigantic crowds.

Orthodox people should disregard anything coming from Potapov on this situation… he’s part (or was part) of the Radio Liberty apparat, which means that he’s a sworn enemy of the Rodina. However, friends of mine abroad assure me that he’s a known quantity, so, he’s no danger. We should discount ANYTHING coming from him on Russian political matters… he’s been a paid hireling of the US government and a K Street denizen… remember, he did get that rightwing hack from the Washington Times to write that puff piece on Paffso in the Washington Post. Do have a care with people like that.


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Sunday, 14 August 2011

14 August 2011. A Point of Unity. August: The Month of Feasts, Part Five. 28 August, Orthodox Assumption

Berdyansk (Zaporozhia Oblast). THE UKRAINE


Berdyansk (Zaporozhia Oblast). THE UKRAINE


Holy Assumption Monastery. Staritsa (Tver Oblast. Central Federal District). RF 


Unknown location in the RF


Dzerzhinskoe (Krasnoyarsk Krai. Siberian Federal District). RF


Demyanovo (Kirov Oblast. Volga Federal District). RF


Kharkov (Kharkov Oblast). THE UKRAINE


Yaransk (Kirov Oblast. Volga Federal District). RF


To forestall complaints that I’m not using the “correct terminology”, I’ll simply say that most of my readers aren’t Orthodox… ergo, I’m going to use terms that they understand. If you wish to be hypercorrect… do so on your own website. This location’s going to be as “user-friendly” as it can be… I’m NOT preaching to the choir as Stokoe, Jacobses, and Freddie M-G are…

That being said, the Assumption is one of the biggies… it’s one of the Great Feasts, it’s preceded by a two-week Lent that begins on 14 August (the so-called “Honey Spas”). However, it’s more of an exclusively religious celebration than Honey Spas (Procession of the Honourable Wood of the Life-giving Cross of the Lord) and Apple Spas (Transfiguration) are; therefore, it’s more subdued, believe it or not. That’s it for “Christian August”… quite a bit, no?


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