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Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Great Achievement of the Junta in Kherson Oblast!


Dear Friends!

They made the world’s largest buterbrod* with salo in Kherson. Today, all of Kherson is proud of its achievement; this is a real breakthrough on the international scene. After all, what did it matter that Kherson once had some of the largest factories on the post-Soviet space or even in Europe? Right now, these factories stand idle and stripped. After the 2014 coup, the junta forced many businesses to end economic ties with Russia, so, they closed down. In 2014-15, industrial production fell to about 15 percent of its previous level in Kherson Oblast. Today, factories in Kherson Oblast that employed thousands have no new orders and slowly fall into disrepair and ruin. However, don’t despair! The leadership, together with the people of the once-glorious city of Kherson, just made the largest buterbrod with salo in the world!

  • Buterbrod: open-faced Russian sandwich

In Respect,

Aleksei Zhuravko

6 June 2017

Aleksei Zhuravko



Sunday, 4 June 2017

Partisans on the March in Kherson Oblast


Dear Friends!

During the night of 2-3 June, unknown parties burned three heavy lorries at the Nezhdana Market in Kopani (Kherson Oblast. Tsiurupinsk Raion). The lorries were totally burnt-out. Locals said that they heard automatic gunfire and saw flames at the other end of the village. Both the police and the fire brigade took their time getting there, arriving only after the fire gutted the lorries. This is the reality of today’s situation in the Eastern Ukraine.

In Respect,

Aleksei Zhuravko

4 June 2017

Aleksei Zhuravko


Saturday, 2 January 2016

OFFICIAL Address of LNR Head of State I V Plotnitsky to the People of Kherson Oblast

00 LNR lugansk peoples republic flag 020116



Dear residents of Kherson!

I know that the citizens of the Lugansk People’s Republic watch your suffering from the looting and banditry committed by Kiev-junta aggressor battalions and so-called “Crimean Tatar” (who now call themselves “Kherson-Turkish”) militants with great concern and sympathy. These events resemble the ones we experienced in the spring of 2014. Then, the people of the Donbass staged peaceful demonstrations, to demand respect for their constitutional rights. However, Kiev didn’t engage in dialogue with a significant part of its citizens; instead, it unleashed the so-called “Anti-Terrorist Operation” against us. We had to take up arms… we had to endure bombing, shelling, siege, and lack of light and water. It came at a dear price, but we will defend our freedom, our legal right to be masters of our native land, not slaves! I hope that you’d will take into account our bitter experience. If we a fire breaks out in your house, you can’t just sit there, lock the door of your room, and refuse to get a bucket of water to put out the blaze. We need rapid, decisive, and substantive actions. Don’t wait until the terrorists impose their diktat in your cities and villages… they’ll accuse you of having brought the shelling on yourselves.

The current temporary junta in Kiev doesn’t need either peace or prosperity in the Donbass, or in Tavria, Volyn, Galicia, or the Slobozhanshchina. Present-day Kiev acts like a giant pump, ruthlessly and shamelessly sucking out all the life-juices from the weakening regions. Unfortunately, the LNR and Kherson Oblast don’t share a common border. Therefore, we can’t send you a humanitarian aid convoy directly. However, if your chosen people’s representatives come to us, we’d figure out a way how to help you. I’m sure that the struggle of Ukrainians for their constitutional rights will find sympathy in the Russian Federation, and even in the USA. It was no accident that US Vice President Biden, speaking before the Verkhovnaya Rada on 8 December, called on the people’s deputies to emulate the American model of a federal state. Unfortunately, Kiev didn’t hear his appeal. Together, we can make the oligarchs in power act in the interests of the people, not just their own bank-accounts.

Long live the future Kherson People’s Republic! Long live the coming United States of the Ukraine!

00 I V Plotnitsky. LNR. Lugansk PR. 20.05.1526 December 2015

I V Plotnitsky

LNR Head of State

Official Website of the LNR Head of State



This is the first mention of a “United States of the Ukraine”… however, the word for “state” used is that for a sovereignty, not a US-style state. This means that Igor Venediktovich speaks of a CONFEDERATION… NOT a FEDERATION. That is, a collection of sovereign states with a common foreign policy, armed forces, and currency. This has the fingerprints of V V Putin and S V Lavrov all over it (especially, the latter). If such a polity were to emerge, it’d put the onus on the USA. Russia wouldn’t annex the Ukraine… it’d control it. That’s Putin’s preferred method… he’s not a cruel and sadistic Anglo American toddler (as one can see in Ted Cruz, Chilly Hilly, and Ben Carson). What’s more, any successor state would repudiate the debts of the junta… which’d fry the ice of the Yanks good and hard. It looks like Putin has the American neoliberals (“conservatives”) behind the Eight Ball. It couldn’t have happened to nicer folks…


Sunday, 31 August 2014

Right Sector and Svoboda Terrorists Beat Up Farmers in Kherson

00 Right Sector. 31.08.14


On Sunday, at about 15.00, agitated local farmers held a rally in Kherson at the OGA* building to express indignation at the junta’s agricultural policy. The gathering was peaceful, with its main slogans being:

  • “Ukrainian Agrarian Policy Ruined APK Khersonshchiny”
  • “Agrarians Need Accessible Loans”
  • “Government! Buy your Produce from the Local APKs”

The farmers coördinated the meeting with the mayor of Kherson and the local branch of the MVDU, which promised to protect the protesters and preserve public order. However, only minutes after the start of the meeting at the OGA building, armed gunmen showed up and brutally beat up the farmers. That’s the kind of democracy and European values ​​regnant in the Ukraine after the victory of the fascist junta in February 2014. If you don’t see fascism in the Ukraine after this… then, look in the mirror.

1 September 2014



OGA: Oblast State Administration


THIS is what the Republican Party supports with its recent proposed Russophobic legislation (“Russian Aggression Prevention Act“). After all, it’s what it wants to do here. THIS is “American Democracy”… that is, the “Crapitalist Golden Rule”… “Let them with the gold rule”. I seem to find that evil… I’m NOT alone in thinking so.


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