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Thursday, 21 May 2015

21 May 2015. Animal Funnies… Unbearable Public Transport in Czechia (Bad Pun, But What the Hey)

00 polar bear in trolley bus. Czechia. 21.05.15


“Hi, dears! Could you direct me to the nearest klobáseria? I gots me a POWERFUL hunger and me wants MEAT. A litre or two of pivo wouldn’t hurt a body either”… a klobáseria sells klobása and párky (a frankfurter-like sausage always sold in pairs… good eats!), amongst other good prole street grub. It’s a stand on the street where you can get great stuff to eat as you walk about town (to get the taste, think of a Polish kiełbasa or a German bratwurst, they’re the closest, especially the former). Hoo boy, I’m gettin’ hungry just writing about this…

By the way, the Neoliberal “conservative” Free Marketers tried to close down the klobáserias as they weren’t plastic enough or sanitised enough for their oh-so-refined tastes (besides, the sight of ordinary folk hunching over and ENJOYING their food was too much for them)… it was taking business away from their American-style fast-food franchises (they’re NOT against government intervention if it’s in their favour)! To say the least, the common folks in Praha let their wishes be known… “We want to chow down on klobása on the main square, and you’re NOT closing down our klobáserias!” The commies and socialists led the fight FOR the mom n’ pop stands; they fought back against the megabucks multinational corporate fat-cat attempt at a fast-food putsch. Ronald McDonald and the American Way LOST. Václavák (Wenceslaus Square) is safe for klobása… thanks to the Reds! Take joy in the “little things”… they’re as much God-given as the “serious” ones… perhaps, even more so… oh, don’t trust the “respectable”… EVER…

To put it another way, it was a fight between the likes of Rod Dreher and the likes of me, and I won! There IS justice in the world at times…



Tuesday, 4 November 2014

4 November 2014. Now, For Something ENTIRELY Different… Hey, Hey, Hey, It’s National Sausage Week!

00 Plymouth PA kielbasa

Kiełbasa (that be the Polack spelling) in Plymouth PA… that’s pronounced “kah-bah-see” in PA, New York, and New Jersey


beer and kapusta

Here be “galoomkies” and kapusta with pivo… all normal people have this alongside their kolbasa (that be the Russkie spelling)


00 Pelmeni. Russian food. 26.06.13

Here be pelmeni (that be little Russkie “pirogies”) with sour cream… another good thing to have with one’s kolbász (that be the Hunkie spelling)


Put my vote in for smoked garlic kolbasa… plenty of it, with kapusta and pivo. Now, that’s American Slavonia on a plate! Y’ know, “galoomkies”, “pirogies”, the White Eagle Club, Rova Farms, the Magyar Othon, the Nassau Ave Meat Market, the M & I, the International Bar, Happy Louie and Heavy Chicago, listening to the “polka show” on the radio, having the Kulich basket blessed on Easter… the whole banana. That’s a milieu that I’m proud to have grown up in! Be sure to make enough for seconds, please…


Tuesday, 14 May 2013

14 May 2013. Buzz on the Upcoming St T’s Memorial Day Pilgrimage

00 OCA Going Down. 14.05.13


Sources tell me that Fr Sergius Bowyer said that St T’s might have liturgy outside at the bell tower like the old days at the Pilgrimage. Perspirin’ minds wanna know… is he trying to get back the Hunkies who’ve stopped coming? Y’ know… selling only cheap-ass carnival food at the event hasn’t helped attendance… people don’t want deep-fried pickles or Italian sausages… they want kielbasa, galoompkies, and pierogies (American Slavonian misspelling intentional… spiedies from Sharkey’s would be welcome, too)! Hey, this IS the Valley, after all…

In related news, the buzz has it that now ex-Deacon Michael Pasonick is out of the slam (he got nicked for bribery), he wants to be reinstated as a deacon. Talk has it that beaucoup bucks are involved… not only does he want the deposition from the diaconate lifted, he wants to be ordained to the priesthood, too! Hmm… is this brazen ex-con gonna serve at the Memorial Day shindig? Things are certainly not boring in the slo-mo disintegration of the OCA


Saturday, 12 January 2013

12 January 2013. RBTH Infographic. From Russia With Food

00 RBTH Infographic. Niyaz Karim. From Russia With Food. 2012


Russia is one of the major exporters of raw materials to the West, but its share of the world’s food imports is less than 1 percent. Nevertheless, Russian food manufacturers have grand ambitions to introduce Western customers to their goods. Today, Russian specialities like ryazhenka, tvorog, and kolbasa are little known and hard to find in the EU, but that could change soon.

29 March 2012

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