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Thursday, 26 October 2017

26 October 2017. No Comment Necessary… Kiev Freezes… The USA and Its Puppet Junta Don’t Give a Good Goddamn

“Those Moskals (Russians) aren’t freezing!”


Cold radiators forced Kiev residents to clog the lines of municipal call centre 15-51. Many called to ask when the authorities will turn on the heating system. Others called to complain. On 24 October, this paralysed the call centre. A call centre representative said:

In the last hour, more than a thousand calls came in. Therefore, to reduce the time people spend on hold, we’ve attached other specialists from our centre to assist our operators. Without exception, all houses in Kiev will have heat by the end of the week.

Kiev residents can also leave messages for the centre by using the mobile app KGGA 1551.

25 October 2017

GK Gorod Kiev


Kiev has a centralised heating system. Earlier, before the Maidan coup, the authorities always turned on the system in accordance with a schedule on 15 October, when average temperatures usually are about 8 degrees (47 degrees Fahrenheit). Right now, evening temperatures in Kiev are below zero (32 degrees Fahrenheit). Kiev residents freeze in their unheated apartments. Most residential heat in Kiev comes from coal-burning thermal power stations. After the régime blockaded the Donbass, it no longer had access to coal from the Republics. In order to please its American masters, Kiev bought Pennsylvania coal, but it’s expensive, so municipal authorities have to economise. As a result, the radiators in schools, kindergartens, and homes are still cold, although officials declared the start of the heating season, stating that people will have to pay higher utility prices.

Truth About the Situation in the Ukraine


Thursday, 8 June 2017

BREAKING NEWS Explosion at US Embassy in Kiev… Unknown Perps and Motivations


Police in Kiev reported that an explosion occurred on the US Embassy compound in Shevchenko Raion in Kiev and that a criminal case is now active. The incident occurred about midnight MSK. A police source said:

When we searched the scene, we concluded that an unknown party placed an explosive device on the diplomatic mission’s compound. The explosion hurt no one. We opened a criminal case under Article 258 of the UKU.

8 June 2017

RIA Novosti



Due to the propensity of Americans and their Uniate allies to lie, cheat, deny, and create “false flags”, one must be careful with this one. I think that this was either extremist Uniates trying to spook their American sugar daddies into committing more to the present war or it was an American false flag to wave as a “bloody shirt”. We live in evil times and the greed, rapacity, venality, and brutality of Anglo Americans are the prime causes of that evil. “Exceptional”, indeed!


Thursday, 16 June 2016

16 June 2016. Metropolitan Onufry Berezovsky of Kiev and all the Ukraine on the Upcoming “all-Orthodox Sobor” in Crete

00 bart and biden his masters voice 110616

The Yanks fronted the cash for this meeting and bugged the premises… what a shame! It was all for nothing. Should I mention that Biden is an anti-Orthodox pro-Uniate pro-Croat papist? He’s Bart’s handler… as the image proves…


Metropolitan Onufry Berezovsky of Kiev said:

This meeting isn’t a Great and Holy all-Orthodox Council. It’s nothing but a conference of several Orthodox Local Churches; so, its decisions won’t have all-Orthodox relevance.

You can write finis to Bart’s little Dixie Fry. What a shame… the CIA and the FBI installed all of those bugs… now, they’re all for nought. The rest of Onufry’s interview is here (in Russian).


Sunday, 5 June 2016

5 June 2016. Honest Abe on Working Class Solidarity

00 abraham lincoln may day kiev 050616


This is why all working people must support the Peoples Republics against the “Ukraine”… they’re socialist entities opposing an openly feral oligarchic dictatorship. Sure looks like a whole lotta Reds in Kiev in 2012… they haven’t gone away (they have gone to ground, not being stupid). Methinks that the Red Banner will come out again when Russian and patriot forces liberate Kiev from American occupation. Indeed, I believe that they’re a fifth column inside the city, just waiting for the proper moment to rise. The Uniate fascist torture of left activists such as R S Vasilko will come home to roost… we all know how HEAVY such chickens are when they do come home to roost. Payback is a motherfucker… especially, when it’s paid back with interest…


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