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Sunday, 27 March 2016

27 March 2016. The Judases in the OCA Who Want to Sell Out to the Phanar Want to Stab the Rodina in the Back

00 tikhon mollard at phanar 210316


All of those who wish to turn the OCA over to the Phanar have connections to the EP, or to the American Establishment, or to the Uniates. Jillions was a paid minion of the Uniates… of the Galician Uniates, who support the Fascist aggression against Orthodox Socialist Novorossiya. Lyonyo is part of the CFR, a pro-US State Department organisation. Moriak and Dahulich are former ACROD, with deep ties to the Phanar apparat, both here in North America and in the Phanar itself. Dahulich is a quasi-Uniate with a graduate degree obtained under papist auspices. Maymon is a disobedient former AOCANA bishop, shitcanned by Saliba for refusing to go where ordered. Peterson is a HOOMie lover. Chad Hatfield is a former Episkie who accepted an “honorary degree” from his Episkie seminary alma mater AFTER converting to Orthodoxy. Mollard is a dweeb, chosen precisely for his bovine passivity… he’d go wherever he thought the majority was.

They want to turn the OCA into an obedient running dog of the Phanar, which means that the OCA would become the drooling Step n’ Fetchit of the US State Department… that means that it’d become the plaything of the Galician Uniates, who have a veto on much of the American policy towards Russia (as the Croats adversely affect decisions on Serbia, and Armenians and Greeks pressure policy on Turkey). OCA people may have to face a hard choice. They could stay with the OCA and become the enemies of their ancestral homeland, or they’d have to leave it and join the MP. I can’t make this decision. I won’t influence it. However, if you chose the Phanar, you’d choose allying yourselves with those who kill our Orthodox coreligionists in Novorossiya and Syria. Think on that, if you will…

Choose wisely… it’s the most momentous choice facing most of us in our lifetimes…

One last thing… Potapov was the running dog of the Galician Uniates at Radio Liberty. Are he and Fatso conspiring to join parts of the ROCOR to the Phanar, too? It’s a possibility…



Monday, 9 March 2015

8 March 2015. S L Kishkovskaya Continues to Write Russophobic Articles, Lyonyo is Still at the CFR, Potapov Still Works for the CIA, and Rod Dreher Still Writes for the “American Conservative”… Orthodox Perfidy Writ Large



S L Kishkovskaya, the daughter of the infamous Lyonyo Kishkovsky, is continuing to write snarkily ant-Russian articles in the media… her specialty is supporting pro-American shits in the Russian art world and subtly attacking healthy patriotic elements. However, what else would you expect from the daughter of the infamous Lyonyo… he’s still at the CFR, attacking Russia. In fact, the whole SVS/Syosset apparat is up to its neck in anti-Russian activity that goes back to the times of Schmemann. Don’t forget, ADS came out of the Paris Gang under the EP, which was in revolt against the Mother Church. My research indicates that during the Cold War, the Metropolia/OCA was as deeply mired with the CIA as the ROCOR was. Schmemann broadcast over the air of Radio Liberty, a CIA front. The “common knowledge” amongst Russian Orthodox believers in the 70s and 80s was that the OCA was pro-Soviet, and that the ROCOR was pro-CIA. We were wrong… both were Langley’s bought n’ paid for whores. That’s sad to say, but its true. As Lebedeff said, “We were grateful for the money”. It’s apparent that both the OCA and ROCOR sucked off the CIA’s tit. A friend at the Centre said, “We gave them autocephaly for two reasons. One, we needed a mouthpiece in the West. Two, we wanted to monitor CIA infiltration into the Russian Orthodox diaspora. Those were Nikodim Rotov’s reasons”. In short, the present perfidy of Lyonyo, his daughter Sofiya Leonidovna, SVS, and Syosset is nothing new… it’s old.

The same is true of Victor Potapov… there’s nothing new on that front, but its clear that he’s decided to cast his lot with the Russophobe elements in the CIA. He’s had a long time to disentangle himself from Langley and from “Conservative” (neoliberal/neocon) elements… eight years since ’07, and he’s still kissing up to every Russophobic and racist rightwinger in the District (he particularly shames the Church by his dalliance with Wesley Pruden, the racist editor of the Moonie Washington Times). He has no intention of dropping these theomachistic buddies… he also shows his contempt for Christ’s Church by his support of Fatso. Is he slipping Langley money to Fatso? The District is expensive, and Paffso doesn’t have a real job. Radio Liberty is a disinformation outlet that makes Fox News look positively truthful. Do we need a priest of the Church associated with such questionable and demonic elements? I think not.

Dreher is much of the same order as Potapov is. Anyone connected with neoliberal/neocon (“conservative”) circles is not in step with Christ’s Church. Dreher is a raving advocate of Free Market crapitalism (he benefits from it, dontcha know) and he’s friends with those who suck up to fascist elements (his pal Taki supports Golden Dawn in Greece)… that’s not what HH teaches. HH teaches that Socialism is good… Dreher is just a teabagger with a smoother exterior… he’s the same inside. He defends Sarah Palin… anyone who does so is deficient intellectually. Then again, Dreher had four jobs in eight years time… he got fired at the National Review, he got the sack in Texas, he got bounced from a stink-tank in the District, and he’s presently at Pat Buchanan’s last-chance outlet (there’s nowhere else to go… Dreher’s got a big mouth that he doesn’t curb). I pity his family… he sure didn’t give them a stable home life… and he calls himself a “conservative”… I’ll check into Bedlam with Mr Scrooge.

There are enemies WITHIN the gates. I don’t fear external foes as much as I fear traitors. The former are dangerous, but they’re obvious. The latter are cancerous and duplicitous… the goodthinkers tut-tut if you attack them (“You must be quiet for the good of the Church”). At a time when the American government is supporting the Uniate and schismatical enemies of the Church, its clear that we can no longer abide such in our midst. It’s also clear that we can’t support “conservatism” of the American sort… it’s driving ideology is a godless worship of the Almighty Dollar and of Exceptional America. Shall we have the guts to oppose the likes of Kishkovsky and daughter, Potapov, and Dreher? That’s up to you. I’d say that we must… or renounce the name “Orthodox”… yes, it’s that serious.


Saturday, 8 November 2014

8 November 2014. Lyonyo to be Protopresbyter…

00 The First Families Recurring Nightmare 03.12


Here’s an announcement from Lyonyo Kishkovsky (one of the uncrowned “kings” of the Golden 400, or First Families):

Dear Friends:

Mimi and I would like to bring to your attention in a personal way two events this coming weekend. On Saturday, 8 November, at the Divine Liturgy celebrated in the Church of Our Lady of Kazan by Bishop Michael of New York, honors will be bestowed on the two priests of the parish… the jeweled cross for Fr John Bartholomew and the rank of protopresbyter for me. The greeting of the Bishop will be at 09.30 EST. The prayers for protopresbyter and jeweled cross will be read by the Bishop at the very beginning of the Liturgy. After the service, there’ll be a reception in the parish hall and church garden. On Sunday, 9 November, right after the Divine Liturgy (around 11.15 EST), we’ll celebrate a moleben for our daughter Sophia and her husband, Nicholas Sluchevsky, who were married in California on 26 October . Sonia and Kolya are with us this weekend. At the Sunday coffee hour, we’ll offer cake and champagne in honor of the newly-weds. No gifts, please. We’ll  be very happy if you can join us!

Fr Leonid

Note the smarmy “No gifts, please”… he wants everyone to know how “humble” he is. A truly humble man wouldn’t have written that… but he’s a typical First Family poseur. One wonders if Dickie Wood is going to tag along with Seraphim Gan, or whether he’s persona non grata. All the “people who matter” will be there. The rest of us peasants “can eat cake”. Ain’t that grand…


Sunday, 18 May 2014

18 May 2014. Cabinet Vox Pop on SVS Inviting a Uniate to Speak and on Why Syosset Isn’t Protesting the Blunder’s Maltreatment by the Uniate Junta

00smilin jackass. 18.05.14


Here’s some Cabinet vox pop on SVS inviting the Uniate poseur Taft to speak:

Is there anybody in the OCA that understands what’s being perpetrated in the Ukraine and by whom, or do they all just believe in the propaganda put out by the prostitute western media? If there are thinking minds left in the OCA, why haven’t they stood up and demanded the Church support our Ukrainian and Russian Orthodox brothers and sisters murdered in droves by representatives of the Papist Unia? I feel that there are virtually no Orthodox Christians born into the faith left in the OCA.  It sounds like it’s just populated and run by a bunch of Protestant converts whose mindset is now the mindset of what once was a thriving branch of the Orthodox Church. You can print that, too!  I hate these OCA phoney hypocrites.

I can say this… the above poster nailed Syosset and SVS exactly. Yet, Nicky and I were in Western Mass this morning; we went into a small local parish to pray for a moment whilst we were on the road. I can say that there are still “Orthodox Christians born into the faith left in the OCA” and that they don’t reflect the rot found in Syosset and SVS. Unfortunately, such folks don’t get top billing. Another Cabineteer wrote:

I’m surprised Matusiak would defend anything; he’s usually pretty quiet. I’d guess he was “chosen” to make a defence.

The Centre may be watching this topic, so Lyonyo, Jillions, Tosi, and Hatfield chose a patsy to walk the plank. They’re evil… they’re not stupid. Another voice had this to say on the Blunder’s maltreatment by the Uniate scummers in Dnepropetrovsk:

Why hasn’t the OCA defended him? Well, Kishkovsky can’t stand him. We know that Hilarion dressed down Kishkovsky at a meeting in NY over the Jonah fiasco.

This has two important takeaways for us. Firstly, the Centre doesn’t like JP… the chances of him being accepted by ROCOR are slim to none (on the other hand, Soraich had pals in the Australian ROCOR who smoothed his way). It means that Potapov has far less influence than he claims (a contact said, “Everyone knows about Potapov and Artemonov, and who they work for”). Secondly, Lyonyo is supporting the American apparat on the Ukraine… not the Centre. That’s no surprise… he’s a member of the CFR, a major Establishment foreign policy stink tank (and Anya Schmemann, a young First Family member, works/worked for them). Lyonyo may have gone too far… he’s made an enemy at the Centre, and the Centre DOES control its dependency in the USA (that’s what the OCA is, kids). Mollard could remove Lyonyo… and Mollard’s not in danger of deposition, as no one in the OCA wants any upset after the JP affair, and most people hate Lyonyo with a purple passion anyway. If Lyonyo goes, his stooge Jillions would go with him. That’d satisfy Alfeyev on TWO counts… Jillions is a pro-Uniate suck-ass and he’s Lyonyo’s faithful dogsbody. Are they going down? I don’t know… but it’s a possibility, and not a slim one.

Pass the jug, the world’s being its crank old self again. I wouldn’t bet much on Lyonyo, though… and neither should you.


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