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Saturday, 30 April 2016

30 April 2016. It Ain’t Over… There’s a Real Cost Involved in Voting for Hilly

00 bernie it ain't over till its over 300416


Bernie’s website said this:

When you hear some politician telling the world how tough he is, and how quickly he’d send troops to this-or-that part of the world, understand that it isn’t going to be his kids going off into that war. It’d be your kids. The cost of war is great, and it’s far more than the hundreds of billions of dollars we spend on planes, tanks, missiles, and guns.

Let’s keep it simple… both Chilly Hilly and Trump want to warmonger, but Bernie doesn’t. Ted Cruz and Butcher Biden are both equally eager to unleash war in foreign parts to enrich their fatcat backers. Only Bernie doesn’t want to do that. Why, even one of the Koch Brothers “endorsed” Chilly Hilly and thinks that she’d make a fine president. Chilly Hilly’s Upper Middle backers don’t give fuck-all about you. They got theirs… so screw you and yours. They have their foreign jaunts, overseas holidays, above-average pay packets, and their kids go to Ivy League colleges. They don’t give a rat’s ass that they get their perks on your backs. You don’t deserve anything… “you didn’t work for it like they did”.  Their kids deserve to be safe at home in college… your kids deserve to die in far-off climes to benefit their already-comfortable lives. You can vote for the status quo… vote for Hilly. You can vote to overturn the Reagan-Clinton monstrosity… vote for Bernie. One last thing… a vote for Hilly is a vote for Bill’s Third Term… the last time around got us NAFTA, Waco, Wall Street give-aways, “welfare reform”, and the Easter Bombing of Belgrade. Do you truly want a rerun? Remember… sequels are NEVER as good as the originals were…



Saturday, 23 January 2016

23 January 2016. Two “Star Wars” Endings Embody the Difference Between Bernie and Chilly Hilly

00 ewok yub nub 230116


Here’s the sanitised and crapola ending to Return of the Jedi from 1997


Here’s the real deal ending to Return of the Jedi from 1983


Even a child can tell the difference between the two. The first is sanitised, phony (it’s all computer animation), Oprahesque, and Deepak Chopra “positive”. The second is gritty, “party”, and LIVE. Chilly Hilly is phony and without reality… a computer animatron if there ever was one. Bernie’s a real guy who flies coach and doesn’t have a deep portfolio (sure, he’s not starvin’… but he sure ain’t as flush with boodle as Chilly Hilly or Butcher Biden are). Hey, Bernie… run the Yub Nub clip after you win in Iowa and New Hampshire… and pass the jug in public… now, that’ll rile up the terminally nice and politically-correct! It’d put a LOT of normal people on the Bernie Special.



Sunday, 3 January 2016

3 january 2016. Truth From Bernie

00 bernie sanders koch bros 030116


If you meet anyone who supports ANY of the Repug candidates or who supports Chilly Hilly… this is what they really support. They want a feral nihilistic anarchy where the strong prey on those weaker than they are, where the state only supports the Affluent Effluent, and no one else. Anarchists don’t have long beards and throw bombs… they’re “conservatives”… they want to carry guns in public and support lawless filth like Cliven Bundy. Most call themselves “Christians”… that’s one reason so many young people want nothing to do with Christ. They reasonably infer that if such sorts are His loud followers, then, Christ isn’t God and Christianity is a vacuous imposture.

Orthodox people! Beware Whiteford, Dreher, Potapov, Paffhausen, Webster, and all those like them amongst us. They spit on the Orthodox conception of the state and support the nihilistic anarchy of the American neoliberal “conservatives”. Indeed, all too many konvertsy take credence in such extremist fancy and nonsense. Have a care… the times are evil…


Sunday, 6 October 2013

6 October 2013. And Now a Word from Our Sponsor… What the Tea Party Truly Wants for You and Yours

00 Tea Party. 06.10.13


THIS is what the One Percent want for you. Their hirelings in the Tea Party do their bidding… not yours. If you want this… vote Republican. If you don’t, then, vote against them. If you vote Republican, you vote for a world with no government protections, no social safety net, no holiday pay, no contractual safeguards, no healthcare insurance, and “no soup for you“. Why, the Kochs have servants to pay… you don’t want to discomfit them, do you?

Vote NO to the Republican agenda. Vote YES for the American Dream. After all, our kids deserve a future (now that’s really PRO-LIFE, isn’t it?)…


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