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Monday, 23 March 2015

Tsaryov Sez Internal Oligarch War May Break Out in the Ukraine

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Commenting on the recent scuffle between oligarchs over Ukrainian oil transport company Ukrtransnafta, former Ukrainian Rada People’s Deputy O A Tsaryov warned that the skirmishes involving corporate raids, hostile takeovers, and the siphoning of state wealth might soon turn into a battle of bullets and bombs in the streets of Kiev. He stated:

The conflict between Poroshenko and Kolomoisky is ready to turn into open warfare. Kolomoisky is capable of burying the latest American project in the same way as occurred earlier, in the conflict between Poroshenko and Timoshenko. Except this time, considering the current situation, this war might not just involve mudslinging; it might well turn into armed confrontation. The two sides are ready for such a scenario, which is why today there are spetsnaz in central Kiev, along with the Kiev-1 and Kiev-2 territorial battalions. We also know that MVDU forces are ready to head to Dnepropetrovsk. Kolomoisky has brought his own Dnipro battalions to combat readiness. They now have up to 15,000 fighters; a few days ago, Kolomoisky ordered them to triple their number.

Control over [Ukrtransnafta] is of extreme importance to Kolomoisky not only because he’s become used to treating these government structures as his own personal property, but also because a change of the company management would’ve unquestionably resulted in questions about the multitude of abuses committed by people loyal to him. The damage done by Kolomoisky against Ukrtransnafta alone may amount to up to 2 billion USD (119 billion Roubles. 12.42 billion Renminbi. 125 billion INR. 2.52 billion CAD. 2.58 billion AUD. 1.84 billion Euros. 1.34 billion UK Pounds), including up to 1 billion USD (59.5 billion Roubles. 6.21 billion Renminbi. 62.5 billion INR. 1.26 billion CAD. 1.29 billion AUD. 920 million Euros. 670 million UK Pounds) in damages caused by improper use of the pipelines. The night-time capture of the Ukrtransnafta office wasn’t just an attempt to preserve [Kolomoisky’s] ability to steal state resources, but also an attempt to cover up evidence of crime. On the night of the raid, many believe that he took several truckloads of documents from the building. This’ll make investigation into criminal negligence and outright theft much more difficult. Kolomoisky’s personal involvement in the affair, including going to the Ukrtransnafta headquarters, is unusual, and that he could’ve been forced to take part in this special operation personally only out of dire need… the threat of criminal charges, the threat of arrest against him and his businesses.

Supposedly, a compromise happened Friday, which decided that Poroshenko’s man would ultimately take over the top post. This means either that a real investigation won’t occur, or that foreign auditing companies would carry it out at such a pace that the results of their investigation would be moot by the time they reach their conclusions. Does it mean that Kolomoisky, Yatsenyuk, and Poroshenko agreed to share in the robbery of the country together? Time will tell. However, one thing’s certain… the country is rapidly sinking into impoverishment. In order the preserve their capital, oligarchs and the Kiev government will face only more conflicts [over time]. In this case, the USA would have to openly publicly intervene into the country’s management. The US ambassador to the Ukraine already openly noted that he took part in resolving the [Ukrtransnafta] conflict, with Rada People’s Deputy S A Leshchenko saying that the order to change the company’s management came from Washington.

22 March 2015

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Sunday, 25 January 2015

Are Patriot Partisans Active in Kharkov? Effectual Martial Law Declared in Dnepropetrovsk Oblast… Earthquake in Odessa Oblast

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Overnight to Sunday, citing eyewitnesses, Ukrainian media reported that an explosion occurred in Kharkov. The newspaper Vgorode stated that an explosion caused a fire near Balashovka Raion. There were no immediate reports about casualties, but other sources haven’t confirmed the report to TASS. On 19 January, there was an explosion in Kharkov near the Moskovsky court building, injuring 13 people. The authorities alleged that terrorists caused the explosion. In November 2014, an explosion in a Kharkov café injured more than 10 people; the Genprokuratura Ukrainy opened a criminal case under the UKU Article “Terrorist Attack”. In late December 2014, there was an explosion at a furniture store in Rymarskaya Street in Kharkov.


Svyatoslav Oleynik deputy head of the Dnepropetrovsk Oblast OGA*, posted on his Facebook page that Dnepropetrovsk Oblast introduced a “special security and defence régime”, saying, “We took a number of quite radical decisions to ensure security in the oblast. We’re going to a special régime; our key priority is the region’s security and defence capacity”. On Friday, all security agencies in Kharkov went on alert, introducing intensified monitoring of the situation. Previously, Ukrainian Prime Minister A P Yatsenyuk instructed A V Krivenko, the head of the so-called “National Guard” {a ragtag bunch of untrained and undisciplined Uniate terrorists: editor} “to alert his men to patrol the streets to protect citizens”.

*OGA: Oblast State Administration, the administrative organs of an oblast


On Saturday, 24 January, a powerful earthquake affected Izmail in Odessa Oblast. On Sunday, Ukrainian media reported that the quake magnitude reached 4.7 points, reporting, “The quake epicentre was in the seismically-active zone Vrancha at a depth of 100 kilometres”. City residents also said furniture jiggled in apartments on the upper storeys of apartment buildings. Over the past week, the region recorded fourteen earth tremors of varying force.

25 January 2015






The junta is in the deep kimchi… Poroshenko appears to be not long for this world politically. Langley doesn’t abide failure. He smells like an Eastern European Diệm… Langley would install one of the triumvirate to replace him, no one knows whether it’d be Turdchinov, Avakov, or the Rabbit. All of them are running dog perverts… all would do the Americans’ bidding. However, who’d come out on top? There’s no doubt that Poroshenko’s still politically alive because Langley can’t decide who to back… when they do, Poroshenko may end up toes up. He knows too much… unless he takes a powder, that is.

Dnepropetrovsk Oblast is Kolomoisky’s fief… that means that things are going south in a major way. Does this mean that all of tsarist-era Novorossiya is leaving the Ukraine? Stay tuned…

By the way, Krivenko isn’t a soldier… he’s a cop! That is, the junta’s analogue to the SS has an untrained non-military “unsoldier” at its head. It explains why it’s militarily useless. Supposedly, the USA is going to train the so-called “National Guard”… it’ll all be for nought. All of its higher ranks are cops, not soldiers. It’s a bootless task, but it’s probably not going to happen… the junta will collapse, and soon.

As for the earthquake, it’s a bad time for it. Superstitious people will take it as an omen… one that’ll mark the junta as a dead duck and goner. This was the last thing that Poroshenko needed.


Friday, 26 September 2014

26 September 2014. As Seen by Vitaly Podvitsky. From Crimea with Love! 2014

00 Vitaly Podvitsky. From the Crimea, With Love! 2014


The Republic of the Crimea is nationalising Kolomoisky’s holdings. The Supreme Soviet thus joins the LNR and DNR in expropriating this crook’s holdings.Kolo’s lost about half of his ill-gotten assets. That is what upsets the Anglo Americans most of all. The Russians and Novorossiyans are fighting crapitalism… and that’s the bedrock of contemporary America… “Greed is good”. The Anglos worship power and wealth… they’re obsessed with a Country-Club Mentality of “gimme, gimme, gimme”. Ergo, when a country rejects that, well, that pisses them off to the max. That’s the real reason Anglos hate Russia and China… they don’t worship and grovel to the rich (as the Anglos do… with great fervour and sincerity). If the “Ukraine” falls, crapitalism there will fall with it! Now, that’s something to look forward to…


Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Did Kolomoisky Flee to Israel?

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Unconfirmed reports state that I V Kolomoisky fled to Israel. THERE IS NO CONFIRMATION OF THIS. It’s what’s out there… most reports say that he’s “on holiday”. Some of the reports are lurid and without substance… some are pure BS… however, most of the buzz says that Kolomoisky IS in Israel. If so, the junta’s in the DEEP doo-doo. By the way, some other reports have it that Taruta fled Mariupol on Sunday. Again, I stress, I didn’t like the reports… they didn’t seem solid to me. I’ve been at this for almost seven years, so, I’ve learnt to “trust my gut”. The Kolomoisky story seems true… but there’s no backing such as an image of him in Israel. The Taruta story just didn’t seem to have “guts”… it only started to circulate after the panic in Mariupol started at the beginning of the week. I believe that Taruta has fled Mariupol, but he only fled when the general exodus began… most of the buzz has it that he skipped Dodge in a military helicopter.

Keep your wits about you and do bite the coin before accepting it… there be all too many counterfeits in circulation at present.


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