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Monday, 19 January 2015

Pushilin Sez Junta Lacks Control Over Forces in Novorossiya: Ceasefire Unlikely

00 american democracy... russian occupation. 26.08.14.


D V Pushilin, the Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR) envoy at the Minsk peace talks, emphasised that many of the units operating in Novorossiya don’t follow the junta’s orders, so, a ceasefire is unlikely. Pushilin said in an interview with Komsomolskaya Pravda, when asked about the reasons behind the continuing fighting in Novorossiya, which has recently intensified, particularly in the Donetsk area, “Kiev doesn’t control a number of units. Currently, we’ve counted 57 regional battalions”. According to Pushilin, a broader reason behind the conflict, which escalated last spring when the junta launched a repression operation in Novorossiya, is that the illegitimate junta installed in Kiev after the coup doesn’t pursue its own policies. He said, “Kiev is now in a position where it can neither fight nor establish peace. They have no money for war and no people willing to go to war. They can’t achieve peace because they lack independent decision-making. The decisions are made abroad, overseas”.

In the past two weeks, fighting in Novorossiya intensified, violating a truce reached in September 2014 in Minsk. Both sides place the blame for ceasefire violations on each other, citing scores of attacks taking place in Donetsk and its airport, which became a hotspot in the latest outburst of violence. The junta raised the irregular terrorist units operating in the region in April 2014, when it launched its repression operation. According to the UN, the actions of these irregular units and the SBU in Novorossiya violate human rights.

19 January 2015

Sputnik International



The junta is a headless chicken prancing about the barnyard, spraying all concerned with blood and gore. The economy is in freefall, the grivnya has lost its value, industry can’t produce many goods due to the loss of Russian parts, and draft dodging and desertion is endemic, even amongst Galician Uniates. This last is particularly telling… the Galician people as a whole never truly supported the Uniate fanatics, who prance about in SS uniforms and glorify UPA murderers. The Uniate fanatics have guns and aren’t afraid to use them… that is, they’re terrorists of the worst possible sort. They shoot their own kind… that shows you how low they are. This is what the “Ukrainian Catholic” and “Ukrainian Orthodox” hierarchies in the diaspora support. They send money to help the Uniate terrorists in Novorossiya… so, even if this-or-that individual doesn’t support such, the institutions do, and they’re not ashamed to be running dogs for Langley and to stab their compatriots in the back for their own profit (“winning is the only thing”… they learned their “conservative” lessons well).

The irregular units aren’t organised in a military fashion, they lack real training and discipline, and they lack higher coordination. They’re a pack of unrelated motley ragtag terrorists in uniform… as their practise of targeting civilian neighbourhoods shows. There’s no real war production going on in junta areas for two reasons… firstly, most of the industry is in Russian areas, where the people hate Galician Uniate hillbillies and their “Consciousness”. Secondly, the Ukrainian and Russian economies were intermeshed… most Ukrainian industries are dependent on Russian parts (the opposite isn’t true). Ergo, no new equipment has reached the junta forces… all that they’ve received is old Sov-era equipment and munitions from Poland and Lithuania. Therefore, the wisest strategy is for the patriot forces to hold back… let the Uniate fools waste their munitions, POL*, and matériel… and their irreplaceable fanatic manpower… they’re not getting replacements, after all. There isn’t enough fuel for power generation in junta-held areas, so, it’s clear that there’s not much available to the terrorist units in Novorossiya. It’s only a matter of time… the junta is rotting from within. Trust me, a year from now, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are going to hold hearings on “Who Lost the Ukraine”. Mark my word on that…

*POL: Petroleum products, Oil, and Lubricants



Thursday, 15 May 2014

Donetsk People’s Republic to Seek UN Recognition… Fighting Continues… White House Denies Mercs in the Ukraine (Of Course)

00 lugansk. 03. 14.05.14


On Tuesday, Denis Pushilin, the co-chairman of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR), said in an interview published by Komsomolskaya Pravda, “Following Sunday’s referendum, the DNR authorities must roll up their sleeves to resolve the social and economic problems of the region, and we must organise effective armed forces. A de facto civil war rages on our territory. There are many military bases here and we should decide on what we should do about them and their contingents. Either they must change over to our side or we must declare them occupation troops and expel them. Active work with the military is underway now and we’re getting many encouraging signals”.

“Amongst the social and economic tasks that we have to untangle are pensions and salaries for workers in the Donetsk Coalfields. We still have some monies left, as Kiev remitted some amounts. As for now, we’ll have to see. We’ll continue using the gryvnia for the time being, but a switch-over to some other monetary unit is unavoidable in future. In addition, we plan to set up new agencies of state power. All of these steps will take place over the shortest possible term. Industrial facilities are working as usual, as, for the most part, the industries here trade with Russia and the TS EvrAsES countries (Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Russia). It’d be irrational to break these ties up. We’re planning to appeal to the UN to declare us a sovereign state, but we don’t think that we’d get a positive answer, frankly speaking, because of the West’s position towards us. The West’s stance towards us is all too obvious, but we won’t be particularly upset either because we knew only too well what we were embarking on”.


On Monday evening, a source at the Donbass People’s Opolchenie told Interfax, “Slavyansk came under fire from several directions. The information available indicates that our adversaries are using heavy mortars. There are disruptions to mobile phone service in Slavyansk. The mobiles of Slavyansk leader Vyacheslav Ponomaryov and others are now inaccessible”.


On Tuesday, Roman Lyagin, The head of the DNR Central Election Commission, told Interfax over the phone, “I’m perplexed by the EU’s additional sanctions list. I deeply regret it. Such an assessment on my part stems from the fact that we’ve done nothing wrong. We intended the referendum held in Donetsk Oblast to stop the escalation of violence and transferring this problem to a humanitarian dimension. I believe that the sanctions introduced by the EU are inadequate and groundless. As far as I’m concerned, these EU sanctions don’t pose any threat. They don’t affect me”. When asked whether he has any bank accounts or assets in EU countries that might suffer because of these sanctions, Lyagin said, “I’ll cope with my problems, and my life won’t change in any way”. On Monday, the Official Journal of the EU published an expanded list of 13 persons and 2 legal entities subject to targeted sanctions against Russia. They include Lyagin, one of the organisers of the 11 May DNR referendum.


On Tuesday, Denis Pushilin, Co-Chairman of the DNR Government, unveiled plans by the DNR and the Lugansk People’s Republic (LNR) to unite. He said, “Yesterday, our republics initiated talks on unification. Firstly, we’ll have preliminary talks. Our leadership will make the final decision”. The talks began on Tuesday morning.


On Tuesday, Interfax reported that Chinese Deputy Foreign Minister Cheng Guoping told Russian reporters in Beijing, “Concerning the present violence in the Ukraine, I think that this flowed from the toppling of the legitimate authorities by the disturbances and provocations staged on the Maidan. This is the direct cause of the crisis. Of course, one can’t ignore external influence, primarily from the USA and Western countries, which are trying for force the Ukraine to follow a path of development laid down by the Western democracies. Since the moment the country proclaimed its independence, the Ukraine’s wavered between two paths. One is Western-style development, and the other is along more along national lines. This had an extremely negative effect on the stability and economic development of the Ukraine. The Ukrainian issue is an internal affair of the Ukraine, which the Ukrainians themselves need to resolve. We’re opposed to any form of external interference. We should solve the Ukrainian problem on the basis of the 17 April Geneva agreements”.


On Tuesday, LNR spokesman Vasili Nikitin told reporters, “Today, at around 11.00 local time, someone made an attempt on the life of Lugansk People’s Governor Valery Bolotov. Bolotov suffered wounds, but his life isn’t threatened; he’s currently in a secure private hospital with no public access. The assassination on Bolotov is Kiev’s response to the people’s referendum, the results of which we declared yesterday. We fear nothing. Kiev won’t achieve anything in such a way; on the contrary, it confirms that it’s against the people and the leaders of the protest movement. First Deputy People’s Governor Gennady Tsyplakov is carrying out Bolotov’s duties. I think that Valery will recover really soon, thank God, he wasn’t wounded seriously, though he lost a lot of blood”.

13 May 2014


00 lugansk. 04. 14.05.14


Sky News TV correspondent Katie Stallard reported that contrary to western media propaganda about a “successful anti-terrorist operation in the Eastern Ukraine”, the opolchenie is really in control in Slavyansk. Local residents are behind them, they see them as a tower of strength. Whilst Kiev politicians keep boasting, the opolchenie builds new strongpoints, where they stop all travellers to learn their intentions.  They’re well-armed and ready. Junta units are on the road near Slavyansk, but the bridge at the entrance to the city is under opolchenie control. The billboard on the roadside says, “Welcome to Slavyansk!” The junta claims that their repression operation is nearing completion, but Ms Stallard stated that the opolchenie are in total control of Slavyansk. She said that armed men with Russian flags replaced the local state apparat and that they drive cars bearing DNR insignia. The EU can impose sanctions and point the finger of blame at Putin, but no one in Slavyansk pays any attention. Anastasia, a local university lecturer, told Sky News that people were fearful at the beginning, but now they pray for their guys every night. Local residents mostly want their life to go back to normal. At present, many ATMs contain no cash. Long lines form near open banks as people try to withdraw as much cash as possible. The limit is 2,000 gryvnias (5,850 Roubles. 168 USD. 180 AUD. 184 CAD. 124 Euros. 101 UK Pounds) a day. Slavyansk resident Maksim Protsky says that he doesn’t support either side. He just wants to live a quiet life and his child to be happy. His wife is six months pregnant. They both want peace restored in their city.


I’ve noticed that the actions by junta forces are never more than at company strength at one time, at most involving 10 APCs (which can carry 80-110 infantry). I think that the so-called “National Guard” is militarily useless, being functional only for sentry duty, guarding LOCs, static garrison duty, and crowd control. Most of the real fighting has involved mercs, who’re essentially criminals with avtomats. They’re not “special forces”; they’re individuals, not real formed units, with no real backup or support units. They fight for money… not for honour. At most, the junta can only afford 300-400 mercs (actually, their American sugar daddies can’t afford to hire more for them)… that’s not enough to retake the east. What’ll happen when the mercs decide to pull out and not be creamed by the eastern locals? I don’t know… and neither does anyone else.



Early on Wednesday, Vyacheslav Ponomaryov, the people’s mayor of Slavyansk, told Interfax, “Kiev’s forces attacked areas outside Slavyansk and Kramatorsk in the early hours of Wednesday. There was another armed clash at night, and the enemy again tried to launch an offensive at about 01.00. However, we managed to rebuff the attack and destroy several enemy armoured vehicles. We killed eight of their men and wounded seven. Unfortunately, we also had losses. They used APCs, they have fortified strongpoints, and they used heavy mortars near Andreyevka. They mainly fight on the outskirts, as they fear to enter the city. The situation in both Slavyansk and Kramatorsk is now calm. Everything’s been quiet since morning. There’s been some shooting now and then, but we’re used to it”.


On Wednesday, Stella Khorosheva, spokesman for the People’s Mayor of Slavyansk, said that the opolchenie in the town plan to switch to going on the offensive against junta forces.


On Wednesday, Miroslav Rudenko, Co-Chairman of the DNR Government, told Interfax, “Today we formed the Supreme Soviet, with 150 People’s Deputies. The DNR People’s Soviet formed its nucleus. The first session adopted a decision to form a Security Council and a draft constitutional act”.

14 May 2014


On Wednesday, Roman Lyagin, the chairman of the DNR Central Election Commission (CEC), told ITAR-TASS, “Today, the DNR CEC controls all 22 district election commissions, so holding the Ukrainian presidential election on DNR territory is impossible both from the technical and security viewpoints. Today, Kiev-appointed Donetsk Oblast Governor Sergei Taruta rules a fictional region. We had a formal governor, Taruta. We don’t see him; we don’t even know where he is. We can’t rule out that referendums on self-determination similar to those held in Donetsk and Lugansk Oblasts could occur in other parts of the Ukrainian southeast… in Kharkov, Zaporozhye, Kherson, Nikolayev, and Odessa Oblasts”. Earlier Wednesday, Miroslav Rudenko, Co-Chairman of the DNR Government, said, “Taruta has no real power. Taruta may call himself ‘governor’ for as long as he wants to, but he has no real power. Our Republic hasn’t elected a head of state yet, but we don’t have a head of oblast administration anymore either”.


00 lugansk. 05. 14.05.14


On Wednesday, RIA-Novosti reported that Sergei Zdrilyuk, the deputy commander of the Donbass People’s Opolchenie, issued an ultimatum for all junta forces to leave the Donbass within 24 hours, otherwise, the opolchenie will expel them. He said, “I give them 24 hours for them to withdraw all troops, all forces. If they don’t pull out their armoured forces, if the Kiev authorities refuse to remove their roadblocks, I have the power and the means… the commander backed me up on this today… to destroy and burn everything. Reconnaissance and interdiction groups are ready to move”.


On Wednesday evening, Vyacheslav Ponomaryov, the People’s Mayor of Slavyansk, reported that junta forces suffered heavy losses, saying, “We killed eleven people and wounded 24 on the adversary’s side. We lost one person killed on our side. The adversary keeps firing on Slavyansk and Kramatorsk all the time. They aren’t storming [the cities], but try to trigger panic amongst the population. Both opolchenie and civilians in Slavyansk and Kramatorsk are furious with the Ukrainian Armed Forces for their constant attacks and provocations. Our people are angry. They’re prepared to resist the adversary using everything at hand. The adversary drove the people to despair, and an ever-growing number of civilians are enrolling in the opolchenie. The Ukrainian security forces continue to strike against the outskirts of Slavyansk and Kramatorsk now. They’re firing at the outskirts. They are using mortars, amongst other weapons. We have no choice but to respond. Gunfire is underway in Slavyansk now, but it’s already stopped in Kramatorsk”.


On Wednesday, the Lugansk Oblast Oblsoviet said on its website that it demands that the Rada immediately adopt constitutional amendments to turn the Ukraine into a federal state and grant Russian official status as a second state language. “If the Rada refuses to meet demands that our Oblsoviet People’s Deputies see as the only steps able to defuse the conflict, the Oblsoviet would discuss demanding that the Rada assume full responsibility for the situation in the Oblast and dissolve the Oblsoviet. We simply see no point in continuing to work in a situation where official Kiev demonstratively ignores the demands of the Oblsoviet and the entire Lugansk Oblast, where we have no opportunity to influence these processes”.


These are the PRO-JUNTA people talking. They’re giving up on the pro-American Uniate filth in Kiev, too. This IS turning into 1612 redux… a new Minin and Pozharsky ARE getting ready.




Oh, yes… the White House claims that there aren’t any American mercs in the Ukraine. Indeed… they DID get their three guys back in return for Gubaryov, didn’t they? They won’t be so lucky the next time… the Anglo-Americans lie again… but that’s no news, is it? “Winning is the only thing”… except when it blows up in your face.


15 May 2014

Voice of Russia World Service















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Thursday, 10 October 2013

10 October 2013. You Can’t Make Up Shit Like This… Ex-Teacher Sent for Psychiatric Treatment for Treaty With Satan

01 madman


On Wednesday, a Russian court sentenced a former teacher to compulsory psychiatric treatment, as she drafted a contract with the devil in her own blood, asking him to destroy a beloved pupil’s relationship. Earlier, experts concluded that the ex-teacher, Lyudmila Osipova, was unaware of what she was doing and required psychiatric treatment. The court ruled that she should “undergo forceful medical treatment in a specialised psychiatric ward”. Osipova, a 41-year-old from Volgograd, developed an infatuation with a man in his 20s while working at a computer literacy class several years ago. On Thursday, Komsomolskaya Pravda reported that she tried to reconnect with the judo enthusiast after quitting her job in 2009 by joining a social networking website and posing as a model half her real age. When the man met Osipova in person, immediately, he turned down her overtures, saying that he already had a girlfriend that he intended to marry. The woman tried to break up the relationship by signing a contract with the devil that stipulated exchanging Osipova’s soul for a younger body, 100 million roubles (3.1 million USD. 3.22 million CAD. 3.3 million AUD. 2.3 million Euros. 1.95 million UK Pounds), a Jaguar and a Volkswagen, a helicopter, and some bodyguards. After that scheme failed, Osipova turned to the underworld for help and hired a contractor to help end her prey’s relationship. In a recorded conversation with a police officer posing as a contractor, she told him, “Put her on drugs for a couple of weeks in order to develop an addiction, gang-rape her too, and film it for him to see”. Osipova’s plan was for her target to be beaten so severely as to induce amnesia and then for her to nurse him back to health.

10 October 2013



Editor’s Note:

It takes all kinds to make a world, schemers like Lyonyo and Gan, soulless guns-for-hire like John Boehner and James Carville, single-issue monomaniacs like Ted Cruz and Al Gore, and barmy nutters like this one. Such sorts make us forget that the majority of people are rather decent and sane… but we don’t “get into the paper”, do we? Sigh…

By the way, KP is the equivalent of the New York Post or The Sun. It’s “all the shit that’s fit to print”. It’s a rollicking read, and most of it’s true… there are all kinds of red-top tabs, and KP is one of the better of the lot. Besides, don’t you want to know who’s doing what to whom, you dirty-minded sinner, you?


Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Ukrainian Kills Neighbour for Pouring His Homemade Borshch Down the Toilet

01f Borshch


To say the least, a Ukrainian man was shocked when he found out that a long-time friend and neighbour was so displeased by his homemade borshch that she poured her portion into the toilet. Borshch, a hearty soup made of beets and meat stock, is a Ukrainian national dish and, apparently, an inviolable source of personal pride. According to the newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda, the man invited his neighbour over to his home in Crimea, on the Black Sea, to enjoy the borshch that he’d made from scratch, but she was displeased. The article said that she “harshly criticised” the soup, then, she poured it down the toilet. Reportedly, the host was so offended that he grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed her in the stomach. According to investigators, the man was drunk at the time. When he realised that his friend could die, he frantically called paramedics. The man later told police, “I begged her not to die because otherwise they would throw me in jail”. The woman succumbed to her injuries in the ambulance.

26 June 2013



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