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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Motor Rally Under the Red Banner in the Hero-City of Kerch Honoured the Liberation of the City from the Fascists… Ease on Down the Road with Comrade Ilyich!

00 Kerch. Motor Rally 01. 15.04.14


00 Kerch. Motor Rally 02. 15.04.14


00 Kerch. Motor Rally 03. 15.04.14


00 Kerch. Motor Rally 04. 15.04.14


00 Kerch. Motor Rally 05. 15.04.14


On 12 April, an auto-motorcycle rally sponsored by the Kerch Gorkom of the KPRF and the RF Leninist Komsomol (LKSM RF), along with support from local bikers, honoured the 70th anniversary of Kerch’s liberation from the fascist occupiers. This is the eighth such rally; this year, the Gorsoviet of Veterans Organisations joined the participants.In the morning, everyone met at the railway station. Forming up into a column, they marched to a military cemetery. At one of the mass graves, the participants stopped to give their respects, headed by I I Zheltenko, the First Secretary of the KPRF Kerch Gorkom. After laying down flowers, the group moved to the Adzhimushkai Quarry Memorial Complex, where they also laid down flowers, and then toured the facilities. Then, the rally participants drove to Eltigen, where they visited another Place of Military Glory. The Kerch Gorkom of the KPRF and the LKSM RF received thanks for their sponsorship from Aleksandr Leontiev, the leader of the biker section, and from Nadezhda Shepel, a staff member of the Republic of the Crimea “Kerch Historical and Cultural Reserve”.


It’s not taking long for the Crimea to shake off the hated “Ukrainian” occupation. In fact, the same will be true of most of the “Ukraine”. In fact, Russian patriotism will be strongest in these regions… for they know what it means to be truly Russian after having suffered persecution, scorn, and ridicule from ignorant nekulturny Galician hillbillies for far too long. Holy Rus has deep roots in our blood and soil… the “Ukraine” is a foreign implant… it’ll wither and disappear so quickly that many will wonder that it was ever there. May the rest of the “Ukraine” follow the Crimea’s path… and quickly.


14 April 2014


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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

30 October 2012. A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words… the 94th Anniversary of the Komsomol


The above shows Gennady Zyuganov, the leader of the KPRF, handing out awards to Komsomoltsy and Pioneers. It’s the 94th anniversary of the Komsomol… the Young Communist League. Orthodox Christians shouldn’t forget how the Komsomoltsy fought the American-financed Uniates and schismatics in the Ukraine in the 90s and 00s… the Komsomoltsy defended the real churches from Uniate and schismatic desecration, and they protected the real clergy. As a correspondent wrote me:

They were real muscle men! But they showed respect to the bishop and never failed to ask his blessing.

God bless the Komsomoltsy… due to their bravery, we have a canonical Church in the Ukraine today. Where were Potapov and Lebedeff? They were busy calling the canonical Church “Sergianists”… fancy that. If I were the Centre, I’d trust neither one of these gents (although one can deal with them, as long as you bear in mind their pasts)…


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