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Thursday, 12 June 2014

Stalingrad! President Putin Offered a Chance to Return a Symbol of the Great Victory

00aa Stalingrad Anniversary. 2013. 03.02.13


At a meeting with VOV vets, President V V Putin stated that he’d think about holding a referendum on returning the name of Stalingrad to Volgograd. Putin emphasised that, under Russian law, the inhabitants decide what to call a particular federal subject or subdivision, saying, “In this case, the residents should hold a referendum to decide this question. We’ll carry out what they decide”. Obviously, if there were a referendum, most residents would vote for the return the name of their city to Stalingrad. President Putin noted that all of Europe knows the name of Stalingrad; in fact, in Paris, there’s a square called “Place de la Bataille-de-Stalingrad”. This is an important matter, for it’s a restoration of our historical memory. Stalingrad will be a touchstone for the Russian people’s identity, allowing us a correct evaluation of our great past and be a guide to an equally great future. It’s time to rid ourselves of inferiority complexes imposed upon Russia [by the West]. The last time that returning Volgograd to Stalingrad saw serious discussion was in early 2013, when the whole country celebrated the 70th anniversary of the victory in the Battle of Stalingrad. RF Federation Council Chairman V I Matviyenko said, “Not everyone knows that there’s a Stalingrad station on the Métro de Paris. However, if you want to rename the city, you have to ask its residents, we need to hold a referendum”. To return the name of Stalingrad to this city of Russian glory is to return to us our dignity and to reawaken our self-awareness as a victorious nation!


How much do you wanna bet that the usual cast of suspects in the Russian diaspora will scuttle out of their rat holes and scream bloody murder about Stalin? Do bear in mind that most of those who do so had family neck-deep in Nazi collaboration, either in KONR or in the Vlasov traitor movement. The Russian Federation refuses, for good cause, to rehabilitate those who participated in KONR or were Vlasovtsy. They’re viewed, and rightly so, as perfidious traitors on the level of Mazepa. Some of those who fit this description are priests, other are employees of Western intel agencies (some, interestingly enough, are both). That is, many of them didn’t stop being collaborators of the enemies of Holy Rus in 1945… they still scuttle around Langley, dancing to the West’s tune, attacking their ancestral motherland for the sake of filthy lucre.

Stalingrad is a name of HONOUR. It’s where decency smashed the Fascist beast… it still lingered for some two more years, but the end was never in doubt. Anyone who’d attack the name of “Stalingrad” is a supporter of objective evil… remember that when you hear the rants from certain quarters. Ponder this… Russian collaborators helped the Nazis run the camps… the Workers’ and Peasants’ Red Army liberated the camps… which do you say was on the side of good and decency?

11 June 2014

Anton Karamazov

TsIA Novorossiya



Friday, 18 May 2012

The Russian Church… Five Years of Unity


Today, the MP marks one of the most significant days in its history. Five years ago, the MP and the ROCOR overcame a Church schism by signing an Act of Canonical Communion at the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour. The signing of this historic document not only put an end to an almost century-long rift between these Churches, it also reunited Russian people scattered by fate throughout the world. Archpriest Nikolai Balashov, Deputy Chairman of the MP Department of External Church Relations, said, “Yes, it was difficult to overcome our ideological estrangement, but it was necessary for both Churches and for all believers around the world. Ten years ago, it was difficult to imagine that we’d pray and take Communion together, and that nothing would separate us. Today, it’s hard to believe that only five years ago we couldn’t serve the Divine Liturgy together and receive Communion from one Chalice because so many things separated us. This is a great and happy day not only in the history of the Church in Russia, but in the history of Russia too, because the Church reunion meant that the Civil War’s effects were finally over”.

After the 1917 Revolution, some clergy fled because the Soviet government opposed religion, it didn’t recognise the Church. In their places of exile, Russian clergy set up their own Church, which became the ROCOR. In 1927, the ROCOR broke all links with the MP because the Church in Russia maintained relations with the atheist authorities. Patriarch Aleksei Ridiger of Moscow and all the Russias and Metropolitan Laurus Škurla of New York and Eastern America began the process of overcoming this rift, ending in the signing of the Act of Canonical Communion in 2007. Archpriest Seraphim Gan, the Private Secretary of the First Hierarch of the ROCOR, believed, “Still, several more years passed before the rift was overcome not only on paper but in people’s souls. At first, many people doubted the need for us to be in communion, but later, their attitude changed. They see what benefits came with the reconciliation. They began to travel to the homeland, visit the holy places, and talk to priests and believers in Russia. Now, this process has led many of them to review their attitude towards the MP”.

Today, the leaders of the united Russian Orthodox Church are facing a difficult and important responsibility. Russian theologian Yuri Tabak said, “The survival of the Russian Orthodox Church all over the world depends on how we address this task. We can’t overcome the schism (раскол) definitively until before both Churches resolve certain historical facts associated with the schism (расколом). This is hard to achieve, as it implies providing answers to several questions. To what degree must the Church remain independent of society and to what extent should it show flexibility to survive under a persecutorial régime? Was Metropolitan Sergei Stragorodsky’s recognition of the Soviet government an unavoidable necessity? Was that step justified by the need to preserve the Church or was it evidence of weakness? Until we answer these questions, we can’t achieve full unity in the Church”.

A ROCOR delegation headed by its First Hierarch, Metropolitan Hilarion Kapral of New York and Eastern America, will take part in the celebrations marking the fifth anniversary of signing the Act of Canonical Communion in Moscow. The delegation will visit the Butovo Poligon in Moscow where tens of thousands of people were shot by the organy in the first decades of the Soviet rule, and will serve a Pannikhida for Patriarch Aleksei Ridiger. After visiting Moscow, plans call for the delegation to proceed to the Diveyevo Convent and St Petersburg.

17 May 2012

Milena Faustova

Voice of Russia World Service


Editor’s Note:

The most important part of this, for us as diaspora Russian Orthodox Christians, is the submission by Professor Tabak. Take for instance, the heart of his proposition:

We can’t overcome the schism (раскол) definitively until before both Churches resolve certain historical facts associated with the schism (расколом). This is hard to achieve, as it implies providing answers to several questions. To what degree must the Church remain independent of society and to what extent should it show flexibility to survive under a persecutorial régime? Was Metropolitan Sergei Stragorodsky’s recognition of the Soviet government an unavoidable necessity? Was that step justified by the need to preserve the Church or was it evidence of weakness? Until we answer these questions, we can’t achieve full unity in the Church.

Firstly, note that Professor Tabak uses the strong word раскол, which always takes the meaning “schism” in Church contexts. This means that the ROCOR has a responsibility to abjure, publicly and without guile, its Cold War schism, which was the result of Hard Rightwingers hijacking it, not having a basis in matters of faith at all. In terms of “classical” heresy, it was closest to Donatism, with VERY STRONG elements of actual Sergianism (in its abject dog-like devotion to the woollier elements of the Mammon-worshipping US Republican Party). That is, “Sergianism” didn’t exist in the USSR, but it did in the USA (interesting titbit that, no?)!

The degree of pollution from rightwing politics depended on where one “came from”, in Australia and on the US West Coast, the people came from the interwar China ROCOR, which meant that they were less contaminated with the contagion brought by the Vlasovtsy and KONR collaborationist pigs than people in the Eastern US and South America (the worst pesthole of neo-fascism) were. Jordanville was the centre of this soulless rot in many ways (and the centre of great holiness at the same time… go figure… the flowers of Holiness and of Evil grew up together). Jordanville in its Classical Period (1948-2007) had all too many Fruit Loops rightwingers… they accepted Langley’s money freely; they lied about the existence of a crackbrained Fairy Tale “catacomb Church” (something that Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn debunked in the ‘60s).

Yet, what the ROCOR has most to bow in repentance for is its filthy theomachistic actions after the Fall of the Soviet Union (it advanced the cause of the foes of the Motherland and the Church, in exchange for filthy lucre). I remember the fanatics at Jordanville saying, “The communists are still in charge”… and they savaged anyone who advocated reunion mercilessly, in the most unchristian and nasty manner. I know… I advocated reunion, then… I expect never to hear, “I’m sorry” on this side of the veil. NEVER… it’s why it shall take another generation or two for the break to heal properly. The ROCOR refuses to repent for its consecration of schismatic filth such as Valentin Rusantsov and Agafangel Pashkovsky, it refuses to repent for its uncanonical formation of an anti-Church on the canonical territory of the Mother Church, and it refuses to repent for its collaboration with godless forces such as the Nazis and the CIA. It does NOT undo the holiness that’s obviously there… but it DOES delay proper healing by adherence to manifest lies (such as the refusal to admit that Vitaly Ustinov was booted out… he did NOT resign).

We must stand for the truth… but that’s HARD, so, we’ll probably take the “easy route”. That’s why the healing is going to take so long… because we will it so by our actions. God have mercy on us all.


Saturday, 11 February 2012

11 February 2012. The Cross and the Red Banner… Compatible and One in Mind… See For Yourself



This video is only a bit over three minutes in length… even if you don’t know Russian or Ukrainian, watch it for the visuals. Pyotr Simenenko, the head of the KPU, is seen receiving an award from a bishop of the UOC/MP. There’s been much lying on the part of extremist rightwingers in the Church here in the diaspora… both Vlasovtsy (remember the CIA-run KONR?) and konvertsy. The Church in the various Orthosphere homelands stands for Social Democracy and Social JusticeArchbishop Ieronymos Liapis of Athens and all Greece, the First Hierarch of the Local Church of Greece said this:

Homelessness and even hunger… phenomena seen during (World War Two)… have reached nightmare proportions. Patience amongst Greeks is running out, giving way to a sense of anger, and we can’t ignore the danger of a social explosion any longer. The medicine we’re taking has proven fatal for the nation. More painful and more unjust measures are now set to follow along the same hopeless course.

His Holiness said:

The modern economy is built largely on fraud; it creates money out of thin air. Money’s a token of human labour and of our God-given resources, such as coal, ore, and oil, along with our intelligence, physical labour, culture, and spirituality. However, every company produces its own money in the form of shares, which is passed onto the secondary market, becoming not just simple securities; they’re traded and used as items of speculation. If these mere phantasms earn billions, not even backed by labour or real capital, then, how can such an economy exist? Who’s going to pay for all of this? Why, the simple worker is going to, who produces the value behind all of this bubble. We need a fair economic system where money and capital are equivalent and are the expression of real work. …

An economic system built only on the striving for profit, on indifference to the fate of people, on disregard for moral norms, is deprived of stability, and can collapse at any moment, burying the fate of people under its rubble. …

If society embarks on the road of such recklessness consumption, our earth will go under. It’s already been proven that if the average level of consumption of the whole world matches that of the United States… our basic resources will run out in 40 to 50 years. God didn’t give us these resources to live like this. In this sense, the crisis may teach us much… such as restraint and rational use of our financial opportunities. The most important thing is to learn Christian asceticism. This doesn’t mean life in a cave or permanent fasting. It’s the ability to regulate one’s consumption and the condition of one’s heart, and win victory over one’s passions and instincts. It’s important that the rich and the poor alike possess these qualities. The trinkets of modern life make one giddy, and inebriate the human consciousness. People believe in advertisement, fashion, stereotypes, and this virtual world as if it were reality.

Gennady Zyuganov, the leader of the Communists in Russia, said:

We, the members of the Russian Communist Party, like all the honest people in our country, which are an absolute majority in Russia, marshal our forces so that our beloved homeland can pass through our current difficulties with decent dignity. Let the great values and aspirations of labour, justice, equality, brotherhood, and truth, things that are bedrock to the timeless Christian faith and the communist ideal alike, triumph in our lives. I greet all the clergy and laity of the Russian Orthodox Church, indeed, all Orthodox Christians, in the light of the Risen Christ, I wish you spiritual vigour and physical strength. I believe that we can revive and raise up all the Russias if we act as one!

I shall NOT flinch… the statements of our hierarchs in the Orthosphere homelands show us that people like James Kushiner (and all the other “Touchstonistas”), Jonas Paffhausen, and all the other prancing rightwingers in diaspora Orthodoxy who attack the political Left with specious and self-serving arguments to be loud braying frauds and Orthophonies (what the Apostle called “loud clanging cymbals”). Our Church does NOT support the “Me First” policies of the Republican Party… our Church does NOT support “trickle-upon” crockonomics. Most emphatically, our Church does NOT support the lies being bandied about by the Right about single-payer healthcare.

Look at this video. I’ve seen a great deal of evidence, audio, visual, written, and personal, that indicate that our Church stands for SOCIAL JUSTICE… not greed and self-service. Don’t settle for shop-worn lies. After all, Our Lord Christ wasn’t crucified for sucking up to the powers-that-be, was He?

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Saturday 11 February 2012

Albany NY

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

25 January 2012. Whaddaya Want? Do You Follow in the Steps of St Alexander Schmorell, or, Do You Believe the Fulminations of the Rightwing Vlasovtsy…. AKA The Honourable Decency of the White Rose versus the Soulless Rapacity of the Red, White, n’ Blue


Isn’t it true that every honest German is ashamed of his government these days? Who amongst us has any conception of the dimensions of shame that’ll befall our children and us when one day the veil has fallen from our eyes and the most horrible of crimes… crimes that infinitely outdistance every human measure… reach the light of day?

The first leaflet of the White Rose Circle



I needn’t go into detail on St Alexander Schmorell… if you want more info on him, click here, here, or here. In short, he’s the “good guy”… he wears the “white hat” in this particular oat-burner. He’s Christ’s Own Saint, worthy of our admiration and emulation, who gave his very life for Truth, Justice, and Faith… to say more would be disrespectful.

Now, let’s get down to the plug-uglies, the baddies, the Black Hat Brigade. Lately, the Vlasovtsy in the ROCOR have been loud n’ active. One of my Cabinet members was wondrin’ why, and I think that the reason’s obvious. Next month, the Church is celebrating the formal glorification of St Alexander Schmorell in München. That means that the Church will speak, yet again, in approval of the Anti-Fascist Crusade against Hitlerism and show its respect to those who fell in it (the Church gives tribute to ALL of the honoured dead… not merely those of the VOV).


Here is Valentin Rusantsov (1939-2012) openly with Kyle Hatcher (is he a spook? Your guess is as good as mine is), a flunky of the US Embassy in Moscow… this is proof that Rusantsov’s a Langley asset, and that’s that.


The Vlasovtsy hate this. Their fathers and grandfathers were Nazi collaborators… they helped the Nazis round-up Jews for extermination; they aided the Fascists in their press-ganging of Slavic people for slave labour in Germany. They bore arms for the occupier… they raised their hands against their compatriots, killing many, making life easier for the aggressor (much like the Karzai junta in Afghanistan does today). That makes them traitors and filth in anyone’s book. They came to America on Langley’s rat-line, along with the scum from the Baltic Legions (see here, here, and here), the Ustaše, and the Galician Uniate SS Galizien Division. For years, they had a stranglehold on the ROCOR leadership; their especial champions were Gregory Grabbe and Vitaly Ustinov. For all intents and purposes, they ran the ROCOR after ’65 (after the death of Metropolitan Anastasy Gribanovsky of Happy Memory). They applauded Vitaly’s treacherous stab-in-the-back to the Mother Church in the ‘90s… all that got us was Valentin Rusantsov and Agafangel Pashkovsky, and everyone knows how wretched that pair was (both were/are certified lickspittles for Langley… Rusantsov even had himself photographed with a US Embassy flunky).

St Alexander Schmorell’s glorification as a New Martyr and Passion-Bearer means that the ROCOR’s turned its back (officially) on the extremist rightwing nonsense spouted by Potapov and Paffhausen. This pisses off the Vlasovtsy… it means that the ROCOR (at least in part) no longer gives approval, either officially, or sub rosa, to their agenda. The Vlasovtsy are just like the Batista Cuban émigrés in Miami, the Vietnamese RVN émigrés on the Gulf Coast, and the Iranian Imperial émigrés in the Northeast. They’ve become an embittered group, they’ve sought “release” in the most extreme factions of the American rightwing fringe (even the Birchers are more “liberal’ than they are). Here’s what’s most exasperating… these pigs are now attacking Carpatho-Russian people, claiming that they were Nazi collaborators and turned in Jews to be killed. That’s an underhanded attack on the memory of Vladyki Laurus Škurla, make no mistake on it. It’s a sign that some of them consider the Great Reconciliation of 2007 a mistake. Is Potapov one of them? God alone knows… but, fact is, he’s still active in extremist rightwing circles inside the beltway and he was/is an official at a known CIA-front organisation (RL/RFE is overrun with spooks, and everyone knows it) high enough to be a bearer of an official “red” US passport. However, do look for Potapov to issue a statement lauding the glorification (if he hasn’t already)… Langley doesn’t want to lose its best asset in the ROCOR (and, thusly, the MP).

So, kids, there’s a reason for the terrific “noise” in Vlasovtsy circles now. I’d say, it’s time to honour a true hero and saint, and that’s its time to “clean house”. For instance, the ROCOR should transfer Potapov out of the District… send him to Alaska, Seattle, or Salt Lake City… that’d be far enough away to break his easy ties with Langley. We shouldn’t persecute people… we should just not make it easy for people to collaborate with the enemies of the Rodina and of Christ’s Church. Let’s revisit the quote I gave at the top of this post, revised slightly for relevance:

Isn’t it true that every honest American is ashamed of his government these days? Who amongst us has any conception of the dimensions of shame that’ll befall our children and us when one day the veil has fallen from our eyes and the most horrible of crimes… crimes that infinitely outdistance every human measure… reach the light of day?

Think on that… we much to repent for… the Easter bombing of Belgrade… “Humanitarian Intervention”… the sale of human organs in the American-sponsored statelet of Kosovo… the indefinite detention of “terrorism suspects”… the torture of detainees in secret Eastern European prisons by the CIA…. and much, much more.

I stand against the Vlasovtsy and their self-serving lies. I’m not alone…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Wednesday 25 January 2012

Albany NY

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