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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Tom Hanks to Appear on Posters Promoting Christianity in Russia


Sofia Rotaru. Мы будем вместе (My budem vmeste: We’ll be together)


Pyotr Mamonov. Лотос (Lotos: Lotus)



Yuri Shevchuk and DDTГосподь нас уважает (God respect us)


Konstantin Kinchyov and Alisa. Антихрист (Antikhrist: Antichrist)



Orthodox Youth Movement Plans To Use His Image and Quote Alongside Those of Local Celebrities

Tom Hanks is to appear on posters promoting Orthodox Christianity in Russia and neighbouring states, alongside prominent local cultural and sports figures. The Russian Orthodox youth movement Soboryane said that it’s launching a massive poster campaign during a missionary event entitled Мы православные (My Pravoslavnye: We Are Orthodox) on 13-14 October in Russia, Belarus, and the Ukraine. Posters depicting high-profile personalities, including Hanks, and featuring quotes from them in support of Christianity have already circulated on Russian social network websites and in the local media. Among local celebrities featured on posters are director Nikita Mikhalkov, actors Dmitri Dyuzhev and Yegor Beroyev, rock musicians Konstantin Kinchyov and Yuri Shevchuk, actor and musician Pyotr Mamonov, singer Sofia Rotaru, and boxer Nikolai Valuev, as well as quotes from Fyodor Dostoyevsky and Yuri Gagarin.

The poster featuring Hanks has a quote taken from an interview the actor gave the Russian newspaper Аргументы и факты (Argumenty i Fakty: Arguments and Facts) back in 2009, “I realise how important and beautiful it is to have the opportunity to go to church and to reflect on the important questions that Orthodox Christianity asks you and the answers that it offers”. Meanwhile, the Russian news service RIA-Novosti quoted Andrei Vorontsov, the movement’s chairman, as saying that the campaign is still “in the approval stage. If we don’t get approval from a person, the respective poster won’t be part of the campaign”. He wouldn’t specify if any of the celebrities have given their approval to appear on the posters.

 8 October 2012

Vladimir Kozlov

The Hollywood Reporter



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