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Friday, 10 February 2017

10 February 2017. ENGLISH SUBTITLES Peoples Artist of Russia S V Bezrukov Recites Poetry of K M Simonov… Russia’s Spirit Incarnate


“Glory to the Soldier-Liberator!” When (not if) Russia intervenes to put an end to the notional and evil Uniate junta in the Ukraine, this is how most “Ukrainians” will welcome them… as liberators from a feral and criminal oligarch cabal. America had best step aside…



People’s Artist of the Russian Federation S V Bezrukov recites powerful poetry by K M Simonov from the VOV. There are English subtitles… you have to hear the raw emotion that Sergei Vitalyevich gives to Konstantin Mikhailovich’s words. Bezrukov is one of the most-loved and most well-known actors in Russia today… every Russian knows who he is and what he stands for. Sergei Vitalyevich is a patriot, a true son of the Rodina, a modern successor to the great V S Lanovoi… unlike Hollywood, actors in Russia respect and honour the national patrimony. He stands for support of the patriot Peoples Republics in the Donbass… a stance that we should share.

You can stand with the American Establishment (and their running dogs amongst us like Potapov and Kishkovsky) or you can stand with Sergei Vitalyevich. I know where I stand… I confide that I’m far from being alone (although far too many in the American Orthodox diaspora have sold out to Anglo America and its pretty baubles and false non-culture). McCain, Graham, Clinton, Mattis, Mullen, and Trump had best take heed (Trump, so far, has refused to rein in the Uniate murderers… shall he?)… Russia has a record of defeating foreign aggressors…



Tuesday, 16 June 2015

People’s Artist of Russia S V Bezrukov Hurls Poetic Defiance at the Ukrofascists (English subs) A MUST SEE… WATCH IT!

00 odessa. khatyn. ukraine. 02.05.15



People’s Artist of Russia S V Bezrukov recites a poem by K M Simonov of the VOV era in defiance of the Ukrofascist war criminal junta in Kiev. ENGLISH SUBS THROUGHOUT… WATCH IT! It’s only 2 1/2 minutes! Understand why the flame of Russian patriotism is far from dead, and that the Soviet legacy is not only alive, but revered! Note the green tabs on Sergei Vitalyevich’s uniform… the symbol of the NKVD Border Troops.


Saturday, 31 May 2014

31 May 2014. A Poem Written in the Hero-City of Odessa in the VOV by Konstantin Simonov… Odessa was on the Cross Then… It’s on the Cross Now

00 odessa victims. 04.05.14

In particular, remember those killed in the fire at the Dom Profsoyuzov in Odessa on 2 May. American-sponsored Galician Uniate terrorists set the building on fire and then shot at those trying to escape. The American media fawns on them… you should not. 


To Valentina Serova

If God in his almighty power
Called me to heaven when I died
And I was asked, at heaven’s gate,
What I should choose to take inside,

I should not want, in paradise,
A tedious girl of honest worth.
I’d take with me the very same
With whom I’d shared this sinful earth:

The wild and wilful one, the one
Who gives me (for a time) her love,
She who tormented me below
Would keep me from ennui above.

There must be very few who’d take
Such desperate souls to share their bliss.
The blessed ones would peep at you
And say “Has Heaven come to this?”

I’d take with me the distances –
The agony of separation,
To call to mind when we’re apart
The way you kissed me at the station.

I’d have to take the dangers too,
To keep you anxious, true and wise,
So that no coward should enjoy
The azure brilliance of your eyes.

I’d take to heaven a faithful friend
To drink a toast when all is well.
And I should take the enemy
To fight with… as we did in hell.

Love and ennui and pity I’d take,
Even the nightingale in the wood…
Every tiniest detail of life
That we live on earth, I’d take… if I could.

Even death… if that could be…
I should not leave behind below.
All that is here our lot on earth
I’d choose to take with me… and so

God, in astonishment, would curse
The worldly loyalties of men,
And pretty soon, without a doubt,
Would pop me back on earth again!

Konstantin Simonov


(written in Odessa under siege)


Konstantin Simonov was one of the most famous poets to come out of the VOV. He wrote the above poem in besieged Odessa in 1941. Today, a brutal and unrepresentative putschist junta that seized power from the legitimate government in February with American connivance occupies Odessa. One of its first actions was to outlaw the Russian language and to try to replace it with a hillbilly pidgin spoken only by a small minority in the Far Western Ukraine. That led to the Crimea rejoining Russia and for the Russian-speaking “Eastern Ukraine” to rise up against these American-fomented fascists. What you read and hear in the American media about the “Ukraine” is false. The people of Novorossiya (the name for the so-called Southeastern Ukraine in tsarist times) want to be free of “Ukrainian” dictatorship. If you love freedom and justice, you’ll support them.


(Google this and look at the images)


People seem to love the Russian poetry in translation. I’ll try my best to include a few examples each week. One of the purposes of this blog IS to make Russian culture known… and it never hurts to listen to others and to attend to THEIR wants, is it? If you’re interested, why not look at my companion blog, “Art and Faith?” It has a good amount (several thousand images) of our Russian art posted there (and I really should put up more… the current political situation had me focusing on the news).


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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

27 June 2012. JP Refuses to Move Against Velencia’s Legal Harassment of Fr Michael Regan… Dickie Wood Prematurely Aged by His Ordeal… Perich Becomes “Administrator” of St Nick’s in the District… The OCA Pot Bubbles On

Dickie Wood in a recent photo (I photoshopped out the person next to him… they’re not a “public figure”… therefore, I used photo-editing to preserve their privacy). The stress of his recent ordeal has aged him prematurely…


I have it on good authority that Ray Velencia is still pursuing a legal case against Fr Michael Regan. I’ve noted that JP is keeping a public silence on this obscenity and abomination of desolation. A suspended priest sues a priest in good standing, and JP just sits there, sucking his thumb, doing nothing. JP is RV’s diocesan, therefore, he has the duty to publicly condemn RV, condemn the legal case against Fr Mike, and defrock RV for such arrogance and unruliness. Did RV ask JP’s permission to sue Fr Mike? Interesting question, that is. However, it’s clear that JP’s done nothing. He’s telling the world by his inaction that he doesn’t defend his priests… that he allows frivolous legal actions by disgraced clergy against good clergy. This is one of Fathausen’s most stupid moves. He’s making every priest ask, “Am I next?” This is unwise, but JP isn’t the sort that considers others.

For instance, when he went to Mayfield, sources tell me that he didn’t consult with the local NEPA OCA clergy first. This, at least, ruffled feathers. Furthermore, it shows that JP has no regard for the rank n’ file clergy in the trenches. So, if one looks at this, in connection with his slobbering toleration of RV’s lawsuit, it means that he has nothing but contempt for the ordinary parish priest. As a friend wrote me, “As for JP, yes, where are those willing to rid us of him? It was so much easier in the ‘good old days’ when you could find an assassin to help you out”. The person involved isn’t a nutter… they’re quite mature and a solid Church member for years. THIS is what’s out there.

If one looks at Dickie Wood’s photo, he’s aged tremendously. Of course, the crazy situation that JP put him in would turn anyone’s toes. Mind you, I think that Dickie’s a Renovationist loon… but that doesn’t excuse how JP moved against him. My view’s clear. I think that Dickie knows about Bobby K’s involvement in the OCA Representational parish in Moscow, and it wouldn’t surprise me to find out that Bobby was in cahoots with the crook starosta there. Therefore, JP wanted to send Dickie off to Manton… but he didn’t end up there, as all of us know. You don’t pick and choose whom you defend… you defend anybody who’s getting the shaft, no matter who, no matter for what. Dickie deserved to go, but due process wasn’t followed, and JP’s utter secrecy in it all should be a warning to all of us. Dickie still has powerful friends… and JP’s ignoring that.

JP has made John Perich Dean of St Nicholas Cathedral in DC in all but name. This is a clear sign that Bobby’s gang of cutthroats has taken over. It’s clear that JP is nothing but a Charlie McCarthy to Bobby’s Edgar Bergen. John Perich is part of that Pennsyltucky crowd around Bobby… with this appointment, JP made it clear to all the cognoscenti that he’s nothing but Bobby’s obedient little Peke. Oh, yes… the crowd at Monomakhos all shouted down the person who posted this news at first… yet, you can see what happened. It’s an indication of how far you can trust that bunch, I’d say.

However, don’t forget that the Storheim pot’s still boiling up in Canada. It hasn’t gone to trial, yet. I think that event will be a catalyst… people who’re on the fence now will have their eyes opened. Yet, you can’t rush that; so, if someone refuses to see truth, let them be. Coming events will open their eyes, and more fully than any of us realise. Hell hath no fury like a good-hearted po-nashemu slogger who finds out that they’ve been lied to.

As Konstantin Simonov put it in one of his poems, “Simply… you knew how to wait… No one else but you”. Better days ARE on the way…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Wednesday 27 June 2012

Albany NY

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