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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Russia Plans To Bring Bout and Yaroshenko Home


Today, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MID) human rights envoy Konstantin Dolgov stated that Russia is seeking the return of pilot Konstantin Yaroshenko and businessman Viktor Bout, who are in American prisons. Viktor Bout, who owned a cargo shipping business, was sentenced to 25 years imprisonment this April, convicted of plotting against the USA, as he allegedly intended to sell weapons to the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia. Konstantin Yaroshenko was sentenced to 20 years in prison for allegedly plotting to smuggle cocaine to the USA. Both men plead their innocence. Dolgov found the sentences unfair, politically-motivated, and unwarranted, saying, “Both cases have politically-motivated aspects that we don’t like at all. The trials were conducted in violation of Bout’s and Yaroshenko’s rights, as Russia wasn’t officially briefed on Bout’s extradition from Thailand to the USA and on Yaroshenko’s arrest”.

Dolgov said that top officials are working on the matter, and Russia’s looking for any legal or political opportunity to bring the men home as soon as possible. Bout is set to appeal his verdict. Dolgov thought that the 1983 Convention on the Transfer of Sentenced Persons ratified by Russia five years ago could help in this case, and Moscow expects the USA to launch the extradition mechanisms. On 4 July, the Ministry of Justice stated that it would submit an extradition request to return Bout home as soon as it receives a respective appeal from Viktor or his lawyers. Dolgov pointed up that the USA’s responsible for health and life of the two Russians, saying, “Yaroshenko was placed to an isolation block for no reason, where he had to sleep on a concrete floor. He also was denied medical help, even though he has serious health problems”.

A number of Russian appeals helped to improve Yaroshenko’s detention conditions. Bout is now in USP Marion, a medium-security prison in Marion IL, instead of the previously-planned Colorado Supermax (USP Florence ADX). However, the Americans still put him in a special block for especially-dangerous criminals, although his lawyers and the judge claimed that such harsh measures are unnecessary. Dolgov added that both problems would be resolved; that Moscow wants its citizens to receive appropriate treatment to have their rights respected.

5 July 2012

Olga Sobolevskaya

Voice of Russia World Service



Thursday, 24 May 2012

Jailed Russian Pilot Complains of Prison Discrimination

Here’s what Uncle Sam REALLY looks like…


On Thursday, Izvestiya reported that Russian pilot Konstantin Yaroshenko, who’s serving a 20-year prison sentence in the USA, complained of racial and religious of discrimination against him. Yaroshenko claims his life is in jeopardy, and he called on the Justice Ministry to intervene as a matter of urgency. At present, the Americans imprison him at Fort Dix Federal Correctional Institution in New Jersey, near New York City, on the site of a former military base. Yaroshenko says he is concerned about the “particular attitude” two other inmates and the administration have toward him.

In Liberia, American agents abducted Yaroshenko along with Nigerian Chigbo Peter Umeh in an undercover operation in May 2010. Shortly after, the Americans took them to the USA where Umeh received a 30-year-sentence and Yaroshenko got 20 years behind bars for attempted drug trafficking, but the jury acquitted two other suspects in the case. They appealed the sentence in September. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed the submission of Yaroshenko’s appeal, in which he also requested his repatriation as per the terms of the international convention on the transfer of sentenced convicts. Only one Russian convicted in the USA, former UN diplomat Vladimir Kuznetsov, sentenced for money laundering, has ever been returned home according to the convention.

24 May 2012



Editor’s Note:

This smells like a classic Old School Cold War “prisoner exchange” is in the works. The Americans nicked Vikor Bout and this guy… the Russians have a jabronie who tried to steal Bulava secrets and an unnamed Langley asset already in a Russian hoosegow. The two sides will quietly exchange their markers… but it won’t be as dramatic as a Golden Oldie ‘60s-style Glienicke Bridge affair. The more things change…

Two things strike one about this miscarriage of justice. Firstly, Yaroshenko didn’t do anything in the USA; therefore, US courts have NO jurisdiction over him in any legal sense. The USA thinks that it can scoop up anyone from anywhere and take them to the USA to be tried… but it can’t pull such shit in Russia, Iran, or China, ergo, the media hate campaign against them. Secondly, note the long sentence for next-to-nothing-at-all… it’s why the USA’s swimming in red ink. Imprisonment’s expensive, but that’s what the Republican Party reaches for as its means of first instance. If the USA were to drop the idiotic “War on Terror” and the “War on Drugs”, why, there’d be NO problems with the budget.

America is the contemporary Prison House of all the Nations… and no one dare point it up (my view is that imprisonment is used to keep racial minorities, particularly blacks, down, as their imprisonment rates prove). Remember that when you hear Willard Romney… it’s his kind of world. Don’t worry… we’re not imprisoning “nice people”. They’re just no ‘count niggers, spics, and wogs (with some Poor White Trash thrown in for a bit of spicing)… they’re not McMansion dwellers from the “right” suburb. A higher percentage of the American population sits in gaol than in China… who’s free? Interesting question, no?


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