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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

As John Robles Sees It… USA in Afghanistan: Who’s the “Savage?”

America’s “gift” to Afghanistan… reflect on this, Wafflin’ Willy wants to increase such…  that’s EVIL…


Another case of the American Forces desecrating remains ended with a slap on the wrist for some of the perpetrators, whilst others received no disciplinary action. On the same day, another military tribunal brushed off the burning of Korans, with those guilty also escaping serious punishment. Against a backdrop of increased Afghan resistance to NATO and the beheading of 17 partygoers by Islamists, the question as to who really are the “savages” in Afghanistan begs to be asked. Once again, as with almost every case involving egregious misconduct by American troops, committing what can only be characterised as war crimes, those involved received nothing more than the proverbial slap on the wrist, and such cases are in the hundreds, if not thousands. We don’t know the real figures, as most such events remain unknown and unreported.

This time, one could call the events in question benign by American standards. For some reason, probably to minimise backlash, both judgments came at the same time. One was a ruling on cases of soldiers urinating on Taliban corpses, and the other concerned soldiers burning the Koran. on Monday, reports indicated that in the case of the Marines urinating on Taliban corpses, some of them received unspecified administrative “discipline”, despite American claims that it was a “huge” embarrassment causing a Naval Criminal Investigative Service investigation, as well as condemnation and an apology from United States Secretary of Defence Leon Panetta, and even US Secretary of State Clinton, who vowed that they’d find and punish the culprits. The other judgment also released on Monday, involving the burning of Korans by American troops, an event that caused widespread riots, multiple deaths, and calls from the Taliban and Islamists to kill foreign troops in Afghanistan and Americans in order to defend Islam’s Holy book. Despite the outrage and deaths caused by their actions, nothing “criminal” really occurred, according to the USA.

Like I said, these were benign events by American standards, after Abu Ghraib and similar events in Iraq, the mass murder of almost 20 civilians whilst they slept in their homes earlier this year by a “deranged” sergeant, cases of cutting off body parts as trophies (including the cutting off of fingers, noses, ears, and even the peeling off of faces), families being set on fire, denial of medical care to large numbers of civilians leading to their deaths, snipers posing with Nazi symbols, multiple cases of rape and sodomy, and massacre after massacre after massacre, for sure, Marines simply urinating on corpses seems almost comic. The Taliban aren’t very much better, however, they trail far behind compared to the overall creativity and level of atrocity of NATO’s finest. Their savagery is just as brutal as that committed by some of the NATO forces, but less widespread and frequent. The latest event attributed to the Taliban, but denied by them, and, quite possibly, carried out by “insurgents”, was the beheading of 15 men and 2 women for having a party with dancing and music, something they view as immoral and un-Islamic.

The Afghan authorities has launched an investigation with President Hamid Karzai saying,”…the attack shows that there are irresponsible members amongst the Taliban”. The beheading of the partygoers occurred in an area of Musa Qala District that’s almost totally under Taliban control. Governor Nematullah Khan of Musa Qala said, “They were having a music party and the Taliban came, killed them, and cut off their heads”. On the same day, to the south, ten Afghan soldiers were killed at a checkpoint and an Afghan soldier killed two NATO soldiers whilst they were on joint patrol, bringing the number of NATO victims of Afghan soldiers to 42 this year alone. Now, so-called “green-on-blue-killings” are a further sign of the utter failure of almost 12 years of “coalition” occupation. These are facts the West would rather hide, because, in Afghanistan as in Iraq, every move against the citizenry and every bomb dropped was done illegally. Both of these countries were attacked in illegal acts of military aggression for involvement in events they had nothing to do with, namely the events of 9/11, as both countries never threatened or even posed a threat to the USA, yet, they’ve paid the price and been illegally occupied, so it isn’t surprising that the people are fighting back.

Going back to the subject of slaps on the wrists for those committing atrocities, for me, the reason why they never pay the price for their illegal behaviour has been clear for a long time. How on earth could the American judicial system or the American military deem anything their own killing machine does to be illegal, if the whole war and occupation of Afghanistan is in-and-of-itself illegal to begin with? The truth is an extremely dangerous thing, especially, when it’s something that might end plans for world domination, and that’s what it’s all about, but it looks like they may be failing. In Afghanistan, a country decimated by close to 12 years of war, the truth’s hidden on a daily basis, and, as sites such as Wikileaks have found out (the hard way), reporting on the facts is something that the US Empire won’t allow.

The destruction and atrocities that the US unleashed on the Afghan people continue on a daily basis, and they’re something the US has attempted, time and time again, to hide. As they continue, so will the response from the Afghan side. In Afghanistan, the USA obfuscates, hides, and doctors the facts at every turn, so that even finding an accurate count of the number of civilian deaths in the country is almost impossible, with numbers ranging from about 10,000 to the millions. Yet, one thing is crystal clear… the USA has failed in Afghanistan, and there’s little likelihood that there’s a way out for it. One question that I feel truly begs to be answered is quite a simple one… who, in fact, are the real “savages” in Afghanistan?

28 August 2012

John Robles

Voice of Russia World Service



Monday, 28 November 2011

28 November 2011. ONLY in Russia… The Largest Koran in the World is in Kazan!

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The Koran al-Karim is largest Koran in the world, it’s kept at the Qolşärif Mosque in Kazan. The book weighs 800 kilos (1,764 pounds); it measures 2 metres x 1.5 metres x 25 centimetres (6.5 feet x 5 feet x 10 inches). It has 632 pages, each of which weighs 250 grammes (a little under 9 ounces), which means that the pages alone weigh 158 kilos (349 pounds). The cover has gold leaf, silver, malachite, jasper, turquoise, and topaz decorations. In May, they plan to transfer the Koran to the ancient city of Bolgar in Tatarstan, which is where Volga Bulgaria officially accepted Islam as its state religion in 922. It’s a popular venue for wedding party photos.


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