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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Russia’s Chief Ded Moroz Expects to be in London at Orthodox Christmas

As for me, I BELIEVE…


Russia‘s chief Ded Moroz, along with his companion Sengurochka (the Snow Maiden), plan to visit Moscow in late December, and he expects to be in London for Orthodox Christmas, to take part in the London Russian Winter Festival. At a press conference in Moscow on Wednesday, Dede told journalists that he’d be busy on New Year’s, and his pre-holiday preparations have already begun. He said, “I’ve toured many cities in Russia, and I’m getting ready to visit Germany, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and France. Everywhere, I meet with my friends, both old and new, and I greet all the authorities. On New Year’s, I’ll be working… I just don’t know where, yet; I can’t say”.

He told us that he greets the New Year 36 times. “I fly around the Earth several times in a circle. My friends wait for me, not only in Russia, but also in Israel and the United States. Then, I’ve got to go to Australia, I’ve got to see Kostya Tszyu’s kids”, Dede said. He will arrive in Moscow in late December, accompanied by Snegurochka. “I’m glad that this holiday event has become a major part of the life of our capital. As far as the exact details of my holiday visit are concerned, I’m not going to let that out, I’ll let you be surprised. Moreover, I have a mystery gift, this year, I’ve prepared some very nice presents gift for one of the Moscow orphanages, and that’s on top of what you’re going to see and hear”, he said.

Dede noted that he would be in Latvia and Lithuania for Catholic Christmas; on Orthodox Christmas, he will be in London’s Trafalgar Square for the London Russian Winter Festival. Russia’s chief Ded Moroz, whose home and workshop is in Veliki Ustyug, marked his birthday on 18 November; on the same day, he launched his New Year’s Eve relay across Russia and Europe.

24 November 2010




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