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Thursday, 4 September 2014

Junta Forces Fleeing Kramatorsk in Panic

00 Signs of the Ukrainian Times 04. 23.04.14


Report from the front:

“Excellent and proven news from the field… they’re removing Ukrainian flags in Kramatorsk and the junta’s accomplices are fleeing the city in panic”.

4 September 2014




Monday, 11 August 2014

Will the Miners Turn Donetsk into a New Stalingrad?

00 Nikolai Boot. In the Name of Life! 1963. Disreali quote


How do you take a city with a million inhabitants and 2,200 streets using “pole-by-pole” tactics?

With wolfish glints in their eyes, Kiev junta politicians enigmatically say, “The separatists (sic) are in for an unpleasant surprise”. They follow this with another inexplicable statement, “We’ll take the city ‘pole-by-pole’”. Such tactics dictate that the attackers probe for a weak point, subdue it, then, move down the street to launch an offensive on the next street {Baranets implies that the attackers will leapfrog strongpoints… much as in the American island-hopping tactics of WW II: editor}. In such circumstances, to advance tanks, APCs, and self-propelled artillery down the streets is suicidal folly. The opolchenietsy will use their RPGs to send ‘em to hell. Inevitably, the Ukrainian commanders would have to throw in their infantry to clear each street. However, to clear positions in houses in built-up areas you need to use heavy weapons and flamethrowers to clear the way. This means that any artillery fire would turn concrete buildings into rubble, but the opolchenie could turn such rubble into strongpoints.

If we consider that there are 2,200 streets in Donetsk, such tactics would take a very long time. However, Poroshenko is acting hastily… he’s ordered the taking of Donetsk by 24 August… Ukrainian Independence Day. There’s only 12 days left before that… is it a realistic goal? The present perimeter around Donetsk is about 200 kilometres (@120 miles) in length. To besiege the city, the 40,000 troops of the junta force deployed isn’t sufficient… it leaves gaps in their lines. That’s a given, as Poroshenko’s generals will form two or three strike forces to get through to Donetsk using different avenues of advance. They have an almost threefold advantage over the defenders of the city in manpower, and absolute superiority in armour, artillery, and aviation. Yet, in such a situation, the defenders have an advantage over the attackers.

What Can You Expect?

Clearly, American advisers have told the junta commanders presently deployed in Slavyansk how to minimise casualties… use massive artillery and rocket fire, along with intensive airstrikes, and use banned weapons such as Willie Pete ordnance. Thus, the American advice isn’t to take Donetsk, but to destroy it. This is nothing new. As for the “surprise” promised by Andrei Lysenko, the press secretary of the SNBOU… according to opolchenie intelligence reports, the junta forces attempted to infiltrate hundreds of diversionary troops in the Donetsk area in the last week. That is, the intent was that when the junta main-force attack took place, the diversionists would attack from the rear, clearing the streets for the advancing troops. However, if the defenders are on to it, where’s the “surprise” in it? Donetsk is ready to defend itself. The opolchenietsy say, “They can destroy us… but to beg on our knees… NEVER!” The miners are hardworking and gutsy guys… they stand behind their words.

11 August 2014

V N Baranets

Komsomolskaya Pravda



This is the meatiest article that I’ve read so far. V N Baranets was an officer in the Soviet Army from 1965 to 1990 (he’s an Afganets… a vet of the Soviet Afghan War). That is, he’s NOT an empty-headed and ignorant Bill O’Reilly, Willy Romney, Sean Hannity, Ted Cruz, Rush Limbaugh, Marco Rubio, Glenn Beck, or Rod Dreher (all of whom were cowardly gutless punks who REFUSED to serve in the forces). He’s been shot at… he’s not a loudmouthed yellow cretin like the people that I named (after all, they did REFUSE to serve, even in a reserve formation… Pat Buchanan, Antonin Scalia, and Wayne LaPierre were part of the Chicken Hawk Brigade, as well).

Firstly, general military rule of thumb dictates that the attacker have a three-to-one effectual superiority over the defence for the attack to succeed. The junta forces do NOT have this. You see, fighting in a built-up area gives a force multiplier to the defence… usually gauged as a three-fold advantage. This means that the opolchenie and the junta forces are even in effectual strength. You see, the junta forces can’t follow the American advice… they simply lack the heavy weapons and aircraft to do so (due to “free market” oligarch theft over the years, there’s a lack of ordnance and spares, too). They have to dig out the opolchenie… for that, they need well-trained and motivated infantry, and they don’t have that. Reflect on the fact that draft-dodging is endemic and morale amongst the deployed forces is in the shitter. The junta needs to send its forces provisions and munitions… it’s sending “commissars” instead. This means that the morale of the junta footslogger is near nil… it means that the junta is desperate.

If this weren’t bad enough, the junta doesn’t have enough forces deployed. 40,000 troops translate to three full-strength or four understrength division-equivalents. This means that the junta has 27 to 36 infantry manoeuvre battalions to cover 200 kilometres of frontage… and that doesn’t even begin to cover minimal defensive requirements, let alone an offensive. L D Trotsky said, “It’s impossible for a little army of 15,000 ex-officers to master a working-class capital of 700,000 inhabitants”. We see the same situation here. Don’t forget… the junta didn’t TAKE Slavyansk and Kramatorsk by assault… I I Strelkov withdrew (in good order with all equipment). The junta hasn’t had a victory in a built-up area. All previous battles were open terrain affairs, OUTSIDE given urban areas.

To use diversionary units was standard Sov doctrine, so, the opolchenie was “aware” of it even before their intel detected the junta infiltrators (who’d mostly be left alone to observe junta movements and intentions… they’d only attack them if they were threatening strategic assets). Strategic withdrawal was also standard Sov doctrine… the Sov/Russian forces trained for it, unlike the American forces, who don’t (they always “win”, dontcha know). I should also mention the Order of Kutuzov, awarded for successful withdrawal operations. Ergo, Strelkov’s brilliant strategic withdrawal buffaloed the junta’s asinine Anglo American advisors, who attributed it to their “superior” abilities and “exceptional” status as Anglo Americans. Of course, that led to their crank advice on Donetsk. The only way to take Donetsk with a minimum of casualties is to besiege the city… but the junta lacks the time, the motivated manpower, and the matériel to do so. Don’t forget… the junta shitcanned its only competent military man, Admiral I I Tenyukh. He told the junta point-blank what the problems were… profanely, without regard for which pol he offended, and with no gloss. Note well that the kleptocratic junta shits got rid of him. Hacks and criminals lead the junta forces.

Lastly, the Anglo Americans don’t know their history. In both the Battles of Moscow and Stalingrad, G K Zhukov waited to counterattack until his forces were built-up, supplied, and ready. He allowed the fascists to move forward… he didn’t let their advance force his hand. Georgi Konstantinovich said, “The Russian army has two great generals, General January and General February”… I I Strelkov is ordering winter uniforms for his army now… are you seeing what I’m seeing (don’t forget to add in that there won’t be enough gas for proper heating in junta rear areas)? The junta is in the deep shit… one last thing… Russian reportage on sites frequented by English-speakers tends to repeat some Western patterns (not completely, but they don’t give the whole truth). On sites frequented by Russians, the story’s different. I’d remind everyone of dezinformatsiya… Russians are past masters of it. Reflect on the fact that Russia is calling land forces reservists to the colours (starting with company and platoon commanders)… something that’s never done… Russia has a “mobilisation army”… connect the dots, kids.


Saturday, 26 July 2014

Ukie Military Source Suggests MH17 Shootdown Might be Due to “Systems Mix-Up” by Junta Unit

00 donetsk. 26.07.14


An anonymous Ukrainian military source told us that a systems mix-up during a junta air defence units’ rocket launch exercise could be the cause of the Malaysia Airlines crash in Novorossiya, saying, “On 17 July, the commanding officer of 156 Anti-Aircraft Regiment received orders to conduct a training exercise of a unit stationed near Donetsk, which involved deploying troops and carrying out routine tracking and simulate destroying targets with the Buk-M1 SAM. It was to involve no actual launches”. Two Sukhoi Su-25s on a reconnaissance mission took part in the exercise. At some point, it’s likely that the flight paths of the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 and one of the Su-25s overlapped. Despite flying at different levels, they became a single blip on the missile system radar. Of the two, the system automatically chose the larger target. The reason for the actual missile launch remains unknown and is still under investigation, as there hasn’t been launch exercises with Buk SAMs since 2001, when the Ukrainian military accidentally shot down a Russian Tu-154 airliner en route from Novosibirsk to Tel Aviv.


On Thursday, Human Rights Watch (HRW) said, “The use of unguided rockets in populated areas violates international humanitarian law and the laws of war, and may amount to war crimes”. According to HRW, unguided Grad rockets fired by junta forces killed at least 16 civilians and injured many more in attacks on 12-21 July. HRW accused both junta forces and opolchenie of using Grads and condemned those actions. Ole Solvang, senior emergencies researcher at HRW, said, “Grad rockets are notoriously imprecise weapons, one shouldn’t use it in populated areas. If [the opolchenie and junta forces] are serious about limiting harm to civilians, they should both immediately stop using these weapons in populated areas”. Dominik Stillhart, Director of Operations of the International Committee of the Red Cross, also called on the both sides to avoid dragging civilians into the conflict, saying, “Fighting in [Novorossiya] continues to take its toll on civilians, and we urge all sides to comply with international humanitarian law, otherwise known as the law of armed conflict. These rules and principles apply to all parties, and impose restrictions on the means and methods of warfare that they may use”.


On Friday, Major General Viktor Poznikhir the Deputy Head of Operations of the General Staff, said on Rossiya-24 TV, “Today, we have reliable confirmation that the Ukrainian forces used phosphorus munitions in cities and populated areas. We know this due to characteristic signs given off by phosphorus munitions. They have a high-speed descent, as opposed to star shells that shoot out bright burning elements over a large area, they look like raining sparks, creating large fires in their impact areas, and they burn at very high temperatures. The Ukrainian forces used phosphorus munitions at least six times. The Minoborony carefully studied existing information on numerous cases of phosphorous and cluster bombs used by the Ukrainian forces against civilians”. He went on to say that the Minoborony is aware that junta forces used phosphorus munitions on the following occasions:

  1. shelling of Slavyansk on 12 June
  2. phosphorous bombs used by the junta aircraft on Slavyansk and Kramatorsk on 21 June
  3. shelling of Semyonovka using phosphorous and cluster bombs on 24 June
  4. shelling of Semyonovka on 29 June
  5. shelling of Lisichansk on 7 July
  6. phosphorous bombs dropped by junta aircraft on Donetsk on 23 July

Nikolai Efimenko, Chief Surgeon of the Russian Armed Forces, said that using phosphorous munitions might produce irreversible consequences on people and might have a negative impact on environment. Phosphorous poisoning can cause serious illnesses, and even lead to death.


On Friday, SK RF spokesman Vladimir Markin said that SK RF investigators came under aimed mortar fire from the Ukrainian side of the border. The team arrived at Primiussky in Rostov Oblast to investigate previous shelling of Russian territory from the Ukraine. Markin said, “Apparently, only the poor training of Ukrainian soldiers and timely evacuation of investigators under cover of armoured vehicles prevented the shooters from realising their goal. They fired 47 mortar rounds, most likely 82-mm calibre, at the team. Another barrage of 32 mortar rounds hit the same area later”.


On Friday, Vasili Malaev, spokesman for the Federal Border Guard Service, told us that junta forces shelled Rostov Oblast, saying, “The shelling damaged six houses, with one house almost completely destroyed. There were no casualties”.

25 July 2014


On Saturday, Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR) sources posted on Twitter, “DNR army units fought their way to the Russian border, taking control of the Marinovka crossing point”. On Friday, witnesses heard intense and shelling in that area. Several shells exploded near a Russian border point… landing in fields and by the road linking the customs post with Primiussky.


An MVDU source confirmed for us the murder of O M Babaev, Mayor of Kremenchug (Poltava Oblast). Earlier that day, the newspaper Ukrainskaya Pravda, citing an informed source, reported the mayor’s murder. Our source said, “Someone killed the Mayor of Kremenchug today at about 10.00 local time (00.00 PDT. 03.00 EDT. 08.00 BST. 11.00 MSK. 17.00 AEST). He suffered a gunshot wound to the chest on Sumskaya Street, near his home. An investigative group is at the crime scene; we’ve opened a case under the Article ‘Premeditated Murder’. It’s too early to speak about scenarios and motives for the crime”.


No one knows who did this. Was the Right Sector? Was it Kolomoisky’s thugs or was it Clan Balogh? Was it a hit by Novorossiyan spetsnaz? Was it a local rival using the present crisis as a cover? We don’t know… it’s best not to speculate until we have some intel, and there isn’t any, now.


26 July 2014

Rossiya Segodnya








Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Uniate Fascist Pigs Cut Off Humanitarian Corridors: Kramatorsk Starves… NO CEASEFIRE in the Ukraine… P A Poroshenko Unrepentant Liar and True to His Gangster Roots

00 donetsk 01. 24.05.14


A opolcheniets named “Maksim” told Russkaya Sluzhba Novostei (Russian News Service) radio that the number one problem in Kramatorsk today is starvation, rather than shelling. He said, “People are unable to leave town. They didn’t leave before as they hoped to receive salaries and pensions. By now, they’ve spent all they had. We try to provide buses to evacuate people, but they’re afraid of leaving without money. We tell them that we’d provide free meals for them, but people don’t blindly trust promises, so they choose to stay on”. Kramatorsk is getting less than one percent of the humanitarian aid it needs. Maksim said, “At present, half of Kramatorsk’s population remains in town… that’s around 100,000. We need food, but we only get one ton per day”. Three days ago, junta troops cut off all humanitarian corridors. Maksim noted, “Earlier, at least, we had GAZ trucks bringing cereals from Russia, but we haven’t had any for several days. People are starving. Babushkas come to us and say that they’ve lived on cherries and mulberry for a whole week. No one’s received a salary for two months. If it were winter, it would’ve been a second Leningrad. Things are much worse in Slavyansk. There was a shootout near the local airport last night and the town was under fire from the Melovye Hills from 01.00 to 02.00. I don’t know if there were any casualties”.


So much for the Uniate “ceasefire!” Those who haven’t run into Galician Uniates and “Ukrainian Orthodox” have no idea how hate-filled many of these people are. What’s more, they’re addicted to a “history” that never was and they pilfer culture and folkways from the real Orthodox Ukrainians… NO Cossack was ever a Uniate! NEVER! The Cossacks hated the Unia with a Number One Purple Passion… and they still do. No Uniate can belong to any of the real voiskas… the Uniates and “Ukrainian Orthodox” are sad nekulturny hillbillies stealing the achievements of their betters. Perhaps, that’s why so many are so violent and base… the niggling knowledge that they ARE a small unimportant group… ergo, they strike out at everyone who laughs at or denies their ludicrous pretensions. There’s another reason that they’re so violent… not everyone in Galicia shares their goofball nutty obsessions… as one can see in the cases of Rostislav Vasilko and Fr Mikhail Shuvar. Most Uniates and “Ukrainian Orthodox” won’t hurt you… but do have a care for the 5 percent who would… their coreligionists wouldn’t help you. Are they scared or do they agree with these sludges? Whatever the case, the result is the same.



In Belgium, a new book, Neo-Nazis and the Euromaidan: From Democracy to Dictatorship, appeared, which investigates the bloody events in Kiev leading to the February 2014 putsch that led to an illegitimate power shift in the Ukraine. Its authors are Stanislav Byshok, political analyst from the CIS-EMO international elections observation organisation and Aleksei Kochetkov, the President of the Public Diplomacy Foundation. They submitted their book at a seminar of communist parties held in the Louvain-la-Neuve near Brussels. Delegates from 39 countries took part in the meeting, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of World War I and to the world in 2014.

Kochetkov told journalists, “People often ask us if we considered former Ukrainian President V F Yanukovich’s régime democratic, but that isn’t the point. We show how Neo-Nazis completely controlled and monopolised a people’s protest that was originally democratic. Only the Neo-Nazis took advantage of the Euromaidan victory. This book is an attempt to trace how Ukrainian nationalism alienated the nation and plunged it into chaos instead of uniting the people”. Byshok said, “The book has many quotations from people who’re in power in the contemporary Ukraine and their ideological predecessors. We give translations of much of their programmes and plenty of information about their activities”.

The book shows the evolution of Ukrainian radical nationalist groups from 1991 until today. It emphasises the history of the Right Sector and Svoboda, which was the Social-National Party of Ukraine before 2004. It scrutinises their ideology, mentality, and methods of political struggle. The authors believe, “Any revolution uses ideas present in society for its positive programme. Left-wing radical ideas animated the revolution in the Russian Empire of 1917; radical Islamism did so in the Arab countries during the Arab Spring in 2010. As for the Ukraine of 2013-2014, radical nationalism swallowed the Euromaidan’s originally democratic and pro-European aims”.

This English-language edition is the second issuance of the book. It also saw publication in Russian as Euromaidan in Honour of S A Bandera: From Democracy to Dictatorship. Other editions will come out in Paris on 5 July, Berlin on 7 July, and Warsaw on 11 July. The rollout of the book in Belgium was held one day after Ukrainian “President” P A Poroshenko signed a final economic agreement on association and free trade with the EU.


On Sunday, the opolchenie told Interfax, “Enemy forces opened fire on the Lesnoi marketplace in the Artyom neighbourhood this morning. The damage was extensive… the shelling destroyed several pavilions and two men sustained injuries. In addition, a shell hit a residential building; it flew straight into an apartment on Olympiskaya Street, killing a woman. Shooting and hostilities continue in Slavyansk and Semyonovka”.


Anyone who believes ANYTHING out of the Uniate junta is either a fool, ignorant, or an interested party… the US government and its suckass hangers-on (which includes the whole K Street slimeocracy), the Vatican, the EP, “Ukrainian Orthodox”, Uniates, and the official RC hierarchy in the USA (the RCs down the street are innocent). If this is a “ceasefire”… you get my drift… P A Poroshenko hasn’t gone far from his gangster roots, has he?



On Sunday, an anti-war rally took place in Lugansk; the demonstrators demanded that the Kiev junta stop its military operation against its own people. Speakers at the rally included V D Bolotov, head of the Lugansk People’s Republic (LNR) O A Tsaryov, Chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the Federal State of Novorossiya, and other LNR officials and lawmakers. Bolotov told the crowd, “The LNR and the Donetsk People’s Republics have become a bone in the throat of international terrorism and its Kiev henchmen. Today, we’re on the defensive, but tomorrow we’ll drive the occupiers away”.


A DNR source told Interfax, “The opolchenie took over Military Unit A-1402 in Donetsk”.


RIA Novosti reported that a opolchenie spokesman told them, “DNR forces took over the A-1402 military base”. The base houses a SAM unit equipped with Buk mobile SAMs. Over the last several days, the opolchenie took control of two MVDU installations in the former eastern Ukraine.


ITAR-TASS reported that V D Bolotov said at a press conference, “The explosions on railway tracks are junta provocations. The LNR had nothing to do with them”. on Saturday night, in Chuguyev Raion in Kharkov Oblast, unidentified parties blew up a railway section shortly before a passenger train heading from the southern Russian city of Adler to Kiev was about to pass the area. The incident was the latest in a string of explosions that have hit the Ukrainian railways lately. On the night of 23-24 June, unidentified parties blew up a railway bridge in the Zaporozhe Region in the southeast Ukraine. The blast damaged a bridge support, metal framework, and wooden bridge posts. On 22 June, a blast on a railway track in the DNR derailed 14 railway cars of a cargo train belonging to the Russian rail company RZD.

29 June 2014

Voice of Russia World Service








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